71 ACADEMIC Review Our current grade 12s began the third year of the updated subject assessment guidelines and the concept of corporate governance has been strongly emphasised as a new topic.The theme for the year in matric was the retail industry and we had numerous presentations from Pick ‘n Pay as well as making a visit to their distribution centre inWestmead and the head office inWestville so that the boys could experience things on a practical level.This should stand them in their final examinations and we look forward to another pleasing set of results in 2014. Wayne Marsden Business Studies We began the with the news that the 2013 grade 12s had achieved a pleasing set of result. Two boys, Brits van Zyl (99%) and Edwin Bunge (99%), were in the top 1% of the country for this subject. Some interesting EGD statistics on the IEB NSC 2013 results: • 84% group Average – 17% above IEB average • 22 out of 35 boys got distinctions (63%) The EGD expo was held in October at which grade 12 parents could view their boys’ practical assessment tasks and design projects, which form 33% of the boys’ final mark.The task this year focussed on designing a dual purpose spor ts pavilion, to be used for both cricket and rugby. Although the layout of the fields were given, the challenge was equally satisfying the needs of both spor ts while respecting the need for environmentally friendly systems.We were pleased with the standard of the work presented this year. Computer aided drawing was introduced in grades 8 and 9 this year. While the grade 8 boys drew isometric projection blocks, the grade 9 boys attempted different forms of design using AutoCAD 2014. It was encouraging to see the boys fully engaged and interested in this amazing sphere of technology.The grade 8 wood project was more exciting than usual.The grade 9 watchtower structure project was again well received by the boys. The grades 10 and 11 boys continue to investigate the civil and mechanical technologies of EGD, using instrument drawing and CAD. While the grade 10 boys are still finding their feet in the subject, the grade 11 boys are preparing themselves for the massive year ahead of them. We continue to strive to maintain our high standards and results in the depar tment, while extending the eager young technological minds of the future. Dean Moodley Engineering Graphics and Design The Engineering Graphics and Design IEB NSC results for 2013 were outstanding. Artist: Kheta Zulu grade 10 Artist: Kheta Zulu grade 10 With grateful thanks to BPH ENGINEERS (Pty) Ltd – Structural Engineers bringing over 80 years of experience in the field of structural engineering. Northern Entrance, Ground floor, 24 Richeford Circle, Ridgeside Office Park, Umhlanga 4319. Tel: 031 0030920 Facsimile: 031 5661426 Email: