77 ACADEMIC Review The depar tment is very proud of its 2013 IEB results.The candidates achieved 10 distinctions (just over 13%). There were no failures which was extremely satisfying. The group achieved a very positive overall average of 63%. This was exactly what the previous year’s candidates achieved. Congratulations are extended to Keagan Loader who walked away with this year’s Geography prize at speech day. There are a number of capable candidates writing this year’s IEB examination and we hope for a strong showing. The depar tment is determined to be more hands on in 2015 and to make sure that the boys are able to link the theory they study to their environment. The aim is to make more use of the conservancy and the surrounding residential areas to try and put the theory into practise. The grade 9s began exploring the surrounding residential area and Old Main road to complete a small land use project. Hopefully, this is just the beginning and we can make more of what is on our doorstep. John Drew will continue his ‘Hillcrest the village’ elective, uncovering the past and showing the boys the future development of Hillcrest. Wayne Amos will be looking at the ‘theory of survival’ which the boys truly enjoy as an elective. Lyall Macabe, a student teacher in 2014, gave the boys some insight into GIS and his elective based on ‘geo cache’ had the boys hunting around the local area searching for hidden treasures stashed in creative places. He also organised a few outings for the boys to comb the Kloof area in order to find a few of these treasures. This early enrichment will cer tainly help when it comes to map work – an area that the majority of boys struggle to comprehend. A number of measures have been put in place as well as some cross pollination with the Maths Literacy teachers who have covered quite a lot of the calculations used in map work. The depar tment has come a long way in the last five years and this is thanks to the enthusiastic staff who have continued so willingly to suppor t the vision for the depar tment. The subject remains extremely popular with the boys which bodes well for the future of the subject at the College. Jon Robinson Geography The world isn’t in your maps and books … it’s out there! With grateful thanks to Dylan Litster (2011)