85 ACADEMIC Review The 2013 matric results were pleasing: 39% As; 33% Bs and 12% Cs. Most of the boys achieved or exceeded the results they expected and should be congratulated on their outstanding effor t. The class of 2014 made a magnificent star t to the year determined to achieve their best. This enthusiasm and commitment continued throughout the year and I am confident that their effor ts will be rewarded. The grade 11s spent a day at uShaka MarineWorld learning about animal diversity, conservation and revising taxonomy. In addition to the learning that took place, the boys also enjoyed the dolphin show – seeing their classmates being soaked was definitely a highlight for some! The grade 10s were for tunate to squeeze in two field trips.The first to Tala private game reserve where they completed studies of a grassland, a wetland and the inver tebrates found in one of the dams in the reserve. The head ranger also gave a talk on the challenges faced by the reserve and in managing a reserve of this nature. The trip provided an excellent oppor tunity to complete the in-depth project on a Southern African nature reserve. The second was to UKZN’s Pietermaritzburg campus where they had a tour of the electron microscope depar tment and the University’s botanical gardens. As an introduction, the grade 9 boys began with an investigative project. Many excellent projects were completed and most of the boys really enjoyed the chance to explore aspects of Science that are not covered in class.The remainder of the course explored aspects of Life Sciences and allowed the boys to develop a sound grasp of the basics of the subject. The grade 8s spent the year learning a range of topics that introduce aspects of Life Sciences and hopefully enhance the boys’ enjoyment of the subject. The forensic science topic, which included microscope work and basic investigation techniques, was a highlight of the course. Our focus this year has been to include as much relevant ‘real world’ matter in lessons as possible and to continue streamlining the delivery of the curriculum, ensuring that there is stimulating material for the boys at all stages of the year. This has only been possible through a considerable team effor t and my thanks are extended to Rod de Villiers, Francois Lubbe, Jolene Ostendorf, Steve Main and Thaloshney Pelzer for providing me with invaluable assistance. Dougan Macdonald Life Sciences 2014 was a very busy year in the department. Artist: Todd o’Reilly grade 12 With grateful thanks to the Maynard Family