87 ACADEMIC Review We were pleased to welcome two new staff to our teaching team: Jolene Ostendorf (who ran the grade 8s) and Marco Botha who worked with the grade 10s. A new grade 8 syllabus was introduced in line with the CAPS guidelines and was well received. Results were pleasing across the grades, with the matrics doing par ticularly well achieving 38 distinctions and a grade average of 72%. Two new modules were launched this year : ‘netiquette’ which focused on online profiling and how to maximise safety whilst online; and ‘anthropogenic climate change’ examining the reasons (and underlying vested interests) for why humanity has not responded to this potentially extinction level development. I would like to thank all the members of our depar tment, Kerry Coleman, Jolene Ostendorf, Marco Botha and Reverend Headbush for a stimulating year. Jason Rottcher Life Orientation The year was successful. Artist: Jedra Peake grade 12 Resource Centre Whatever the name for it – library, media centre, learning commons – the primary function of this space has not changed fundamentally. Our resources centre (so named in 1976) continues to feature as an integral par t of the Kearsney landscape. Its original function, a location to house literature and research materials, has evolved significantly. The centre now incorporates online research and reading as well as facilitating collaborative learning experiences, fostering a new generation of informed decision makers. It is a well-used facility, extremely busy during lesson times and in evening prep sessions. Yet it also functions as a social centre and meeting place before school and in the afternoons. Our e-library began over a year ago and has grown in to over 300 members. While it is disappointing that the boys are not making full use of it yet, they are still taking hard copies of books out in droves. Encouraging reading is a function we take seriously as studies show that it improves vocabulary, writing skills and critical thinking. We have star ted the process of updating the look of the centre. A much needed coat of paint has given it a fresh look and we are hoping over the next few years to modernise it while keeping its traditional feel intact. My thanks are extended toVicky Mare who plays a significant role in maintaining the essential service of our beloved centre. Paula Isaac With grateful thanks to Patrick, Michael & Matthew Marshall