7 STAFF Notes Luckily, the College’s generator kept the academic block and boarding houses functioning – and future plans for a reservoir will help to address the pungent issue of a three day water cut. In spite of these irritations, the staff soldiered on bravely. At the beginning of the year we welcomed a number of new staff to Kearsney.Thinus Els arrived to join the Afrikaans depar tment and soon endeared himself to both staff and boys with his caring and gentle nature. JonathanWaldburger joined both the English and History depar tments and quickly gained the respect of the boys through his war stories of Kearsney ‘back in the day’. It is always rewarding when old boys choose teaching as a career and even more so when they return to the College to do service. Jane Cur tiss joined the English depar tment from the ‘slowveld’ and has seriously impacted the teaching of English with her depth of knowledge and energetic enthusiasm. Reverend James Headbush took over the spiritual guidance of the College and has added a delightfully quirky sense of humour to chapel services – and apparently to management meetings too. During the course of the year Jenny Du Cass retired from the Kit & Clothing, which she has efficiently run since its inception. We welcomed Leanne Brunette as she stepped bravely in Jenny’s shoes – and hat displays. Jenna Jones left the estates office to have a baby and will be greatly missed by the male members of staff. Jane Cur tiss went on accouchement leave and we welcomed back Dave Goldhawk into the English depar tment to ably take over Jane’s classes. Incidentally, Dave will not be leaving at the end of 2014 upon Jane’s return; he has been appointed as Kearsney’s author extraordinaire and commissioned to write the history of the College’s first 90 years. By the time he is done, he’ll probably be commissioned to write the history to the centenary. Leigh von Hagen left after a brief stint in the foundation office. Romance blossomed during the year despite the absence of water and Gareth and Robin Moerdyk were married at Old Kearsney in April. Not to be outdone, Roxanne Ungerer announced her engagement to Arno just as the final whistle blew. TheWaldburger’s celebrated the arrival of a bouncing baby girl, as did the Cur tiss’ – but they had to bounce twice as their twin boys made an appearance in July.The Krügers announced that they were expecting another little Krüger in the new year as did the Colemans and the Savilles. It’s tempting to believe that ‘it’s something in the water’. But after 30 days without water during 2014, that’s probably not the cause. At the end of the year we bid farewell to two long-serving members of staff, both from the English depar tment: Rob Candotti and Ronni Wallace (please see tributes to these two troopers on page 9) who between them have nearly 60 years of service to the College. Francois Lubbe left to take up a post at Matrizburg College. Jake Adam, a stalwar t member of the student coaching staff, left to pursue his career in commerce.We wish all the depar ting staff the very best and forgive their leaving us on the Hill. Vaughan Carlisle 2014 will be recorded as the year of no lights and water on Botha’s Hill. With grateful thanks to SHOCK PROOF INVESTMENTS 9 – Nailplate Specialists – Email