They made their debut at the open weekend, performing ‘Sesivuma’, a Xhosa folk song about Nelson Mandela.Their young, inexperienced voices were split into higher and lower voices and the music was arranged in a manner that suited them well. performance was met with raucous applause from the appreciative audience of prospective Kearsney boys and their parents. The second term was spent preparing the boys for their grand performance at the supper theatre concer ts, where they were accompanied by the orchestra in a thrilling rendition of ‘The Phoenix’.This performance improved every night and the highlight was having their item recorded by the SABC and subsequently performed on national television. After a year of singing in a group context, these boys are more experienced and many will audition for a place in the Kearsney College Choir. In 2015, theYoung Hounds will once again become a happy place for boys who enjoy singing and performing and the Music depar tment is looking forward to meeting potential recruits. Bernard Krüger Young Hounds With an influx of young, eager singers into the College at the start of the year, and almost no free space available in the Kearsney College Choir, it was decided to form theYoung Hounds choir: a choir for junior students who couldn’t be accommodated in the Kearsney College Choir. 94 ARTS @ Kearsney With grateful thanks to the Mertsch Family