ARTS @ Kearsney MUSIC Subject Music continues to grow in popularity and numbers at Kearsney. This year 27 boys were par t of the effervescent Music subject depar tment, offering various instruments ranging from voice to drum kit and violin. It’s a demanding, yet rewarding subject and at the end of their grade 12 year every music student can confidently say that they have acquired sample knowledge of every style of music. The subject encompasses a variety of skills and learning outcomes and includes modules about practical music (where they boys study their chosen instrument), music theory, music history (from Bach to Metallica to Muse), aural training, composing, improvisation and music technology (which includes using computer music notation programmes and studio recording techniques). This year, with a substantial number of boys opting to do classical voice as their instrument of choice, we welcomed a new voice teacher to the depar tment, Jennifer Matthews, as well as a new contemporary piano teacher David Langley, who is also an accomplished jazz pianist. In aiming to enrich the boys’ musical vocabulary as well as broaden their harmonic horizons, the depar tment aims to take the boys on at least one educational outing per term or to host visits from local and international musicians and ar tists. In the first term, the boys went to witness Durban’s very own KZNPO in action at the Playhouse. For many boys this was quite a novel experience, as watching live classical performances is not high on their bucket lists. But the boys were pleasantly surprised. In the second term the boys went to the Elizabeth Sneddon Theatre at UKZN to watch the ever-popular family musical Annie. The boys were amazed at the talents of the young cast and many of them were caught tapping their feet to the catchy tunes and lyrics of this wonderful show. During the third term the depar tment took the boys to see the brilliant horror musical Sweeney Todd by Stephen Sondheim. Of course it did not take much to convince the boys to watch something in which there is a lot of blood and murder and a most enjoyable and gore-filled evening was had by all! Many of our boys excelled in their external examinations and must be commended on their excellent results.Thank you also to all the peripatetic Music staff who worked so hard at preparing these boys for their examinations and congratulations to all concerned, especially to Bonita Ziegelmeier for her outstanding work and commitment as accompanist. It’s been a very eventful year and I applaud all the boys for realising that Music is bigger than any one person and for always being willing to put in the extra hours. Junine Krüger 97 With grateful thanks to Alan, Judy, Brad & Brett Palmer