Chronicle 2015 Founded in 1921

CONTENTS 3 THE YEAR IN REVIEW Including messages from the Headmaster and the respect ive Houses . Get a gl impse of internat ional tours . 42 FOUNDATION News and ini t iat ives from the Foundat ion Of f ice . 52 KCOB Updates on the act ivi t ies of the Old Boys including tr ibutes to Old Boys who have died and news from the var ious branches . 58 SPIRITUALITY Reverend James Headbush repor ts on spi r i tual i ty and fel lowship at the Col lege . 63 ACADEMIC REVIEW Including the remarkable 2015 IEB NSC resul ts as wel l as speci f ic detai l s from each of the academic depar tments . 86 THE ARTS@KEARSNEY A colourful and comprehens ive depict ion of the performing and vi sual ar ts . 98 CLUBS A repor t from the clubs and societ ies that enr ich l i fe at the Col lege . 110 SPORT Ref lect ing on the outstanding spor t ing achievements of the year. 194 THE CLASS OF 2015 A farewel l tr ibute to the matr ic group including a f inal message from the Headboy. With grateful thanks to Mrs Tracey van den Aardweg and the contributing photographers, without whose pictures this magazine would not be as impactful.

Construction of the North Wing of the Centenary Centre which is expected to be complete by the start of the first term of 2016.

WE have been preparing to celebrate our 95th anniversary next year and we are well on track in preparing for Kearsney’s centenary in 2021. One Centenary project which has shown encouraging progress has been the writing of the first draft of a history of Kearsney which we hope to publish and distribute in time for our Centenary. Towards the end of last year, retired English and History teacher, Mr Dave Goldhawk was pulled out of moth balls, dusted off and accepted our challenge to research and write this publication. He has uncovered fascinating aspects of the College and hilarious anecdotes. He recently unear thed a poem from the archives, written in 1960 by the headmaster at the time, Mr Stanley Osler. It was written as an ode to the outgoing 6th formers, and was subsequently set to music by the director of Music at the time, Mr John Harper. The song was traditionally sung for a limited period in our history during the final assembly for the 6th formers. Mr Goldhawk brought a copy of the poem and musical score to Mr Bernard Krüger, who thought the text had all the makings of a proper school anthem for Kearsney (since the College only has an official hymn which is, as you know, "There's a light upon the mountain"). Up until now, we have had no unique school song or anthem which originated at Kearsney or that can stand its ground as a traditional school song. Mr Krüger kept most of the original musical elements of John Harper's melody, but edited the harmonies, regrouped the stanzas and gave the song a more patriotic tone that hopefully can become a timeless rendition at official occasions and which will resonate with current boys and Old Boys and stay relevant well into the future. We bid farewell to two members of the teaching staff who depar t at the end of 2015.The Krüger family consisting of Bernard and Junine and their three sons, Björn, Sven and Ulrich will be leaving for the Drakensberg Boys’ Choir School where Bernard has been appointed as the Ar tistic Director and Junine as Music teacher and head of the new boys’ programme. Both of these professionals have ensured the Kearsney music depar tment’s high standing, whether it be in the subject of Music, the orchestra, various ensembles or theWorld Championship Choir. We thank them both for the tremendous effor t and passion they brought to all facets of music at Kearsney and for the joy that the Music Depar tment brought us and thousands of others, literally, all over the world over the past seven years. And so whilst we feel the pain in their depar ture, we rejoice with them on a wonderful oppor tunity that has presented itself in the foothills of the Drakensberg. In June this year, we bade farewell to the Headmaster’s secretary, Mrs Penny Needham who served Kearsney for eighteen and a half years. You probably know that anyone requires extraordinary abilities and talent to work for me for fifteen years and remain sane at the same time. I can confirm that Penny’s latest medical examination has proved just that. Penny is an extraordinary human being and we applaud her for her resilience, charm, efficiency, friendship and love. This year has felt like many of the pillars of suppor t that we have relied upon for so long are retiring. Mrs Bea Croudace, the College Bursar for sixteen years, retires at the end of the year. Before anyone wonders who will replace her, I need to inform you that Bea has agreed to remain in the position under contract until April 2016 in order to sign off the financial year and assist in the handover to her successor.Technically she isn’t leaving just yet but I think it is appropriate for her service to be acknowledged. Mrs Croudace has brought a level of professionalism and financial acumen to the position that is the envy of many independent schools. A gifted accountant, she never theless possesses a rare combination for an accountant, that of left-brain thinking together with exceptional EQ skills and personality to boot. Bea was charged with implementing some tough financial strategies in the early 2000s which have set us up to help fulfil the dreams that we have to position Kearsney as one of South Africa’s top independent schools, ready to 3 Headmaster’s Report With grateful thanks to Andrew, Catherine, Joshua and Tim Bean. It is indeed a pleasure to address you in the 94th year of Kearsney’s existence. ead aster’s Report

4 Headmaster’s Report take on the oppor tunities facing us in the 21st Century. We thank her for the tremendous contribution she has made to Kearsney and we wish her and her husband,Tony, a long and happy retirement. Thanks must also be extended to my wife,Tracey, for her suppor t of me in my position as Head as well as her love and loyalty to the College. The Trustees of the College are a group whom I regard as the wise elders of the College. Old Boy and former Chairman of the Board, Dave Pearse, still refers to them as the Silverbacks which I suppose is a little irreverent, but if you know Dave’s humour it is actually a huge compliment. Trustees’ Chairman, Mr Rob Becker, revealing his Kearsney appreciation for a good chirp, proudly refers to himself as Silver Becks. I might add that this usually happens well after dinner at our end of year function. Be that as it may, Silver Becks has served his maximum allowable time as Chairman and is standing down.We are happy to repor t that his position will be filled by Old Boy Mr Rob Lloyd, previously the Head of Human Resources: Southern Africa with Anglo American and Alternate Director at Anglo American South Africa. Stretching the analogy, we hope with an ex-Anglo employee we will be into the golden years. In thanking Rob Becker for his sterling service to the College as Chairman, we also acknowledge and thank the Trustees for the impor tant role they fulfil in the life of the College. The Kearsney Board has been exper tly chaired by Mr Robin Lockhar t-Ross for the past three years. This year, however, saw Rob and his wife, Jules, relocate to the Cape and I wish to record the extraordinary lengths to which Rob has gone to attend to Kearsney business this year. He frequently changed his travel plans and made the effor t to be present for impor tant meetings or functions. This has been demanding on him. He selflessly balanced the expectations of a new position in Nedbank, that of Managing Executive for Nedbank Corporate Proper ty Finance, and the Chairmanship of the Kearsney Board. For these practical reasons, he has tendered his resignation. Mr Craig McDougall also has chosen to move off the Board. Craig assisted Kearsney in positioning the Foundation Depar tment to fulfil its mandate and his effor ts were instrumental in securing the Standard Bank title sponsorship of the Easter Rugby Festival through to Kearsney’s centenary in 2021. We thank both the Board and Rob Lockhar t-Ross for their exper tise and advice freely given. I might add that the Trustees and the members of the Kearsney Board fulfil all their responsibilities for no remuneration. We welcome the new Chairman, Mr Andrew Parsons, and the Vice Chairman, Mr Andrew Kenny, to their new roles on the Board from 2016. A little-known but valuable committee in the College, which is seldom given the acknowledgement it deserves, is the Board of Trustees of the Kearsney Development Fund. These financial exper ts, mostly though not exclusively Old Boys, are the custodians of our endowment fund and ensure that these funds are well managed under an investment manager. Mr Peter Morgan chairs this Board whose main focus is to suppor t the Scholarship and Bursary Fund through prudent and sustainable investment of the endowment. In thanking them for their time and exper tise I also wish to include all donors to Kearsney for their generosity in suppor ting the endeavours of the College.There are many donors present here today and I hope that seeing the young men who receive awards or those who perform on stage will be an encouragement to you and be an endorsement of your benevolence and generosity. “I hope that seeing the young men who receive awards or those who perform on stage will be an encouragement to you and be an endorsement of your benevolence and generosity.” Headmaster’s Report

Attending the International Boys’ Schools Coalition annual conference in Cape Town recently, six Kearsney academic staff together with over 600 teachers from boys’ schools around the world heard the Chief Justice of the Constitutional Cour t, Edwin Cameron, address us on his perspectives on education in the South African context. He made the statement that he couldn’t remember the name of a single lecturer from his time at Oxford but that he can still remember the name of every teacher who taught him at high school. The critical role played by teachers in our lives was also brought home to principals of independent schools this past weekend at the ISASA/SAHISA annual conference by two of the speakers. they were the Public Protector, Advocate Thuli Madonsela, and the CEO of Standard Bank Mr SimTshabalala. Advocate Madonsela related that “some of the most remarkable encounters one has in one’s life are the encounters with teachers because they are authentic leaders”. Mr Tshabalala asked the delegates at conference how many could remember the name of the Minister of Finance who preceeded Mr Trevor Manuel. No hands went up. He then asked if these greying principals could remember the name of their headmaster or headmistress from when they were at school – and everyone remembered! In this vein I would acknowledge the academic staff and management as well as the administration and suppor t staff for their loyalty to Kearsney and for the wonderful work they do to ensure that the boys are suppor ted in their various endeavours. It is encouraging to hear from prominent people in positions of influence and power acknowledging the impor tant role schools play in developing young people and publically paying tribute to those on the staff of functional schools. The Class of 2015 has been superbly led by Head Prefect, Robbie Polkinghorne, and Deputy Head, Jabulani Nyathi.They have been suppor ted by the prefect body and the sixth formers including the captains of spor ts teams, Council representatives, leaders of music, choir, public speaking and cultural and club groups.Thank you to you all for the roles you have played in the spheres in which you have had influence. Schools need to provide their pupils not only with the knowledge, competencies and skills to excel after school, but also with the necessary emotional quotient to be young men of significance. It is in the latter that this group has shown par ticular strength.This sixth form group is aware that I have referred to them, as a group, as “the come-back kids”.They have experienced defeat and disappointments over their time at Kearsney and have come through the furnace more tenaciously and with more awareness of their fellow man.The leadership group has played a significant role in various initiatives this year. Off their own bat, they arranged a successful blanket appeal to assist the victims of xenophobic violence in Phoenix settlement and this was just the star t. A group of these boys combined their voices with professional musicians to record a song highlighting the plight of victims of xenophobic violence. A string of compassionate acts of kindness by them has followed to a number of different recipients and their concern for others has led them to be the first sixth form group in the school’s 94 year history to star t a class bursary fund in their matric year which they hope to grow over time to make it possible for a young man whose family will not have the means, to attend Kearsney in the future. In many respects I think our country is standing on the edge right now and only this next generation can pull us back to our rightful place where the poor and marginalised, the vulnerable and neglected, are given a very real oppor tunity to improve their circumstances and, at the very least, be provided with their basic human rights. Advocate Thuli Madonsela reminded us that, “We are never without leadership.When societies decay it is not because of a lack of leadership, it’s because of poor leadership.We need to be authentic leaders, for, as long as there is injustice somewhere, there can’t be sustainable peace anywhere. Lighting another’s path is a way of lighting our own path”. My best wishes go to you, that in your lives you will be authentic leaders committed to lighting other’s paths and in so doing you will light your own. Thank you and God bless you. Elwyn van den Aardweg 5 “The class of 2015 has been superbly led by Head Prefect, Robbie Polkinghorne, and Deputy Head, Jabulani Nyathi.“ Headmaster, Mr Elwyn van den Aardweg Headmaster’s Report ead aster’s Report

6 Staff Notes AT the beginning of the year we welcomed Mr Antonie Prinsloo to the Maths depar tment and Mr Jonathan Beaumont and Mr Sam Mofokeng to the English depar tment. Their exper tise and knowledge from other schools will cer tainly help to inject new life into Kearsney – already Jono’s firm yet compassionate approach is bearing fruit in Finningley as he encourages his boys to greater effor ts late at night in front of the scoreboards! Sadly, during the year, Mrs Penny Needham retired as the Headmaster’s secretary (see page 11 for a full tribute). Most of us do not know a Kearsney without the organised hand of Mrs Needham and she will be sorely missed. Mrs Pearl McCluskey took over from Penny in fine style and is already proving invaluable at the head of the stairs. Ms Jolene Ostendorf left us at the end of the first term, for younger pastures in Pietermaritzburg and Mrs Penny Meyer took over the inclusion and academic suppor t depar tment. Penny’s delightful smile and exceptional efficiency has enlivened this depar tment. An increase in demand at the College has seen our numbers increase this year and it became necessary for a “handyman” teacher to join us in July.The most able, Mr Mouton Badenhorst, arrived from Pretoria to teach Maths, Afrikaans and Geography and his wicked sense of humour is proving popular with the boys. Wedding bells rang for Ms Roxanne Ungerer and she returned to us at the star t of Term 3 as Mrs du Plessis and to close off the year the Headmaster and his wife celebrated the wedding of their daughter, Kelly, to Kearsney Old Boy, Keagan Eccles. 2015 was a mercifully stable year for the staff on the treadmill that is Kearsney life. Staff Notes Mrs Belinda Willows and Mr Peter Kirsten at the opening of the Culture@Kearsney Art Exhibition Mr Isreal Bhengu at a Kearsney Choir Concert Mr André van Zyl officiating at the inter-house gala Mrs Vanessa Govender and Mr Adam Rogers at the Matric Dance

7 Staff Notes Staff Notes L-R: Mr and Mrs de Villiers, Mr and Mrs Kirsten and Mr and Mrs Willows at the Matric Dance Mrs Pearl McCluskey at a Kearsney Choir Concert Bursar, Mrs Bea Croudace with her husband, Tony, at the Matric Dance Mr and Mrs Moerdyk at the Matric Dance Ms Wang and Mrs Fripp at the Matric Dance

8 Senior Management Mr E van den Aardweg Headmaster Mr P Kirsten Senior Deputy Headmaster ; Mathematics Mr R deVilliers Deputy Headmaster ; Head of Boarding; Life Sciences Mr AWilllows Deputy Headmaster ; Housemaster Pembroke; Mathematics Mr MAlbers i/c Grade 9; HOD Accounting MrWAmos Geography Mr M Badenhorst Mathematics; Afrikaans Mr J Beaumont Housemaster Finningley; English Mr C M Botha Housemaster Sheffield and Mathematics Mrs S Cairns HOD Afrikaans Mr V Carlisle HOD English Mrs K-J Coleman School Counsellor Mr M Conradie HOD Computer Studies Mrs J Curtiss English Mr M Delport Housemaster Gillingham; EGD Mr J Drew Geography Mrs R du Plessis Mathematics Mr T Els Afrikaans Mrs A Fripp Director of Culture; Business Studies Mrs V Govender HOD Mathematics Mrs M Goslett Drama (par t time) Mr D Graves Afrikaans Mr S Green Mathematics Mr E Grundling Mathematics Rev J Headbush Chaplain KEARSNEY COLLEGE ACADEMIC STAFF With grateful thanks to Gary,Vee and Matthew Butler. ACADEMIC STAFF Back row: N Peacock, S Green, A Morgan, E Grundling, D Moodley, A Prinsloo, B Steyn. 5th row: T Els, D Muller, M Albers, J Waldburger, D Macdonald, J Rottcher, M Saville, B Krüger. 4th row: W Marsden, D Graves, V Carlisle, M Conradie, H van Ellewee, N Makhatini, A van Zyl, J Drew, J Robinson, R Mbatha. 3rd row: G Owen, S Mofokeng, S Main, B Ziegelmeier, G Moerdyk, M Goslett, J Wang, W Amos, M Zungu, P Isaac. 2nd row: J Curtiss, S Southam, S Murray, J Matthew, B Ndaba, T van den Aardweg, G Pitcher, V Govender, K-J Coleman, J Schreiber, U Singh, R du Plessis. Front row: A Fripp, A Rogers, M Delport, B Thompson, P Kirsten, E van den Aardweg, A Willows, R de Villiers, J Beaumont, M Botha, Rev J Headbush. Absent: M Badenhorst, S Cairns, J Krüger, P Meyer, J Ostendorf

9 ADMINISTRATIVE STAFF Back row: K Southwell, T Gowdy, H Pearse, R Scott, W Ngwane, S Burgess, S Ngcobo, S Dunnett. 2nd row: E Ngubane, S van der Merwe, J Lankesar, V Dixon, A Thompson, K McMaster, T Pelzer, B Oakes, A Swanepoel. Front row: T Kistensamy, P Needham, R Carpenter, B Croudace, J Mills-Hackmann, A Bretherton, K Thompson, R Sibiya. Mrs P Isaac i/c Resource Centre Mr B Krüger Director of Musical Performance Mrs J Krüger HOD Music Mr D Macdonald HOD Life Sciences Mr S Main Science Mr N Makhatini Intern Mr R Mbatha Intern MrW Marsden HOD Business Studies Mrs J Matthew Music Locum Mr G Moerdyk Science and i/c Gr 12 Mrs P Meyer Inclusion Programme and Academic Suppor t Mr S Mofokeng English Mr D Moodley HOD EGD Mr A Morgan i/c Grade 10; English Mr D Muller Intern Mrs S Murray HOD Science Mr B Ndaba HOD isiZulu Ms G Owen Mathematics Miss J Ostendorf Inclusion Programme and Academic Suppor t Mr N Peacock History Mrs G Pitcher HODVisual Ar t Mr A Prinsloo Mathematics Mr J Robinson HOD Geography Mr A Rogers Director of Academics; HOD History Mr J Rottcher HOD Life Orientation; i/c Grade 8 Mr M Saville English Mrs J Schreiber Mathematics (par t time) Ms U Singh HOD Dramatic Ar t Mrs S Southam Visual Ar t (par t time) Mr B Steyn Director of Rugby; Accounting Mr B Thompson Housemaster Haley; Science Mrs T van den Aardweg History, Geography;Visual Ar t Mr H van Ellewee Afrikaans; i/c Gr 11 Mr A van Zyl Director of Pastoral Care; Afrikaans Mr JWaldburger English; History Miss JWang Mandarin Ms B Ziegelmeier Music Mr M Zungu Director of Outreach; isiZulu With grateful thanks to Taine Buys and family.

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11 Farewell With grateful thanks to Neil Cairns of Quantum Financial Planning.We are a Financial Planning Company based at Suite 9, Gillitts Office Park. See us on or phone us on 031 7675874. MRS Penny Needham was the quintessential Headmaster’s Secretary. Impeccably groomed and presented, her professionalism, confidentiality, warmth and devotion to the position were all attributes which she exuded. After 18 years and four months of exceptional service to Kearsney, she finally commenced her well-deserved retirement at her home inWaterfall, a few kilometres from Botha’s Hill, in July this year. Many were the days when she would pop into the Headmaster’s office prior to leaving for home to check whether the day’s demands had been sufficiently dealt with. It was on those occasions when we would reflect on the day and mostly just laugh about the quirks and goings-on of another hectic day. Her understanding of the rigours of running an independent and boarding high school for boys had been built up over many years as a parent of two Kearsney boys. She had enormous perspective, even having the courage to remind the Headmaster, on occasion, to be aware of maintaining humanity in a situation. Penny, and her late husband David, provided the College with two remarkable boys. Matt, (Class of 2003), played 1st team cricket and he, were it not for persistent injuries, probably would have achieved far more on the field. However, he has gone on to excel. Simon, (Class of 2005), was a natural academic, played 2nd team hockey and is carving out a career as a customer service engineer in the healthcare sector of Siemens PLC in England. He is studying for his Master’s Degree in Astronautical and Space Engineering at Cranfield University, which is being fully funded by the Royal Academy of Engineering. The question remains as to how Penny was able to fulfil her role so competently as Headmaster’s Secretary and still cope remarkably well with family tragedy and personal illness for the better par t of a decade. Surely tenacity, steadfastness and loyalty are the hallmarks of Penny Needham? Her personal struggle with breast cancer combined with the debilitating physical, emotional and psychological challenges that accompany that treatment had a negligible effect on her efficiency in the office. On the contrary, she became both solace for and a confidante to those experiencing similar challenges. Her husband David was always understanding of the demands of her role at the College and it is with great fondness that we pay tribute to his suppor t of her until his untimely passing. Penny Needham can look back with a great deal of satisfaction on her sterling years of service to Kearsney for she was indeed a “one-in-a-million”. Elwyn van den Aardweg Farewell to Penny Needham. Farewell

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13 With grateful thanks to Joshua Dixon and family. COUNCIL Report UNDER the able leadership of Aiden Nilsen, the Council met twice quar terly to discuss matters of interest and find solutions to queries and concerns from the student body.The por tfolio representatives developed very amicable relationships with their staff mentors and thanks to these healthy relationships, common ground was found in the resolution of any concerns.The boys were aware of their roles and were very visible as introductory speakers at functions and at walkabouts for prospective new Kearsney parents. A Kearsney College Council initiative this year was to have a hunger lunch in line with our motto, “service before self.”The proceeds from that lunch were then used to fund a lunch which included the entire Kearsney staff. The Kearsney College Choir enter tained the staff with a memorable concer t. This initiative will become a traditional event. Another successful initiative was a drive, through tutor groups and the larger school community, to collect blankets for victims of xenophobia. A total of seven hundred blankets were collected for distribution. My thanks are extended to this exceptional group of boys who were excellent role models this year. They exceeded all expectations, and cer tainly displayed phenomenal leadership qualities. Andre van Zyl KEARSNEY COLLEGE COUNCIL Back row: R Cairns, D Weaver, J Meyer, N Mkhize, D Blair 2nd row: P Mchunu, L Hewitson, L de Vlieg, G Stevens, W Linda, T Buys Front row: J Tedder, J Nyati, M Carlson (Vice Chairman), Mr A van Zyl, A Nilsen (Chairman), R Polkinghorne, M Nesbit The revamped KCC successfully continued its role as a body that represented the interests of the boys of the College in 2015. Kearsney College Council

Haley House 2015 Back row: L Dry, K Pardey, B Holing, O Stewart, J Brien, C Steinschaden, B Cook, J Meikle, K Mindry, D Burrell, L Franz, A Mkhize, V Nel, J Muller, L McClelland, J Savage, N Volschenk, R Shen, K Beley, K Traill 6th Row: R Finlay, R Koekemoer, R Stuart, D Gibson, G Nicholson, M Horner, J McKenzie, L Mabude, C Miller, C Griffiths, S Beith, D Jackson, J Walker, P Steenkamp, C Nel, C Nilsen, N Albrecht, E Mills, B Gibson, R Wilford, M Brimacombe, R Farquharson 5th Row: O Kenny, A Correia, E Boshi, C Ferguson, P Ngubo, L Gibbon, W Sahda, C Barr, C Kelly, Z Habile, T Baxter, J Hayes, S Sigasa, M Horn, E Gourley, M Kulu, B Sanders, T Gooderson, K Tyack, A Swanepoel, C Scheepers, K-M de Beer, A Watt 4th row: G McConnell, D Hudson, K Panas, J Calinikos, L Breytenbach, L Wilson, M Bisetty, T Mitchell, J Hayman, B Crockart, L Chiliza, B Green, K Meyer, J Wynne-Potts, Z Zulu, T Donjeany, J Scrooby, J Goldie, S McKenzie, D Young, T Budhai, E Falkson, A Holm, C Bashford, D Plotts, M Dlamini 3rd Row: M Keast, O Buthelezi, J Chetty, M du Toit, C Hobden, A Buthelezi, D Grant, E Tsela, N Mkhize, S Fitt, A Voigts, B Taylor, R Healy, S van Straaten, G du Toit, J Bamber, M Dlamini, H de Kock, M Gieseler, M Mokoena, D Wimbush, D Hurt 2nd Row: L Whitfield, L de Kock, J Barrett, M Smith, C Gaughran, D Makhanya, G Cobbledick, A Moon, R Schoombie, J Williams, D McIlroy, T Camp, L Ross, K Gopichand, K Mhlongo, S Kriel, D Ballance, B Ditchfield, M Gibbon, S Criticos Front row: O Barrow, J Baker, L Le Clézio, O Carmody, H Parsons (prefect), Mr R Scott, S Kheswa (prefect), Mr B Thompson (Housemaster) M Butler (Head of Haley), Mr M Zungu, G Mckay (prefect), Ms J Ostendorf, N Luyt (prefect), M Bentley (prefect), B Dindi, K Potter, R Fagelund-Gjersöe

15 HALEY Housemaster’s Report Haley Housemaster’s Report WITH the House renovations almost complete, Haley House was looking fantastic for the boys’ first day. Once again the role of the prefects was key to the success of this talented group and Matthew Butler ably led the House in a calm and organised fashion. Helping him with this challenging task was Greg Mckay, Siya Kheswa, Hylton Parsons, Nicholas Luyt and Matthew Bentley. This group became a very strong unit and shared a common goal when running the House. Haley would not be the same without its incredible staff. Mr Manzini Zungu, Mr Jon Robinson, Mr Rob Scott and Mr Etienne Grundling all had a hand in allowing each individual to grow throughout the course of the year. The boys of Haley House should consider themselves lucky to be able to have so much oppor tunity to get to know these members of staff outside the confines of the classroom. Thanks must also go to Mrs Kerry-Jane Coleman, who has often been my rock and suppor t when helping the boys through tough times. She is definitely the unsung hero of Haley House. To my wife and my children, I am grateful for their understanding and help in running an efficient House. Thanks must also go to Ms André Swanepoel and Ms Lindiwe Hadebe and her cleaning ladies for always ensuring our living space was clean and tidy. Imagine tidying up after 86 boys on a daily basis and always maintaining a smile. Many thanks to the maintenance staff who have been ‘on the ball’ this year with the many repairs that are needed in a boys’ boarding house. The number of characters and stories that developed through the year in Haley will be told many times over in the years to come. Haley is a special place. To look back at the year and see the growth that has taken place in both the boys and parents is wonderful. Finally a big thank you must be extended to the wonderful suppor t from the parents. Your understanding of regulations and the new environment made 2015 that much more enjoyable. The boys learnt a great deal about themselves this year and made many new lifelong friends. I can only wish that they realise how far they have come and how much they have achieved by remembering a quote from my speech to parents at the Haley cocktail function, ‘Man cannot discover new oceans until they have left sight of the shore’. Bruce Thompson 2015 was another exciting year in Haley with 134 new and eager Kearsney boys star ting the year. Grade 8 boys starting their Kearsney adventure

HALEY Haley House 2015 16 It is wonderful to look back at the year and see the growth that has taken place in both the boys and parents Mr van den Aardweg on the Haley hike with the Grade 8 boys Grade 12 prefects on the Haley hike with the Grade 8 boys Haley prefect, Siya Kheswa

HALEY Head of house 17 Haley o House Report 2015 has been an eventful and busy year in Haley but thanks to Mr Thompson, the duty staff, my fellow prefects and the boys, it has been an awesome year with its fair share of laughs and memories which makes staying in Haley incredible. It has been a privilege to mentor the Kearsney boys of the future and to be able to introduce them to the Kearsney way of life. Mr Thompson has been a fatherfigure to both the boys and the prefects. Few people can successfully run a House of more than 75 energetic and vastly different boys as well as six eighteen-year-old prefects who are trying to have the most fun they possibly can in their remaining days at Kearsney. On behalf of the House, I would like to thank Mr Thompson for everything that he did for us - from sor ting out exeats to waking us up in the middle of the night to resolve an issue. He has run the House with the perfect balance of fun and discipline and he taught the prefects invaluable lessons regarding leadership. To Mr Zungu, Mr Scott, and Mr Robinson: thank you for your suppor t and guidance throughout the year as well as the time you devoted to the House. It is teachers like you who make living in Haley different, exciting and enjoyable. Haley has the ability to change foes into friends and friends into brothers. I know this first-hand. I do not have my own brother, but after this year, I know what it is like to have five completely different ones. To Nic, Siya, Matt, Greg and Hylt, thank you for being phenomenal prefects and rolemodels to the Grade 8s and for your unwavering suppor t and friendship. Thank you for the memories, the good and the bad times.Without all of you, the House would not have been the same. And lastly, to the boys in Haley… thank you for making my final year one I will never forget. You have taught me many things about leadership. Similarly, you have made me far more selfaware and helped me realise my own potential. Thank you for the memories and for making the House what it was. I know that the lessons we taught you, together with the pride and passion we instilled in you, will guide you in your journey at Kearsney. More impor tantly, we hope they will guide your life after school. Cherish the grounds, the Houses, your time here, and most impor tantly each other and keep the greyhound running. I trust that coming back as an Old Boy, I will see what you have achieved and be proud of the little par t I had to play in shaping you into men of the future. Kearsney is the stepping stone for life and it provides you with the means to excel and grow. The oppor tunities are definitely there, let them take you places. Matthew Butler Haley House was where I began and now it is where I have ended my time at Kearsney. “I know that the lessons we taught you, together with the pride and passion we instilled in you, will guide you in your journey at Kearsney.” Grade 8 boys on the Haley hike

Finningley 2015

FINNINGLEY HOUSE Back row: R Pretorius, S Pau, W Linda, G Hudson, P Norton, G Butler, D Marshall, T Tedder, T Westermeyer, R Pringle, T Xhakaza, R McConnell, G Keeley, J Graven, M Whitehouse, L Sokhela, J Stamatis 6th Row: B Tyack, N Herbst, M Butler, R McNeil, D Bissett, S Sangweni, B Nel, J Olive, J Smith, M Watts, T Mpakhati, C Beningfield, T Louw, H Onyebilanma, B Smart, R Darby, A Rall, C Waugh, T van Rooyen. Finningley Housemaster’s Report THERE was an underlying air of uncer tainty as I faced the Finningley boys for the first time, both of us new to each other. Replacing the great Mr Lubbe was not an easy task and I realised I would have to win the boys’ confidence if we were going to be successful once again. All was looking rather disastrous when, half way through the second term Finningley was lying third in the A H Smith Trophy and the very real prospect of losing the Veldman Trophy for the first time in eight years became a possibility. Champions, however, do not stay down lying prone on the canvas.They take a deep breath, they focus on a point in the distance where all is possible and they ignore their detractors, they haul themselves up and return once more to the fray.This is what the men of Finningley did.They turned the tide through sheer bloody-mindedness and at the end they rose together as one to reclaim the Veldman Trophy and to win the coveted Parkes Trophy for top academic House. Finningley claimed the spoils in the interhouse cross-country event, the athletics day as well as the tug-of-war.The cricket sides were victorious at both junior and senior level, as well as the tennis side. Winning the inter-house plays, ensured Finningley remained competitive until the end. All came down to the inter-house public speaking competition where we let ourselves down thus handing the AH Smith Trophy to a deserving Gillingham House. Finningley had done enough, however, to retain the Veldman Trophy and cap off yet another very successful year. Much gratitude must go to Brandon Hughes and his capable group of deputies who went above and beyond to ensure that we enjoyed a truly successful year. I do, however, hope not to have to visit Brandon in hospital again, as by leading from the front, he managed to do a great deal of damage to his person. Academically, Finningley excelled in 2015.Winning the Parkes Trophy by a considerable margin, the boys gave their all.The Finningley matric class of 2015 were simply superb.We managed to claim both the Dux of the School in the form of Jabulani Nyathi as well as Proxime Accessit in the form of James Hansen.The bar has cer tainly been set high for the class of 2016. Star ting as Finningley Housemaster in my first year at Kearsney College was not an easy task but I can say, without reservation, that it has been one of the most fulfilling in my teaching career.To the boys who believed, I want to say ‘Thank The weight of expectation cer tainly sat heavily upon the prefects, the Grade 12s and myself as we steered Finningley into 2015. James Tedder puts more points on the board for Finningley House

20 5th Row: T Molema, L Zulu, S Hudson, S Moodley, S Desfontaines, K Koenig, E Howes, R Samdaan, J Hansen, C Lee, W Ambrose, H Butler, M Lee, J A Stamatis, R Bloy, T Barker, M Dlamini, L Hobden. 4th Row: N Beningfield, G Phillips, T Roake, J Rice, G Shelley, C Moore, M Pitcher, H King, B Bosman, B Erlick, C Craze, J Potter, E Williams, W Saxby, N de Beer, A Lawrence, B Porteous, J Hagemann, M Blair. 3rd Row: A Piche, B de Bruyn, K Hagemann, Finningley 2015 you’. To my assistant Housemasters, Matthew Saville, Rod de Villiers and Mouton Badenhorst, thank you for your suppor t. To my resident assistant, Dougan Macdonald, thank you for the advice and for helping me keep my head above water. 2016 awaits. Ready for a new chapter to be scripted. Ready for the young men of Finningley to make their mark. Jonathan Beaumont

FINNINGLEY Head of house 21 Finningley Head of House Report WHILE the pressure of ‘keeping the winning streak going’ was at times intense, those who doubted the blue army were proven wrong. But the year was not defined by the victories and losses but rather by the brotherhood and togetherness of the boys. I can say that being a par t of Finningley, and what this House represents, is one of the proudest things I’ve ever achieved.Whilst the aesthetic image of the House may change drastically in the next few years, the pride, passion, integrity and brotherhood that defines us mustn’t change with it. A big thank you must be extended to Mr Beaumont. Coming into a new House, let alone Finningley, must’ve been hard. But Sir quickly adapted and became an integral par t of the House.Thanks must also be extended to Mr Macdonald, Mr Saville, Mr Badenhorst and Mr de Villiers for the roles they played in the success of the House as duty masters and mentors to the boys. My personal thanks are extended to my fellow prefects: Chase, Jordan, Keean and James, who all gave what was expected of them – and more.Your suppor t and effor t, your selfless attitude towards duties and leadership in tough situations, has defined our prefectship. I wish to congratulate my fellow matrics on their success, but more impor tantly, their brotherhood in the House. I also wish to thank them for their suppor t and the manner in which they inspired and cultivated the strong spirit that is a hallmark of Finningley. We have many memories to cherish and have left a mark in the history of this House. Looking forward, the House is in good hands. I have faith that Cam and his prefects: Matt, Brady, Josh and Cam – all typically strong Finningley boys with sound morals and values – will ensure a bright future for the blue army. Now is the time to make happen another dream. May all the Finningley boys of 2016 dream big and strive to take the House one step closer to perfection. Brandon Hughes This was another great year for Finningley. S Vawda, N Mazwai, G Morgan, J M Olive, Z Shange, R Koenig, K Stevenson, A Bossert, S Joubert, J Rochat, C Crookes, B Mazwai, M Singh, A Joannou, S Skhosana. 2nd Row: C Alborough, R Whitehouse, R Mngomezulu, T Young, K Hughes, J Taylor, L Cameron, M Maguire, S Phillips, B Stead, C Rencken, T Polzi, J Heron, A Ndlovu, J Kalil, L Mabika, M Sosibo, T Finlay, A Singh. Front Row: L Rall, A Gallinetti, K Rencken, N Luyt, S Kheswa, Mr M Saville, J Ross-Elliot, Mr D Macdonald, B Hughes (Head of House), Mr J Beaumont (Housemaster), J Tedder, Mr R de Villiers, C Dunnett, M Butler, J Nyathi, C Cartwright, C O’Reilly.

Gillingham 2015

GILLINGHAM HOUSE Back Row: P. Shaw, S Ndwandwe, K Cleator, P Saad, T Allan-Reynolds, R Taylor, M Smith, D Weaver, J Morse, J Sutherland, G Kruger, R Daniel, J Schroder, E Friedman, L Couzens. 6th Row: J Van Tonder, T Marsh, S McCleave, L Laird, S Beer, M Luvahani, A Farrant, G Coolbear, J de Beer, S Campbell, J Hulett, D Futter, C Burgess, T Essay, K Zagar, O Mngoma. 5th Row: J Otto, R Clark, C Morse, B Proctor, N Leathern, E Hulett, T Wood, N Hudson, M Marshall, S Scott, S Maarschalk, C Calliontizs, M van Niekerk, D McCleave, L Crowshaw, C Bath, B Bosman, M Nkunzi. 4th row: M Heard, G Gumede, A Dukes, D Ferri, 23 Gillingham Housemaster’s Report THEY did not just accept what had gone before but kept what was good and worked to change the things that were holding Gillingham back. 2015 was the year that reflected that philosophy.We pushed the boundaries of achievement by winning the AH Smith Trophy for the first time since I have been Housemaster.This is because the boys of the House have coupled passion with personal sacrifice in order to achieve.This change of attitude came about because of the Matric group. As a whole, they bought into the fact that change was necessary to lift us from ‘being good’ to ‘becoming great’. A large por tion of the credit must go to Tristan Dixon and his prefect group, Justin Wilkes, Sibulelo Mbhele, James Redman and Geoffrey Sibbald for their effor ts to challenge themselves and not just follow along welltrodden paths.The matric group made the House a better place for everyone and I believe they laid a foundation for the success of future Grades. It would be remiss of me not to thank each and every one of the depar ting Gillingham Class of 2015 for the manner in which they conducted themselves this year. I wish them well in their future endeavours and I know that they will be able to build on the foundation that was laid during their time at Kearsney and more par ticularly in Gillingham House. One of my highlights was the cultural aspect of the inter-house competition.The boys basked in the glory of winning the interhouse music event; it was a superb team effor t. I thoroughly enjoyed the House band’s performance as it epitomised how willing the boys were to put themselves ‘out there’ and to blaze new trails.We also finished second in the inter-house plays. Next year sees the upgrade of the House accommodation.While the year may be disruptive, I am happy with how positively the boys have responded to the proposed changes. DavidWeaver and his prefects Craig Bath; Brendan Bosman; Cuan Crocker and Grant Coolbear have been given the challenge to continue building on what has been accomplished this year. I have great faith in them and know that they will not shirk or shy away from the challenge. At the end of the year, we bid farewell to Gareth Moerdyk who has become an integral par t of the House. We wish him all of the best for his new role as Housemaster of Sheffield. Mr Sam Mofokeng joined us at the beginning of the year and he has had a positive impact on the House. I wish to thank all of the duty staff for their effor ts this year as the House has been incredibly strong and credit must go to Matt Conradie, Sam Mofokeng and Gareth Moerdyk for the excellent job that they have done. Looking back, I cannot remember a year that I have enjoyed more, despite everything not always going to plan. It has been a privilege to have been par t of this remarkable year and I know I will miss this group of matrics as they hold a special place in my memory. Myles Delport This year I encouraged the leaders of the House to challenge existing norms and standards from previous years. I wish them well in their future endeavours and I know that they will be able to build on the foundation that was laid during their time at Kearsney

24 L Ferri, C Trichard, K Howard, C Low, M Pretorius, T Plotts, C Crocker, T Ditchfield, B Voster, A Calliontzis, J Charlton, T Shandu, S Standton, M Mattioda, T Buys, L Brown. 3rd Row: F McLean-Mazotti, A Harding, J Polkinghorne, S Sithole, N Beer, J Odendaal, D Latham, A Weyer, B Palmer, J Foord, R Stiemens, L de Vlieg, C Dudley, A Ntshingila, D Hanson, B Beaumont, K Sewbaran, B Sithole, Gillingham 2015

25 M Pretorious, L Plotts. 2nd Row: M Hayden, M Phike, R Woodley, M Hurley, K Muimri, B Palmer, D Hodson, K Streak, K Massa, M Brokensha, T Skwatsha, K Zulu, S Kang, L Jordan, M Buccimazza, S Ganas, S Couzens, T Muirhead, W Patton, C Mutale. Front row: C Waberski, L Mac Court, L Hewitson, S Mbhele, G Sibbald, Mr S Mofokeng, J Wilkes, Mr G Moerdyk, T Dixon (Head of House), Mr M Delport (Housemaster) R Polkinghorne, Mr M Conradie, J Redman, A Nilsen, M Nesbit, C Gray, N Hoar. Gillingham Head of House Report IT has been an honour and a privilege to lead this incredible House this year. I asked two things of the Gillingham boys for 2015. Firstly, to do the best we possibly could in each aspect of the House, from our appearance and attitude to par ticipation in each inter-house event. Secondly, to be able to call this House ‘home’.When asked where I was going after a spor t’s practice or an exam, or anything, my immediate response would be ‘home’.This was usually met with the standard ‘can I come home with you ?‘ or ‘aren’t you a boarder ?’.This was the spirit I asked the Gillingham boys of 2015 to create – a home filled with brothers. I could not be happier with the way the House has concluded 2015 – a House with passionate spirit, courage and discipline.We also finished second in the overall inter-house competition and won the AH Smith Trophy for the first time since 1998. I give credit to my fellow prefects; Justin Wilkes, James Redman, Geoffrey Sibbald and Sibulelo Mbhele. Their unwavering suppor t during the year was vital. Many people do not know the sacrifices they made during the year. None of Gillingham’s success would have been possible if it were not for them. I thank them for the suppor t, the journey and, most impor tant, the special friendship that they gave. Special mention of the duty staff must be made. We thank Mr Delpor t, Mr Conradie, Mr Moerdyk and Mr Mofokeng. A House like Gillingham would not be possible without their suppor t, guidance, help and discipline. I wish the prefects of 2016, under the leadership of DavidWeaver, the best of luck for next year. I trust that David, Craig, Grant, Cuan and Brendan will build on the success of the House and continue the legacy. They were elected for a reason. They should trust in themselves and work as a group. Finally to the matrics of 2015, I am lost for words when I attempt to describe you. The memories we created and the laughs we had are ones we will never forget. The leadership and hard work of the entire form has played a vital role in the success of the House. We can be proud of what we contributed to the House and the way in which we continued to add on to the legacy of past Gillingham brothers.Thank you for all the incredible friendships. To Gillingham House; I want to thank everyone for an unforgettable year and I wish you all good luck for the future. For those of you who still have some years here, your time in this precious House goes quickly so love it while you can. Upwards and onwards boys. Tristan Dixon Wins and failures are forgotten, but a brotherhood lasts forever. I could not be happier with the way the House concluded 2015 – a House with passionate spirit, courage and discipline.

26 Pembroke 2015

I HAVE thoroughly enjoyed my year in the House and have enjoyed spending time with every Pembroke boy. The prefects and matrics, under the leadership of Simon Nor tje, set the tone this year and were fully involved in everything that the House offer. ed The boys talked about a ‘new era’ and this group of matric boys wanted to star t a ‘new legacy’. I am positive that good things lie ahead for the remaining Pembroke boys and we will definitely see a change in the years ahead. I would like to make reference to the All Black Rugby team’s ethos. New Zealand won the 2015 RugbyWorld Cup after deciding to change their culture completely.They are arguably the best-ever rugby union team and a big par t of their success has been attributed to their humility and grace; qualities not usually associated with a team of burly rugby stars. Richie McCaw and his All Black stars clear up the locker-room after each game in a gesture that might horrify multi-millionaire footballers. It is par t of the ‘team-comes-first’ ethos that has made New Zealand the most respected rugby force of the past half century. The boys know my feelings on initiation and bullying: it will not be tolerated.We are striving to have a House with an attitude of service, respect and pride; something which we have star ted and will continue to grow.The dress and appearance of the boys, and the standard of their living space has been great. Pembroke performed admirably in all the inter-house competitions including academics - something of which we are proud.The key was the passion with which they approached each competition.They gave of their best. There has been a remarkably positive attitude and spirit in the House and the boys all seem happy. A happy and secure environment is key to success in the House. Pembroke is going to be a busy place next year as our boarder numbers have increased. There are going to be some small alterations done in December and January to accommodate this increase. Pembroke Housemaster’s Report What a fantastic year. Our goal for the year ‘bring back the pride and passion to Pembroke’ is being realised. PEMBROKE HOUSE Back row: R Lenkoe, T Lunde, D Phillips, L Turner, M Buthelezi, M Whitfield, C Marzoppi, J Meyer, R Hanger, G van Noordwyk, J Miller, A van der Merwe, J Williamson, D Comrie, S Healy, R Cairns. 6th row: K Naidoo, D Gericke, J Halliday, L Dayel, J Pilbrough, C Baker, A McDougall, C Osborne, B du Toit, G du Toit, S Lacon-Allin, P Kirby, N Zulu, D Richardson, S Stewart, D Bedi, A Hlela. 5th row: J Kellaway, J Aitkenhead, J Bashford, J Rosewarne, T Khambule, B Schmitz, T Bean, B Ras, R Magwenzi, B Buchner, J Spence, J Gonzalves, N Camp, J Chislett, T Maddock, D Woods, J Proctor, B Perryman, J Pretorius. Pembroke has performed admirably in all the inter-house competitions including academics, something of which we are very proud. 27

4th row: J Storm, J Govender, J McDougal, K Nkosi, C St Clair, J Potgieter, J Kenny, G Louw, M Lees, C McLean, R Parsons, B Cornelissen, B Wood, N Carrol, Q Naicker, D Shepard, J Ayliffe, P Barr, D Pfeiffer, T Aphane. 3rd row: L Priest, P McGrath, R Holland, C Combrinck, E Knight, G di Marco, C Engelen, M Duma, C Booyens, C Pet, C Lishman, 28 Pembroke 2015 I would like to thank our duty staff; JonoWalburger, Taff Green and Thinus Els, for all their suppor t and service to the House this year. We wish Thinus all the best as he moves into Sheffield House next year. We welcome Ndumiso Makhathini, who will be doing duties in Pembroke in 2016. We extend grateful thanks to our cleaning and maintenance staff for their service to Pembroke this year. Finally, to the matric group of 2015, I wish you well in all your future endeavours. To the Pembroke boys returning in 2016 - I hope that you return full of energy and passion. Anthony Willows