Chronicle 2016 Founded in 1921

02 The year in review Including message from the Headmaster, developments on campus, 95th anniver sar y celebrations and Col lege staff 10 The Class of 2016 A tr ibute to the Matr ic group including a message from the Headboy, academic awards, IEB results, school prefects and the Kear sney Col lege Counci l 20 Looking back at the year in the Houses Repor ts from Housemaster s and prefect Heads of Houses and Inter-house competition results 37 Academic reports Including academic tour s and repor ts from each depar tment 62 Spirituality Reverend James Headbush repor ts on spir itual ity and fel lowship at the Col lege 66 Outreach Boys’ involvement in ser ving the community 68 Cultural activities and clubs Culture@kear sney programme, cultural enr ichment and clubs offered 84 Sport Reflecting on the spor ting achievements and activities of the year 180 Annual events Including Leader ship Week, Career s Expo and the Matr ic Dance 186 Kearsney Development Fund 188 Kearsney Foundation News and initiatives from the Foundation Office 200 Kearsney College Old Boys Updates on the activities of the Old Boys around the wor ld 206 In Memoriam Remember ing the Old Boys who have passed away in the last year

4 Headmaster’s Report GUEST of Honour Mr Lebogang Montjane, Chairman of the Board, Mr Andrew Parsons, distinguished guests and boys of the College: It is a singular honour to share the stage with someone who has wasted no time in taking up the reins as Executive Director of ISASA and who has also taken an avid interest in Kearsney College. Lebogang, we look forward to your address later in the programme. I wish also to acknowledge the presence of all the Heads and representatives from surrounding schools for gracing us with their presence today – it is greatly appreciated. I would like to acknowledge the staff for a year of extremely hard work in the Administration, Estates and Academic depar tments of the College.The various Management groups have provided platforms for healthy and robust debate and, I believe, sound decision-making. We have had problems to deal with and some weighty decisions to make and I thank them for their wisdom and professional input. Mr Peter Kirsten, Senior Deputy Headmaster, the two deputies, Mr Ant Willows and Mr Rod de Villiers as well as the members of the Full Management and Business Executive are thanked for their contribution on the various Management forums. We have two members of the academic staff who leave us at the end of the year. Mr Samukele Mofokeng, teacher of English and A team Rugby and Cricket coach returns to Michaelhouse where he was trained as an intern. Mr Matt Conradie, Academic Head of the subject Information Technology, has been recruited into the private sector. We shall miss both these schoolmasters who have made considerable contributions in their time at Kearsney. In addition, Mrs Shauna Southam resigned as par t-time Ar t teacher to accept a teaching position in the Persian Gulf. Two key members of management also left us during the course of the year.The Bursar, Mrs Bea Croudace retired last year but she kindly continued as Bursar under contract until April, when she handed over the reins to the new Commercial Director, Mrs Catherine Mowat. We paid tribute to Mrs Croudace on this occasion last year. Mr Ashwin Premlal, who headed up the entire Information Technology infrastructure and kept us connected with each other and with the world. He was made an offer he couldn’t turn down by a Chinese fibre optic company based in Durban. He left us at the end of August and was replaced by Mr Ashik Haripersadh. Ashwin will be sorely missed. Always the consummate professional, highly intelligent and with an acute business mind, Ashwin took Kearsney’s IT function and suppor t from “just managing” to the world- class network that it is. Ashwin was a significant source of advice, providing technical information which could inform our decision-making. However, once he had successfully obtained his MBA, he became too valuable for the private sector to ignore.We wish him well in his new career. Our thanks go to the Parents’ Society, Board and Trustees, the Old Boys Executive and the Matric parents for their assistance, advice and suppor t over the past year. Special mention must be made of Board Chairman, Mr Andrew Parsons. He and I have worked closely together on a number of challenges and I have enjoyed his calm manner, considered approach and in par ticular his outstanding perspective on boys schooling. Considering he has had three sons through Kearsney he has probably seen it all. My leading of the College would be a fraction of what it is were it not for the unconditional enthusiasm and suppor t of my wife Tracey, a person whom I value beyond measure. 2016 has been a significant year in the history of Kearsney College, this being our 95th year of existence. As such, we should acknowledge the foresight, determination and sacrifice of our Founder, Sir Liege Hulett who, in 1921 star ted up a school for boys in his home outside Stanger at Kearsney Manor.We also acknowledge all those staff, governors, headmasters, parents and donors who assisted in some way or another to produce the school on Botha’s Hill that we are privileged to be par t of today. A number of these stalwar ts have joined with us at today’s ceremony and we thank you. In the year since our last Speech Day, we have witnessed a series of global and national events that one could hardly have predicted. Uncer tainty over a Minister of Finance sent the value of the Rand into decline which resulted in us cancelling a choir tour to NewYork and replacing it with a tour to Gauteng and NW Province.The Brexit vote for the UK to withdraw from the European Union caught most by surprise, as did the results of the South African municipal elections.The situation in Syria and the Middle East is on a knife edge and a new tactic of terrorism based on using individuals or small groups to inflict terror on Headmaster’s Speech From Speech Day, September 2016 With grateful thanks to Andrew, Catherine, Joshua and Tim Bean 2016 has been a significant year in the history of Kearsney College, this being our 95th year of existence.

5 Headmaster’s Report unsuspecting civilians has emerged. The consequences of global warming are being felt and the stark reality that natural resources like water are limited has been brought home to Kearsney boys and staff.Who would have predicted that all the Leadership programmes in the US would produce those two candidates who have been slugging it out on television ad nauseum for the better par t of the year, one of whom will be the next President of the USA? The #FeesMustFall campaign and accompanying student unrest at most South African universities must cer tainly be of interest to all here today, not the least being you boys who have planned to commence university studies in four months’ time.This is the world you boys will be entering. I hope we have gone some way in preparing you not only to cope but to make a success of your lives in this turbulent world. Whilst one could debate the relevance of a Kearsney education, I think that the values that underpin that education are timeless and are of universal application.The Honour Council, chaired by the Headboy and assisted by senior prefects, deliberates on issues of dishonesty, cheating, bullying and stealing – they ensure that the boys uphold the good traditions of the College. The Grade 11 group, in preparation for their Grade 12 year undergo a three-day Ethical Leadership course during LeadershipWeek. The Grade 10s all attended training on Social Entrepreneurship where we encourage them to consider star ting a business that will benefit the community and provide job oppor tunities. Community service is a significant activity on campus with hundreds of boys helping their fellow man. Magnum Moments announced at a Monday assembly recognise the quality of tenacity shown by individuals or teams. This year there have been more than most. We have also had Old Boys who have experienced adversity in their lives who have come back to motivate our boys this year. Matt Moffatt, a hear t transplant recipient, donated to Kearsney a medal he won in theWorld Transplant Games, and which is now displayed in the Chapel. Musa Dlamini, an Old Boy from the 1980’s, addressed us on Freedom Day and related the tragic history of his family living in the turbulent townships in those violence-filled years. Old Boy Mpumi Mhlongo, final year Engineering student at UCT, inspired us with a humble talk before jetting off to par ticipate in the Rio Paralympics some weeks back. Other Old Boys were honoured. Alex von Klemperer visited us last September, shor tly before taking up a Rhodes Scholarship in the field of medicine at Oxford. Soon after he began at Oxford he commenced the process of seeking funding for his four th year, as the Rhodes Scholarship covers three years of study. He was awarded a Clarendon Scholarship for his final year – this is a prestigious award. In addition to this, he learned that he has been awarded his Master’s degree with distinction. Only five out of 22 students from all over the world gained their Masters Cum Laude in his course. Alex is planning on returning to South Africa to apply what he has learned to improve the health of patients in rural areas. Whilst the world may be in turmoil, I believe these values are eternal and will distinguish a life just lived from a life of significance lived. So to all the boys of the College, thank you for keeping us young, thank you for your energy and enthusiasm and humour. On the aspect of humour and to illustrate my point, we have been having general knowledge quizzes in our Tutor groups which Mr van Zyl has kindly put together.This week there was a question in the quiz on the natural world that went something like this: “What is it that wolves cannot do that dogs can do?”The answer provided in the memo was that dogs “bark” and wolves can’t. But listen to what the boys came up with: Wolves don’t chase their tails. Dogs don’t eat Little Red Riding Hood. My wife and I experienced a ‘Kearsney moment’ this year when we accompanied the Choir on a team-building weekend at the picturesque Baynesfield Estate. After supper,Tracey and I were requested to join the Choir at their rehearsal, but only once we were called to do so. After some time we were ushered toward the open-air deck under a starry sky and were shown to our chairs at the centre of the area, encircled by the Choir who then proceeded to sing, ‘If you are out there’. (Choir stands to sing). Can you get a glimpse of how special that moment was for us? That’s why I maintain that this school we call Kearsney is a unique boys’ school - Kearsney is about the boys. And now to the Headboy, Luke Croshaw and his Deputy, Jared Meyer, their prefects, the Students’ Council, Honour Council, captains of clubs, cultural activities and spor ts teams and all the Matric boys who in one way or another contributed to the success of this year, thank you. You have all given us hope for the future of our country and indeed our world.You are the ones who have, in your youthful lives continued the spirit of Madiba in encouraging (and here I quote Madiba), ‘all South Africans to unite and join hands and say we are one country, one nation, one people, marching together into the future.’ We thank you boys for this and we wish you all the very best in your for thcoming examinations and your future endeavours. Thank you and God bless you. Mr Elwyn van den Aardweg Headmaster Whilst one could debate the relevance of a Kearsney education, I think that the values that underpin that education are timeless and are of universal application.

6 Tree planting ceremony On 26 February a special tree-planting ceremony was attended by members of the Trustees, Board, Parents’ Society, current and past staff members, Old Boys and boys of Kearsney College.The quad within the newly completed Centenary Centre Nor thWing is known as the “Bell Quad” as it will house the Hulett Bell which used to be located behind the Henderson Hall. After a shor t dedication, all present had the oppor tunity of being par t of Kearsney’s heritage by par ticipating in planting the Celtis Africana trees in the Bell Quad and the quadrangle nearer Pembroke. Opening of the Centenary Centre NorthWing BOYS, staff members and special guests congregated in the quad at our Centenary Centre Nor thWing on 03 June to celebrate the official opening of theWing, which has been in use since the star t of 2016. Our Guest of Honour, Dr Graeme Shuker (pictured below), unveiled the foundation stone to mark the official opening of the Nor thWing of the Centenary Centre. The Centenary Centre was developed to create modern classrooms at Kearsney to facilitate 21st Century teaching methodologies.The classrooms are large enough to provide a comfor table environment for formal lessons as well as discussion groups; provide space for individuals to work on their own research/games or challenges; and give teachers personal space which is lacking in the older classrooms.We also needed to cater for our increase in enrolment and the refurbishment of all classrooms in the next five years creating two classrooms from three. We have an overall vision of creating faculties of related subject depar tments to encourage collaboration between teachers and, in the future, cross-curricular co-operation. The Nor thWing of the Centre, includes a large multi-purpose venue that could accommodate an entire Grade comfor tably, for examinations, large group teaching, exhibitions and the like. Gillingham House upgrades We are very excited about the extensive upgrade to Gillingham which will create a more modern, spacious and flexible facility for Gillingham boys. We consulted widely in an effor t to minimise the disruption and inconvenience to Gillingham boarders during the building process. Finningley is scheduled to be upgraded in 2017, ensuring that Kearsney continues to provide world-class facilities. Year in review

7 Year in review THE first commemorative event of the year was the 95th Anniversary Challenge, held on 10 and 11 February, which involved a number of interhouse events held throughout the night.The Challenge kicked off with the Inter-house Drama competition, followed by a series of fun events which inevitably became very competitive.The boys threw themselves into the 95km inter-house marathon relay, go-kar t racing, indoor soccer, table tennis and touch rugby. After going through the night, the Challenge concluded the following morning with the inter-house gala. The event was an exhausting and fun celebration that the boys are sure to reminisce about in the years to come. Another very special event was the Bible Reading Marathon, which also took place on 10/11 February.The entire NewTestament, from Matthew 1:1 to Revelation 22:21, was read, with volunteers from the wider Kearsney community and the local community joining staff and boys in the Kearsney Chapel to read in five-minute slots. It took eighteen and a half hours to read the NewTestament, from 10h00 on Wednesday 10 February to 04h25am on Thursday February 11. This was a wonderful community effor t and a fitting tribute to the College’s Methodist foundation and ethos. As par t of our centenary celebrations in 2021, the entire Bible, Old and New Testaments, will be read through by the boys, staff and community, an exercise which is projected to take seventy hours and for ty minutes. OnWednesday 10 August the College held a special 95th Anniversary blood drive with the aim of raising ninety-five units of blood. This drive resulted in one hundred and sixty-seven much-needed units being donated to the South African National Blood Service. During the annual Creative Day at Kearsney, on 12 August, the Grade 12s were given the oppor tunity to mosaic a collaborative ar twork to commemorate Kearsney’s 95th anniversary.The Class of 2016 approached this with characteristic energy and camaraderie and we look forward to the completed mosaic being installed in the school. From humble beginnings, opening on 04 August 1921 in its remote location near Stanger on KwaZuluNatal’s Nor th Coast, with just eleven boarders and two day scholars, Kearsney has developed into one of the top independent schools in the country. Kearsney College is a very special and unique institution and there is indeed much to celebrate as we mark our 95th year and approach our centenary. Mr Robert Carpenter Marketing Director 95th Anniversary Celebrations In 2016 Kearsney College turned 95 and a number of special events were held throughout the year to celebrate this notable milestone. Opening on 04 August 1921 in its remote location near Stanger on KwaZulu-Natal’s Nor th Coast, with just eleven boarders and two day scholars, Kearsney has developed into one of the top independent schools in the country.

8 Staff Academic Staff Mr E van den Aardweg Headmaster Mr P Kirsten Senior Deputy Headmaster ; Mathematics Mr R deVilliers Deputy Headmaster ; Head of Houses; Life Sciences Mr AWillows Deputy Headmaster ; Housemaster (Pembroke); Mathematics Mr D Acutt Teacher intern Mr MAlbers HOD Accounting; Grade Head Grade 9 Mr B Alborough HOD Music (subject) MrWAmos Geography Ms NArndt English Mr M Badenhorst Mathematics; Afrikaans Mr J Beaumont Housemaster (Finningley); English Mr C M Botha Mathematics Mr V Carlisle HOD English Mrs S Cairns HOD Afrikaans Mrs K-J Coleman School Counsellor ; Life Orientation Mr M Conradie HOD Information Technology Mrs J Curtiss English Mr M Delport Housemaster (Gillingham); EGD Mr J Drew Geography Mrs R du Plessis Mathematics Mr T Els Afrikaans Ms A Fripp Director of Clubs and Culture; Business Studies Mrs V Govender HOD Mathematics Mr D Graves Afrikaans Mr S Green Grade Head Grade 12; Mathematics Mr E Grundling Mathematics Rev J Headbush Chaplain Mrs P Isaac i/c Resource Centre Mr M Lombard Director of Music Mr D Macdonald HOD Life Sciences Mr S Main Science Mr Ndumiso Makhatini Teacher intern Mr S Mantle Teacher intern MrW Marsden HOD Business Studies Mrs P Meyer Inclusion Programme/Academic Suppor t Mr G Moerdyk Housemaster (Sheffield); Science Mr S Mofokeng English Mr D Moodley HOD EGD Mr A Morgan Grade Head Grade 10; English Mrs S Murray HOD Science Mr B Ndaba HOD isiZulu Mr D Nedebock-Müller Teacher intern Ms G Owen Mathematics (par t time) With grateful thanks to the Bissett family

School News 9 ACADEMIC STAFF 2016 Back row: E Grundling, A Morgan, D Acutt, S Mantle, D Moodley, A Prinsloo Fifth row: V Carlisle, M Albers, T Els, B Steyn, S Green, N Peacock, J Waldburger Fourth row: W Marsden, D Graves, E Stockil-Smith, M Botha, H van Ellewee, D Macdonald, J Rottcher, M Conradie, J Randall, P Meyer, A van Zyl, J Robinson Third row: P Isaac, G Pitcher, M Zungu, W Amos, S Main, B Alborough, J Drew, S Mofokeng, M Badenhorst, T van den Aardweg, M Lombard Second row: J Curtiss, S Southam, J Schreiber, S Murray, B Ndaba, G Owen, S Cairns, N Arndt, K-J Coleman, V Govender, R du Plessis, U Singh Front row: A Fripp, A Rogers, M Delport, B Thompson, P Kirsten, E van den Aardweg, A Willows, R de Villiers, J Beaumont, G Moerdyk, Rev J Headbush Mr N Peacock History Mrs G Pitcher HODVisual Ar ts Mr A Prinsloo i/c Dayboys; Mathematics Mr J Randall Teacher intern Mr J Robinson HOD Geography Mr A Rogers Director of Academics; HOD History Mr J Rottcher Grade Head Grade 8; HOD Life Orientation Mr M Saville English Mrs J Schreiber Mathematics (par t time) Ms U Singh HOD Dramatic Ar ts Mrs S Southam Ar t (par t time) Mr B Steyn Director of Rugby; Accounting Mrs E Stockil-Smith English; Drama Mr B Thompson Housemaster (Haley); Science Mrs T van den Aardweg Geography; History Mr H van Ellewee Grade Head Grade 11; Afrikaans Mr A van Zyl Head of Pastoral Care; Afrikaans Mr JWaldburger History Ms JWang Mandarin Mrs B Ziegelmeier Piano Studies; Accompanist Mr M Zungu i/c Community Outreach; isiZulu With grateful thanks to Sanelle, Johan and Ulrich Botha

School News 10 Administrative Staff Mrs Shannon Burgess Admissions Officer Mr Robert Carpenter Marketing Director Mrs Bea Croudace Bursar Mrs Val Dixon Resource Manager Mrs Athena Fisher Foundation Co-ordinator Mrs Cheryl Gaughran Shop Manager Mrs Taryn Gowdy Accountant Mrs Tilly Kistensamy Science Laboratory Assistant Mrs Jess Lankesar Financial Assistant Mrs Pearl McCluskey Executive Secretary Ms Kerry McMaster KCOB Secretary Mrs Joy Mills-Hackmann Foundation Director Ms Europa Ngubane Receptionist Mr Sihle Ntuli Spor ts Administrator Ms Brigette Oakes Music Depar tment Secretary Mrs Heather Pearse Communications Manager Mrs Thaloshney Pelzer Life Sciences Laboratory Assistant Mr Ashwin Premlal ICT Manager Mrs Ravitha Pillay Shop Assistant Mrs Cindi Polzi Marketing Assistant Mr Atish Raghubir ITTechnician Mrs Sharon Rogers Shop Assistant Mr Robert Sibiya Photocopy Clerk Mrs Karen Southwell Assistant Bursar Mrs Annette Thompson Debtors Control Mr Keith Thompson Director of Spor t Mrs Sally van der Merwe San Sister Mrs Joanne van Musschenbroek San Sister Mr Musa Zwane IT Assistant ADMINISTRATIVE STAFF 2016 Back row: V Dixon, S Ntuli, C Polzi, S Burgess, H Pearse, T Pelzer, K Southwell, T Gowdy 2nd row: S van der Merwe, R Pillay, S Rogers, A Thompson, A Fisher, P McCluskey, K McMaster, J Lankesar, T Kistensamy Front row: E Ngubane, B Oakes, R Carpenter, B Croudace, K Thompson, J Mills-Hackmann, C Gaughran, R Sibiya Absent: Mr A Premlal, Mr A Raghubir, Mr M Zwane, Mrs J van Musschenbroek With grateful thanks to the Bissett family

School News 11 ESTATES STAFF 2016 Back row: P Majola, W Ngwane, S Gwala, A Ngcobo 3rd row: D Zikhali, S Madondo, S Shozi, S Ngcobo 2nd row: A Sibisi, A Magidla, J Ndlovu, S Dunnett, K Seals, Z Zondi, I Bhengu, J Mzulweni Front row: A Swanepoel, C Croudace, C Bloem, A Bretherton, R Pillay, A Peter, S Mohan Absent: M Mbanjwa Estates Staff Mr Israel Bhengu Electrician Mr Clinton Bloem Maintenance Manager Mr Andrew Bretherton Facilities Manager Mrs Caitlin Croudace Facilities Manager’s Assistant Mrs Sandy Dunnett: Resources Co-ordinator Mr Sifiso Gwala Sewage Plant Attendant Mr Simon Madondo General Worker Mr Alfred Magidla Carpenter Mr Patrick Majola Carpenter Mr Michael Mbanjwa Plumber Mrs Sharon Mohan Greyhound Manager Mr Joseph Mzulweni Painter Mr Johnson Ndlovu Painter Mr Aaron Ngcobo Carpenter Mr Sydney Ngcobo Driver MrWiseman Ngwane Driver Mr Ayanda Peter Grounds and Gardens Manager Mr Ronnie Pillay Assistant Maintenance Manager Mrs Karen Seals: Campus Co-ordinator Mr Sibonela Shozi Painter Mr Albert Sibisi General Worker Mrs André Swanepoel Housekeeper Mr Doctor Zikhali Driver Mr Zeblon Zondi Glazier With grateful thanks to John, Linda, Ross, Grant and Marc Butler

Class of 2016 GRADE 12 2016 Back row: Graham Hudson (F), Michael Whitehouse (F), Siyethemba Ndwandwe (G), Sine Tenza (S), Rory Hanger (P), Tristan Allan-Reynolds (G), Cameron Baker (P), Gavin Keeley (F), Grant Oliver (S), Matthew Whitfield (P), Mvelo Buthelezi (P), Cameron Maynard (S), Travus Louw (F) 6th row: Bradley Wood (P), Cameron Ritchie (S), Grant Coolbear (G), Jordan Graven (F), Maisha Luvhani (G), Ryan Lewarne (S), Lungelo Sokhela (F), Blake Tyack (F), Luc Schimper (S), James Miller (P), Stuart Lacon-Allin (P), Christian Bamber (S), Daniel van Zyl (S), Rodrigo Contrera (S) 5th row: Lwazi Zulu (F), Paul Shaw (G), Andrew Wevell (S), Rory McNeill (F), Stuart McCleave (G), Timothy Marsh (G), Oliver Prinn (S), Ethan Friedman (G), Ryan Pretorius (F), Nicholas Hudson (G), Daniel Bedi (P), Taahir Essay (G), Kyle Mertsch (S), Thomas Plotts (G) 4th row: Sameer Vawda (F), Liam Potgieter (P), Kyle Howard (G), Jarod Spence (P), James Stamatis (F), Matthew Lees (P), Justin Otto (G), Sebastien Desfontaines (F), Chris Moore (F), Jason Pilbrough (P), Matt Pretorius (G), Gareth Phillips (F), Makabongwe Mashazi (S), Kelian Massa (G), Craig Low (G), Anastassios Joannou (F) 3rd row: Campbell Alborough (F), Gianluca Pauselli (S), Matthew Braby (S), Evan Williams (F), Lee Brown (G), Dylan Leibbrandt (P), Cameron Craze (F), Grant Louw (P), Bradley Porteous (F), Cameron Tiegs (S), Cayden Devos (S), Kwanda Bhengu (S), James Storm (P), Nicholas Carroll (P), Shane Russell (S), Steven Kang (G) 2nd row: Panache Mwamuka (P), Khetho Zulu (G), Sihle Skhosana (F), Brendan Stead (F), Tlhaberwa Kekana (S), Cuan Crocker (G), Lewis Priest (P), Koketso Seboka (S), Dane van Heerde (S), Sheldon Phillips (F), Mihir Singh (F), Thabo Aphane (P), Lindo Nkabinde (P), Kyle Hagemann (F), Boeti Hadebe (P) Front row: Joshua Hagemann (F), Brendan Bosman (G), Brady Erlich (F), Matthew Watts (F), Greg van Noordwyk (P), Cameron Rencken (F), Mr van den Aardweg, Luke Croshaw (G), Jared Meyer (P), Mr Green, Warren Driver (S), David Weaver (G), Lyle Jarvel (S), Craig Barth (G), Daryn Shepherd (P), Keiran Smith (S)

13 Class of 2016 GOOD morning to the Headmaster, Mr Montjane, special guests, parents, staff and boys of the College: For the class of 2016 the last five years has been nothing shor t of exceptional.There have been a lot of highs and a whole lot of lows, but the most impor tant thing is that we have grown as a group and formed many friendships along the way. In 2016 we excelled.We can see this on the spor ts field, with a number of provincial and national representations, in all spor ts offered at the College; the Choir continued to fly Kearsney’s cultural flag high and upheld their positive reputation; and the academic side has again proven to stand strong, as we can see with the number of Honours Cum Laude, Honours, and Colours awards being handed out today. Kearsney’s allround nature has continued to shine. In life, many things are predictable. This applies to life at Kearsney as well. After the holidays or weekends we know who are the first people we will see and which teacher we have to greet at roll call. It is this routine that we follow at Kearsney which makes life easy to predict. Some things are a cer tainty at the College - the academic results will be of outstanding quality; spor ting teams will continue to punch above their weight and take down the so called giants of KZN spor t; the seniors will lead the school with pride and passion in everything that we do; and as for the Grade 8s…it is cer tain that they will be the worst year to ever come through Kearsney. It is also easy to predict that the College will produce men of quality year in and year out.This is due to the ethos that is instilled in the boys upon arrival and developed during their five years spent here.The most predictable thing about a boy’s time at Kearsney is that, at the end of the journey, the immature boy has developed and matured and is now ready for life outside of the walls of Kearsney College. Brian Tracy once said: ‘I’ve found that luck is quite predictable. If you want more luck, take more chances. Be more active. Show up more often’. Although in many ways Kearsney may be predictable, not everything is. It is hard to estimate exactly when you will get your English tests marked and handed back to you. Due to all the talent at Kearsney, it is difficult to determine which spor ts side you will represent; what friendships will be made; and to what extent we will find success. Although Kearsney has prepared us and given us the tools we need to survive in the outside world, life outside Kearsney is still unpredictable and scary and we don’t know what it will be like.With all the challenges in South Africa right now, when and where lectures will be held at university is extremely unpredictable. We have no idea who we will meet and where they will be from. We don’t know when fate will allow us to see each other next and how we will be when we finally do.We don’t know what it will be like not to live and experience everything with a hundred brothers beside you. It’s hard to determine when we will next be able to experience anything with our brothers. No one could predict the diversity Kearsney would have in a single grade. It was fate that brought together boys from different backgrounds: boys from Dubai, Zimbabwe, Johannesburg and Cape Town, together with a ton of boys from Durban, all living together and excelling. Although we came from different places around the world, as soon as we put on the Kearsney blazer and tie we became one, united by a Latin phrase etched into our hear ts, Carpe Diem. To give a boy the chance we have all been so for tunate to have had, the Class of 2016 has star ted a Class Bursary Fund. We are proud to provide this oppor tunity. As fate would have it, in 2012, when 110 boys in oversized blazers with oversized egos arrived at Kearsney, the seniors must have realised what a big job they had to turn us into real Kearsney boys. However, as predicted, they performed their jobs and they made us realise how impor tant it is to stick together, to form friendships, and make memories, because the time goes by so quickly. In five years, we have developed lifelong friendships and made memories that we will share on our 20th/30th/50th reunions.We have enjoyed the time we had here to grow as individuals and as a group of friends. Fast-forward five years - our clothes are actually a bit too small and our humbled egos are entrusted with turning a group of boys into fine Kearsney men and hopefully we have fulfilled our jobs with distinction. The suppor t of the teachers has to be admired.The way in which they help boys to find their true potential and strive towards achieving it is the main reason why boys are so successful in their time here at the College. (Continued overleaf) The Class of 2016 has star ted a class bursary fund to give a boy the chance we have all been so for tunate to have had. The Class of 2016 Speech Day Valedictory speech from Headboy, Luke Croshaw

14 Class of 2016 The admin, laundry, cleaning and ground staff also deserve a huge thank you, because Kearsney wouldn’t be the place it is today without you. A parents’ love for their son is predictable, but never taken for granted.We have been able to rely on our families for suppor t over the years.Through thick and thin, you have always there for us. Our parents and siblings are a huge par t of the success of Kearsney boys and are a crucial par t in the Kearsney community.You are the ones who gave us the chance to come to Kearsney and afforded us with the greatest oppor tunity a boy can receive.Thank you for the suppor t over the years. The best memories are those made in the presence of mates.Throwing friends into a freezing cold pool on their bir thdays, or the endless hours of touch rugby on the quad grass, or the intense indoor soccer sessions in the Spor tZone are some of the best memories I have from my time at Kearsney.The time one has here at Kearsney is very special and one should make the most of it and enjoy every day. There are things we can predict, and there are things we have to leave up to fate. Paul Auster said: ‘The world is so unpredictable.Things happen suddenly, unexpectedly.We want to feel we are in control of our own existence. In some ways we are, in some ways we’re not.We are ruled by the forces of chance and coincidence.’ All we can do is try our best and live everyday as if it is our last, and of course Carpe Diem. Luke Croshaw Headboy Speech Day guest speaker Mr Lebogang Montjane, Executive Director of the Independent Schools Association of Southern Africa (ISASA); Nicholas Carroll (Dux); Cameron Rencken (Proxime Accessit to Dux) and Headmaster Mr Elwyn van den Aardweg With grateful thanks to the Bissett family

15 Class of 2016 Speech Day Awards McKenzie Trophy for Perseverance - Matt Pretorius S B Theunissen Memorial Trophy - Grant Louw Headmaster’s Prize - Lyle Jarvel Dramatic Arts Trophy for exceptional achievement in the practical discipline - Slindokuhle Nkabinde Margarette and Richard Best Trophy for Musical Competence - Campbell Alborough isiZulu Prize - Travus Louw PricewaterhouseCoopers Trophy for Business Studies - Brady Erlich Academic Colours - Kyle Hagemann, Cameron Craze, Gavin Keeley, Joshua Hagemann, Steven Kang,Warren Driver Academic Colours and the Dramatic Arts Prize - Christian Bamber Academic Colours and the Geography Prize (shared) - Blake Tyack Academic Colours and the PricewaterhouseCoopers Trophy for Mathematical Literacy - Cameron Ritchie Academic Colours and the Engineering Graphics and Design Prize - Cameron Tiegs Academic Colours, the Edwin Henwood Trophy, theVisual Art Prize and the Art Trophy for exceptional achievement in the practical discipline and the Grant Greenberg Trophy for achievement in the Creative Arts - Nicholas Hudson Academic Honours - Stuar t McCleave, Cameron Baker, DavidWeaver, Sameer Vawda, Kwanda Bhengu, Brendan Stead Academic Honours and the J Solnick Poetry Prize (shared) - Cuan Crocker Academic Honours and the Ambassadors Trophy - Jared Meyer Academic Honours and the Gait Trophy for the best all-rounder in the 6th Form - Luke Croshaw Academic Honours and the Alletson-Smith Shield for Mathematics - Craig Bar th Academic Honours Cum Laude - Kieran Smith Academic Honours Cum Laude and the Geography Prize (shared) - Daniel van Zyl Academic Honours Cum Laude the Accounting Prize (shared) - Taahir Essay Academic Honours Cum Laude and the Ben Milner Prize for Biology (shared) - Gianluca Pauselli Academic Honours Cum Laude and the Information Technology Prize (shared) - Kelian Massa Academic Honours Cum Laude, the Accounting Prize (shared) and the Music Prize - Panashe Mwamuka Academic Honours Cum Laude, the J Solnick Poetry Prize (shared) and the Advanced Programme Mathematics Prize - Grant Oliver Academic Honours Cum Laude, the George McLeod English Essay Prize, the Max Oram History Essay Prize and theWilliam Crawford Prize for History - Kyle Howard Academic Honours Cum Laude, the Information Technology Prize (shared) and the Patrick Moore Shield and John Kinloch Prize for Physical Science - Jason Pilbrough Academic Honours Cum Laude, the Life Orientation Prize (shared), the Ben Milner Prize for Biology (shared) and the Parry Trophy for Proxime Accessit to Dux - Cameron Rencken Academic Honours Cum Laude, the Life Orientation Prize (shared), the Jan Storm Prize for Afrikaans, the Jack Reece Prize for Modern Languages, the Hindson Memorial Prize for English Literature, theWilliam and Susan Jones Prize for English, the Peter Metcalf Trophy for Resourcefulness and Initiative, the Colin Silcock Prize and the Tim Browne Trophy for Dux of the School - Nicholas Carroll

16 Prefects Prefects THIS year the prefect body performed their duties with distinction. The Heads of Houses and their deputies held a firm but fair hand over the rest of the school in the school block and in the Houses. The outstanding year Kearsney had in 2016 is testament to the way in which the boys behaved and the prefect body take great pride in that. The prefects have been mature and diligent and have shown passion in everything they have done. The prefects set an amazing example throughout the year.Thank you to the Class of 2016 for their leadership and suppor t.Without that the prefects could not perform their duties effectively. Finally, thank you to everyone for putting your faith in the prefects of 2016. Carpe Diem Luke Croshaw Headboy PREFECTS 3rd row: Grant Coolbear (G), Cameron Maynard (S), Cameron Baker (P), Ryan Lewarne (H/S), James Miller (P), Lwazi Zulu (H/F) 2nd row: Gianluca Pauselli (S), Craig Barth (G), Kyle Mertsch (S), Matthew Watts (F), Christian Bamber (S), Keiran Smith (H/S), Nick Hudson (H/G) 1st row: Joshua Hagemann (F), Daryn Shepherd (P), Cuan Crocker (G), Brady Erlich (F), Brendan Bosman (G), Cameron Craze (F), Grant Louw (P), Panashe Mwamuka (H/P) Front row: Cameron Rencken (Head of Finningley), Warren Driver (Head of Sheffield), Greg van Noordwyk (Head of Pembroke), Mr Anthony Willows (Deputy Headmaster), Luke Croshaw (Head of School), Mr Elwyn van den Aardweg (Headmaster), Jared Meyer (Deputy Head of School), David Weaver (Head of Gillingham), Lyle Jarvel (Head of Haley/S) Key: (F) Finningley; (G) Gillingham; (H) Haley; (P) Pembroke; (S) Sheffield With grateful thanks to Salome, Simphiwe, Minenhle and Luyanda Chiliza

17 Kearsney College Council KEARSNEY COLLEGE COUNCIL Back row: Kyle Howard, Cameron Ritchie, Wandile Linda, Nicholas Baines, Chris Moore Second row: Phoka Mchunu, Koketso Seboka, Luke de Vlieg, Lwazi Zulu, Luke Wilson, Sizwe Sigasa Front row: Kyle Hagemann, Luke Croshaw, Grant Oliver (Chairman), Mr André van Zyl (Head: Pastoral Care), Daniel van Zyl (Vice-chairman), Jared Meyer, Brendan Stead AS 2016 draws to a close, we can reflect with satisfaction on another year in which the Council successfully carried out its mandate to be the voice of the pupil body at Kearsney. The focus this year was on positive improvement within the school. The small number of requests from the pupil body bears testament to an institution which is running very smoothly. Regular meetings ensured that student input was maintained and that issues were dealt with expeditiously. Some of the improvements as requested by the KCC to enhance the Kearsney experience were: • a mirror erected on Oram Avenue on the corner of Sheffield and Pembroke to ensure pupil safety in the face of approaching traffic • a new reflective sign at the entrance of Kearsney on Old Main Road to indicate the turn-off to the College • two new school bag designs • new house shir ts • a new look format for Wednesday assembly • eradicating waiting at the library doors to alleviate constant congestion. The KCC were par ticularly proud to hand over a cheque for more than R5,000 toTheWildlife Trust for wildlife conservation.This was after a KCC initiative where boys were encouraged to par take in a hunger lunch to raise the necessary funds. The KCC remains the watchdog on campus eliciting student opinion whenever necessary and addressing boys’ concerns which have merit. My thanks go to a group of focused and passionate young men who did a commendable job as leaders in their own right in various facets of school life.They were excellent ambassadors of this College. KCC Chairman: Grant Oliver Vice-Chairman: Daniel van Zyl Head of Chapel: Lwazi Zulu Headboy: Luke Croshaw Deputy Headboy: Jared Meyer Portfolio Representatives: Academics – Brendan Stead Culture – Koketso Seboka Sport – Cameron Ritchie Environment – Christopher Moore Dayboys – Kyle Howard Boarders – Kyle Hagemann Grade 11 Representatives: Luke de Vlieg Wandile Linda Grade 10 Representatives: Phoka Mchunu Nicholas Baines Grade 9 Representatives: LukeWilson Sizwe Sigasa Mr André van Zyl Head: Pastoral Care Kearsney College Council

18 IEB National Senior Certificate IEB National Senior Certificate results for 2016 The Class of 2016 maintained their high standards and achieved an impressive set of results. Through their hard work, dedication and discipline throughout the year they made themselves, their families and their school proud. Number of candidates: 105 Pass rate: 100% Bachelor’s Degree pass: 98.1% Number of distinctions 243 Some other highlights:- • 49,4% of Mathematics boys achieved distinctions (IEB schools’ ave: 26,9%); • 47,5% of Physical Sciences boys achieved distinctions (IEB schools’ ave: 19,3%). Eight boys in the top 50 in SA. 58% of boys wrote Physical Science; • Sixth consecutive year that Kearsney’s Mathematics and Science distinction rates have been approximately double those of the IEB; • 21% of pupils achieved distinctions for English (IEB schools’ distinction rate: 16,3%). 93% of boys achieved a mark above 60%; • 47, 7% of Accounting pupils achieved distinctions; • 56% of Music and 64% of Drama boys achieved distinctions; • 68% of Engineering Graphics and Design boys achieved distinctions; • Two pupils on the IEB’s Commendable Achievement list; • Over a third of the boys achieved 3 or more distinctions. IEB National Senior Certificate OUTSTANDING ACHIEVERS IEB List of Commendable Achievement (Within top 5% of IEB pupils in 5 subjects and 80% or more for Life Orientation) * BOLD =Top 1% of IEB candidates in the subject. Cameron Rencken 7 Distinctions Physical Sciences 95; Life Sciences 90; Mathematics 94; Accounting 92; LO 90; Afrikaans 83; English 85 Gianluca Pauselli 6 Distinctions Physical Sciences 96; EGD 97; Mathematics 96; Life Sciences 89; LO 87; English 85

19 IEB National Senior Certificate HONOURS CUM LAUDE Back row: Panashe Mwamuka, Daniel van Zyl, Jason Pilbrough, Grant Oliver, Keiran Smith, Kyle Howard Front row: Kelian Massa, Cameron Rencken, Nicholas Carroll, Taahir Essay, Gianluca Pauselli IEB National Senior Certificate * BOLD =Top 1% of IEB candidates in the subject. 3 or more distinctions 7 Distinctions Barth, Craig Accounting 83; English 80; History 88; LO 84; Mathematics 96; Physical Sciences 96; AP Maths 80 Carroll, Nicholas Afrikaans 86; English 90; History 85; LO 94; Mathematics 96; Music 86; Physical Sciences 97 Essay,Taahir Accounting 86; English 82; isiZulu 83; LO 86: Life Sciences 87; Mathematics 96; Physical Sciences 93 Massa, Kelian Afrikaans 80; English 84; History 89; IT 96; LO 86; Mathematics 93; Physical Sciences 95 Oliver, Grant Afrikaans 81; EGD 98; English 81; History 85; LO 89; Mathematics 97; Physical Sciences 94 Pilbrough, Jason EGD 99; English 82; IT 97; LO 82; Mathematics 97; Physical Sciences 97; AP Maths 90 Rencken, Cameron Accounting 92; Afrikaans 83; English 85; LO 90; Life Sciences 90; Mathematics 94; Physical Sciences 95 Smith, Keiran Drama 86; English 84; LO 84; Life Sciences 86; Mathematics 99; Physical Sciences 97; AP Maths 80

20 IEB National Senior Certificate 6 Distinctions Bhengu, Kwanda EGD 95; English 82; Geography 80; isiZulu 87; Mathematics 91; Physical Sciences 85 Crocker, Cuan Accounting 82; English 84; History 87; LO 85; Mathematics 95; Physical Sciences 92 Croshaw, Luke Accounting 83; English 81; LO 81; Life Sciences 80; Mathematics 90; Physical Sciences 88 Howard, Kyle English 90; History 94; LO 87; Mathematics 90; Music 82; Physical Sciences 87 Pauselli, Gianluca EGD 97; English 85; LO 87; Life Sciences 89; Mathematics 96; Physical Sciences 96 van Zyl, Daniel Accounting 84; Afrikaans 86; Geography 83; LO 82; Mathematics 93; Physical Sciences 91 Vawda, Sameer Accounting 87; English 80; LO 81; Life Sciences 84; Mathematics 89; Physical Sciences 90 Weaver, David EGD 99; English 80; History 83; LO 86; Mathematics 89; Physical Sciences 80 5 Distinctions Baker, Cameron EGD 93; Geography 85; LO 86; Mathematics 95; Physical Sciences 87 Meyer, Jared Accounting 81; Drama 88; English 81; LO 81; Mathematics 87 Mwamuka, Panashe Accounting 86; History 84; LO 86; Mathematics 92; Music 86 Stead, Brendan Geography 84; LO 88; Life Sciences 85; Mathematics 83; Physical Sciences 87 Tiegs, Cameron EGD 100; Geography 87; LO 83; Mathematics 91; Physical Sciences 89 Tyack, Blake English 81; Geography 84; LO 86; Life Sciences 80; Mathematics 81 4 Distinctions Alborough, Campbell EGD 81; LO 83; Mathematics 86; Music 80 Bamber, Christian Drama 93; English 82; History 82; LO 81 Brown, Lee English 80; Life Sciences 80; Mathematics 89; Physical Sciences 86 Desfontaines, Sebastien English 85; Geography 82; History 84; Mathematics 85 Hagemann, Kyle EGD 91; Mathematics 86; Physical Sciences 84; Life Sciences 80 Hudson, Nicholas EGD 97; LO 82; Mathematics 81;Visual Ar t 85 McCleave, Stuart IT 90; Life Sciences 86; Mathematics 92; Physical Sciences 92 3 Distinctions Craze, Cameron LO 81; Mathematics 85; Physical Sciences 81 Driver,Warren EGD 95; Mathematics 86; Physical Sciences 80 Farrant,William EGD 95; Mathematics 87; Physical Sciences 80 Kang, Steven EGD 96; LO 82; Mathematics 84 Keeley, Gavin IT 86; Mathematics 90; Physical Sciences 87 Louw,Travus English 80; History 80; isiZulu 96 Prinn, Oliver Geography 85; LO 84; Life Sciences 82 With grateful thanks to Calitz Crockart & Associates: Attorneys, Notaries and Conveyancers. 19 Village Road, Kloof KZN Tel: 031 2123100

21 IEB National Senior Certificate ACADEMIC COLOURS Back row: Cameron Craze, Blake Tyack, Warren Driver, Nicholas Hudson, Kyle Hagemann Front row: Steven Kang, Christian Bamber, Gavin Keeley, Cameron Ritchie, Joshua Hagemann Absent: Cameron Tiegs ACADEMIC HONOURS Back row: Sameer Vawda, Kwanda Bhengu, Stuart McCleave, Craig Barth, Brendan Stead Front row: Cuan Crocker, Cameron Baker, Jared Meyer, Luke Croshaw, David Weaver

FINNINGLEY 2016 Back row: L Sokhela, J Smith, H Onyebilanma, G Hudson, T Louw, D Marshall, G Keeley, T Xhakaza, T Tedder, T Westermeyer, R Pringle, P Norton, R McConnell, M Whitehouse, R Pretorius, J Graven, S Desfontaines, W Linda 6th row: M Lee, A Rall, E Howes, T Barker, S Hudson, R Koenig, B Smart, D Bissett, M Butler, R Bloy, S Sangweni, R Darby, N Herbst, B Nel, JR Olive, M Pitcher, A Dlamini, J Potter, W Saxby, K Stevenson 5th row: A Bossert, G Morgan, C Miller, G McConnell, N de Beer, G Phillips, L Hobden, M Horner, JM Olive, J Savage, K Beley, S Klaas, N Beningfield, G Shelly, K Koenig, D Jackson, Z Zulu, J Rochat, T Roake 4th row: K Hughes, T Polzi, J Kalil, A Piché, J Young, M Blair, J Heron, M Cameron, A Forte, R Finlay, C Griffiths, A Lawrence, S Joubert, C Crookes, B Mazwai, N Mazwai, Z Shange, L Maguire 3rd row: E Williams, K Tyack, O Hughes, S Sigasa, K Panas, J Goldie, B Saunders, M Rebelo, J Hayman, B Taylor, J Baker , R Taylor, D Hudson, E Falkson, A Holm, M Dlamini, R Whitehouse, S van Stratten, S Vawda 2nd row: A Singh, C Alborough, K Potter, C Hobden, O Buthelezi, L Wilson, H Mngomezulu, A Ndlovo, E Gourley, A Joannou, M Singh L Mabika, D Hurt, D Grant, J Chetty, M Sosibo, M Du Toit, T Finlay, A Moon Front: B Porteous, K Hagemann, S Skhosana, B Stead, C Craze, Mr D Macdonald, B Erlich, Mr J Beaumont (Housemaster), C Rencken (Head of House), Mr M Badenhorst, J Hagemann, M Watts, L Zulu, R McNeil, C Moore, B Tyack, S Phillips, J Stamatis

23 Finningley Finningley Finningley’s 77th year, and its last in its current guise, proved to be one of a great number of successes as well as some inevitable disappointments. OUR winning streak of nine successive years of lifting the Veldman Trophy came to an end with a dominant Gillingham deservedly taking top honours.This did not, however, affect the spirit and passion the boys of Finningley displayed in all that they did. Finningley took top honours in interhouse soccer, hockey and squash and gave a phenomenal account of themselves in both the inter-house plays and music. Highlights were, undoubtedly Liam Hobden’s solo performance in the choir category and the collaboration between Luthando Mabika and Campbell Alborough, who stunned the audience with their version of Justin Bieber’s Love Yourself. An amazing inter-house public speaking evening was capped with Finningley being announced the winners. Both Kyle Koenig and Wandile Linda delivered eloquent and thought-provoking speeches, which encouraged the audience to consider the nature of ‘brotherhood’ and the impact that Kearsney College has had on their lives. 2016 also saw the 95th Anniversary Challenge ‘24 hours of spor ts’ event to celebrate the 95th anniversary of the College. Boys took great pride in representing Finningley in a number of events including the go-kar t relay, the running relay, indoor soccer, table tennis and touch rugby. It was satisfying to see so many boys banding together for the good of the House, ignoring fatigue and their enticing beds to push through until sunrise. It was hear tening to see boys going the extra mile, running two, three or four legs of the relay to ensure we met our target.This is what sets Finningley boys apar t. The trophies may be absent this year but the spirit of the boys and their love for their House need not be displayed in trophy cabinets. One need only to look at the faces of the boys of Finningley to realise their passion. To the Finningley Class of 2016, thank you for the year.You leave the College as more than my pupils and I cannot wait to hear of your many successes in the future.The leadership team, through selfless dedication and sacrifice, have ensured the smooth running of the House for another year. To Head of House, Cameron Rencken, and his Deputies, Matthew Watts, Cameron Craze, Josh Hagemann and Brady Erlich, I thank you for all that you have done for Finningley.You will not easily be forgotten and you leave some rather large shoes to be filled. To Rober t Lawrence and the leadership group of 2017, I congratulate you on your appointments and remind you that there is much work that lies ahead. Next year will be challenging with the disruption the alterations to Finningley will cause. It will take strong leadership and dedication to ensure that Finningley remains united and focused on our goals. Congratulations toWandile Linda, who was named as Head of School for 2017. I cannot conceive of a more wor thy candidate.The world needs moral leadership and I look forward to witnessing all you have to offer the College. My team of Duty Masters have worked together to ensure 2016 has been yet another successful year in the history of the House.Your contributions are greatly appreciated. I wish Dougan Macdonald all the best as he leaves Finningley to take up the Assistant Housemaster position in the newly renovated Gillingham. I will miss your sage advice and your willingness to give your all to ensure Finningley’s growth. Although you are now the sworn enemy I will cer tainly miss your input both personally and in the broader life of Finningley. Mr Jonathan Beaumont Housemaster The trophies may be absent this year but the spirit of the boys and their love for their House need not be displayed in trophy cabinets.This is what sets Finningley boys apar t. With grateful thanks to Gavin and Shaun Keeley

25 Finningley FINNINGLEY has enjoyed many successes this year, maybe not in the traditional sense of winning the Veldman Trophy, but in flying the Finningley flag high and proud. Unfor tunately Finningley was unable to retain the Veldman Trophy for another year to keep ‘the winning streak’ alive, but the tenacity and spirit displayed by the boys to come from nowhere and put the leaders, and eventual winners, Gillingham, under more pressure than anyone would have thought, was inspiring. Whether it be the U15s on the soccer field, the U14s competing well-above their weight on the rugby field or performing on the stage, the Finningley boys always gave their best for their mates and their House – their home.The success of 2016 was characterised by the underlying foundations of the House and the ethos of brotherhood and respect within its ageing walls.This ethos filtered into the school and Finningley continued to set the standard. Being a Kearsney boy is special, but being a young Finningley man is something more. Mr Beaumont is the embodiment of the Finningley way and, in only two years, his firm and fatherly leadership has had such an impact on the House. A huge thank you to the Finningley Duty Masters for all the laughs and memories, and the enormous roles they have played in mentoring each boy and keeping Finningley fighting for victory. The ‘fight-back’ from Finningley was brought about by my Matric brothers. When it looked like we were going to lose “the streak”, they didn’t give up or blame others, they took it upon themselves to captain and organise the various teams and took a personal interest to make sure they performed to the best of their ability for their House. This is just one example of how amazing this Finningley Matric bunch was. I thank you all very much for making this year so memorable and my job much easier. I must extend a huge thanks to Matt, Cam, Josh and Brady for all their help and for tirelessly going above and beyond to set an example for the rest of the House. I wish Finningley all the best for 2017 and when I look at all the forms, I know it’s going to be another amazing year. All the best to Rob, Matt, James, Nathi and Kyle for their roles in the House. Although the building might change, I know that the brotherhood and ethos within will never. We only spend four years in our Finningley home, but the blue ‘ellie’ will rampage on the inside forever. Cameron Rencken Head of House Being a Kearsney boy is special, but being a young Finningley man is something more.