2 3 Headmaster’s Report Headmaster’s Report Dr Skweyiya, Mr Lloyd, Mr Parsons, distinguished guests, staff, 6th Form boys and boys of the College. You may have noticed that the school flag is flying at half-mast this morning.We received news of the death of one of Kearsney’s most loyal and active Old Boys, Mr John Nightingale, who succumbed to cancer in the early hours of today. As a Matriculant in the Class of 1967, John was inducted as a “Survivor” at this year’s Founders Assembly and the boys will clearly remember his talk to them, delivered in fluent English and isiZulu, with humour and sincerity. His passing is a massive blow to the Kearsney community and I ask you all to stand for a moment in memory of Mr John Marlowe Nightingale known as “Butch” to his Kearsney friends. Our hear ts go out to his wife Cathy, his daughter Nicola, son Max and their families. This ceremony is being live-streamed and so we welcome all our viewers in South Africa and around the world. Some are watching in the small hours of the morning in the USA and others in the evening in the Antipodes, where today has vir tually finished, and then there are those in Europe and Great Britain who are watching at a more respectable hour of the day, being roughly on the same longitude.To all of you, thank you for joining us today and welcome to Kearsney College.To those in the UK who are used to exiting, it’s even quicker and easier to exit this time. Just click on the cross, top right of the screen. Following on the first official livestreaming of a formal Kearsney event, I was contacted by an interested Old Boy who had watched the ceremony from another continent.The livestreamed ceremony was the formal inauguration of prefects, the councils and the awarding of academic prizes at the commencement of this year, so admittedly, it wasn’t a Comedy Show. Accustomed as he was to giving live television interviews himself, the interested Old Boy, later in the day, by email, offered me advice to try to come across better to the international audience than I had on that occasion. He even counted how many times I had smiled during my speech and commented that this was well below the figure that discerning viewers would find acceptable. Now, you must understand that this observation was not a surprise to me - in fact I fully agree with him. The friendly criticism though came on the back of the CravenWeek rugby tournament that Kearsney hosted last year.The manager of the KZN Under 18 Rugby team, Mr Dean Moodley, asked if I would give a shor t motivational talk to the team before they playedWestern Province. I agreed and the team, taking my words to hear t, went on to suffer a massacre, the biggest defeat ever by a KZN team in the history of CravenWeek. Well, with these faux pas behind me, I can resonate with Franklin D Roosevelt who famously quipped, “I’m not the smar test fellow in the world, but I can sure pick smar t colleagues”. And it is the work of these smar t colleagues that I wish to acknowledge today.They are the ones who are on stage this morning, professional teachers, members of Management.They are the ones who prepare this venue for functions like this, those who spend hours, days and weeks working in the gardens and grounds so that coaches and boys can make use of those facilities. They are the ones who keep the finances and administration running correctly and smoothly.The caterers, the IT staff, the Marketing and Foundation staff, the Sanatorium staff and the workshop staff, security and cleaning, the leaf-blowers and the laundry staff. Please put your hands together for the Kearsney employees who make it all happen. Last week, in this Hall, the Kearsney Student Council, the KCC under Nic de Beer arranged a choir performance and a meal for all those suppor t staff I have just mentioned, just to say thank you on behalf of all the boys for all their hard work - that gesture by our Students' Council epitomises Kearsney and we thank our boys for their gratitude expressed in such a tangible manner. We bade farewell to two senior teachers during the course of this year. Head of English, Mr Vaughan Carlisle accepted a position at Redhill in Johannesburg from the end of the first term. A real character both in the staff room and the classroom,Vaughan was the Head of the English Depar tment for just over 9 years. The depar ture of Mr Adam Rogers at the end of the first term to take up the position of Head of Reddam Umhlanga, was sorely felt. Adam is married to Sharon and they have two children. His contribution to Kearsney was massive as a dynamic Head of History, creative Head of Academics and a schoolmaster in the broadest sense of the word. A strategic and creative thinker, his contribution to the management of the College as well as to the allround well-being of Kearsney was substantial. At the end of this year, three full time teachers will be leaving Kearsney. Mrs Glenda Pitcher, Head of Visual Ar ts together with her husband and family will be emigrating to New Zealand where she has been appointed to be the Head of Ar t at a school in Auckland. Glenda has managed her responsibilities with consummate ease, cajoling and encouraging teenage boys to produce some outstanding ar tworks and suppor ting the Culture@Kearsney programme. We wish the Pitcher family everything of the best in this big move. Retiring at the end of this year is Mrs Paula Isaac, teacher librarian for 23 years. Married to Graeme and the mother of a daughter and also two sons who attended Kearsney, Paula has contributed over a very broad spectrum of activities, mostly to providing oppor tunities to nonhigh profile boys. She was always the champion of the under-dog. Many an Old Boy will testify to the significant positive contribution Paula made to their adaptation to Kearsney in their junior years. Her involvement in the life of the school was extensive.We wish Paula and Graeme well in their well-earned retirement. Thir ty years of service at Kearsney is no mean feat and Old Boy Mr David Graves (or Naas as he was affectionately known) has done just that. He will be retiring at the end of this year. Commencing his service to Kearsney in January 1988 as teacher of Afrikaans, Dave involved himself in cultural, spor ting and Grade Head responsibilities. Married to Lianne, his two sons Bradley and Jonathan also attended Kearsney.We wish Dave and Lianne a super retirement. I think all these depar ting staff members deserve a warm round of applause. During the July holidays we were shocked to receive the news of the death of one of our Estates staff, Mr Sifiso Gwala. Always a smile on his face, it is hard to comprehend the untimely passing of a thoroughly decent human being. Sifiso had worked at Kearsney for four years, managing the water treatment plant and upskilling himself in the chemistry of the process. We draw on the suppor t and exper tise of the governance structures of the College. I therefore acknowledge the Board under Chairman Mr Andrew Parsons and the Trustees under Old Boy Mr Rob Lloyd who have been pillars of suppor t. I thank them for their interest in the College and their unwavering loyalty and for guiding us through such a challenging and rewarding period of our history. Old Boy Mr Peter Morgan has exper tly chaired the Endowment Fund Trust, which assists with bursary and scholarship funding. The Parents' Society under Chairman Mr Alan Wykerd is thanked for its generosity of time and energy in suppor t of the activities of the College.We also have a proactive and suppor tive Old Boys Club who, under the Chairmanship of Mr Lawrence Polkinghorne, has been incredibly positive and willing to assist the College in numerous ways.There is an empathy found in this group that is rare in South African Boys' Schools.We also pay tribute to the many donors who make it possible for Kearsney to host and facilitate functions and events and also to offer bursaries to boys who would otherwise find themselves unable to attend the College.We thank you donors most sincerely for your generosity and suppor t. And then a final personal acknowledgement and thanks for the unwavering suppor t of my wife, the perspective she provides and her loyalty to me and the College. Towards the end of last year, the College constituted a group of boys under the guidance of Senior Management member Mr Manzini Zungu.This group, named the “Imbizo” represents the interests of all cultural, language and religious groups on campus.The Imbizo provides an oppor tunity for boys to raise issues related to prejudice, practise and procedure that may be found to be or interpreted to be, prejudicial. Positive ideas and suggestions have been raised which have resulted in a review of the cer tain regulations, the formulation of an anti-racism policy and, leading up to Heritage Day, the celebration of the diversity of cultures represented at the College. The commemoration of the annual Remembrance Day has been held in the Kearsney Chapel on campus since the 1940s on the 11 November or the school day closest to this date. Essentially we remember all those Old Boys who have died in conflict in the various theatres of war.This year we will be extending the remembrance to those men and women of the College who have died whilst being in the employ of Kearsney as well as those Kearsney pupils who have died whilst at school. The concept of “remembrance” will therefore take on a much broader perspective in the context of Kearsney. Since 1921, the boys who have died whilst enrolled at Kearsney are, Crewe Browne (1944), Owen Crankshaw (1949), Deon van den Heever (1956), Keith English (1959), James Coleman (1962), Nkanyezi Magubane (2001), Lungelo Ndimande (2006), Ifeanyi Okafor (2007), Luke Norris (2011) and Craig van Zyl (2015).The memories of their lives, as boys of the College who did not grow old, will remain with us in the new Kearsney Remembrance Day. William Pollard probably sums up our approach to change, “Without change there is no innovation, creativity or incentive for improvement.Those who initiate change will have a better oppor tunity to manage the change that is inevitable”. HEADMASTER’S SPEECH From Speech Day, September 2017 This ceremony is being live-streamed and so we welcome all our viewers in South Africa and around the world. Some are watching in the small hours of the morning in the USA and others in the evening in the Antipodes. Boarding at Kearsney has never in our history been this popular.

4 5 Year in review Year in review The tenth Standard Bank Kearsney Easter Rugby Festival was staged on the Stott this year.This Festival has grown significantly in the past decade and has complimented our philosophy of opening up our campus to the community in order for us to be more inclusive with the sharing of the beautiful facilities that we are privileged to enjoy. Apar t from the rugby, the fun and enjoyment over the weekend, it has also been an oppor tunity to literally change the course of some young men's lives.The local rugby union has informed us that, were it not for the Kearsney Easter Rugby Festival, Sharks players,Tera Mthembu and S'bura Sithole would likely not have risen to the heights that they have in their rugby careers.They were members of the Queens and Dale teams respectively, who were noticed by the Sharks Academy at the Kearsney Easter Rugby Festivals and awarded scholarships to the Academy the following year which was the catalyst to launching their professional careers. The Culture@Kearsney programme (now in its fifth year) attracts schools from all over the province, to par ticipate in an Ar t Exhibition, Photographic competition, Music, Dance, Poetry and Prose and Drama performances on campus and mostly on this stage.This Festival of the Ar ts literally took off this year with no fewer than 18 schools par ticipating in one or other of the disciplines. Schools included primary and secondary, boys, girls and coed schools, state and private, city, township and rural schools. Speaking of ar ts and culture, the Kearsney Choir was simply outstanding again this year.They par ticipated in the 10th Orientale Concentus International Choral Festival in Singapore where they won the Folklore Category with a score of 92.2 (Gold Grade 1). No other Choir earned a Grade 1 Gold in any category at the Festival. In many respects, the Choir is the jewel in the Kearsney crown and we honour the Director Mr Marshell Lombard, Wandile Linda as Head of Choir and all the staff and boys who were involved in this amazing achievement. As we have become accustomed, the sound of angle grinders and the smell of wet plaster pervaded the campus again this year.The completion of the renovation of Finningley House at the end of this year concludes the programme of upgrading and modernising all the Boarding Houses. I wish to record the College’s thanks firstly to the boys who have been inconvenienced over the years with the alternative accommodation arrangements and secondly to the parents of affected boarders for showing stoicism, forbearance and patience whilst the renovations were underway. A parallel project has been the roll-out of the renovation of staff housing.This year alone, three academic staff houses will have been totally renovated with walls removed to produce open-plan living and a modernised living environment.The completion of a second underground reservoir to supplement our existing standby water supply is currently under way.The new reservoir will be three times the capacity of the existing one and once completed should provide the campus with a three-day supply ie: over 1.2 million litres.We are also for tunate to have all our fields irrigated with recycled water and a borehole provides all water required for irrigating the synthetic Mason Hockey field. Planning is at an advanced stage for the funding and finalisation of drawings of the south wing of the Centenary academic centre.This project of ten modern and spacious classrooms designed for 21st Century teaching methodologies is scheduled to be completed during the course of 2019 in time for the College’s Centenary in 2021. I thank the Old Boys (which will include you Matrics) in anticipation for their generosity in financing much of this project. Matrics, in that year most of you should be graduates having successfully passed with flying colours your first three years at university or perhaps you will by then be running your own successful star t-up businesses. We understand that fewer of our boys will be gaining employment in the corporate sector and more and more will need to be trained to be entrepreneurial thinkers.To this end, we have put huge effor t into developing these entrepreneurial skills in our boys.This year a focus has been on social and environmental entrepreneurship which has ignited a new interest in many of our boys. Turning to the sixth form class of 2017, it has been superbly led by Headboy,Wandile Linda, and Deputy James Sutherland and their body of prefects. It is a difficult and challenging responsibility to fulfil the role of student leaders these days and this group have been reliable, co-operative and good fun.The Haley House prefects under Keanan Naidoo deserve a special thank you. How you boys remain sane after a full academic day, followed by the physical demands of your extra mural commitments and then devote time to your academics within a precinct swarming with ankle-biters generally ignorant of the manners and ways of Kearsney, remains a well-kept mystery. But you did it and the number of Grade 8 boarders increased during the course of the year, which is an amazing feat.The staff and prefects of the senior Houses also deserve a special mention as the overall number of boarders in the College reached a record high in the school’s history this year.Those statistics reveal a boarding environment that boys find desirable, wholesome, secure and enjoyable.These statistics are par ticularly telling when one considers that 90% of our boarders live within two hours of Botha’s Hill and most could choose to be dayboys if they wanted to - no offence to you parents intended here, but the boys seem to prefer boarding. Boarding at Kearsney BOARD MEMBERS Chairman of the Board: Mr Andrew Parsons Mr Lucien D'Avice Mr Manuel Gouveia Dr Glen Hagemann Mr Andrew Kenny Rev. Roger Scholtz Mr Ian Bamber Mr Michael Jackson EX-OFFICIO The Presiding Bishop: Rev. Ziphozihle D Siwa Ms Ingrid van der Walt Bishop Michael Vorster Mr Grant Coppin Mr Lawrence Polkinghorne Mr AlanWykerd TRUSTEES Chairman of the Trustees: Mr Rob Lloyd Mr John Bester Rev. Dr John Borman Mr Dave Pearse Mr David Polkinghorne Mrs Karen Tocknell EX-OFFICIO The Presiding Bishop: Rev. Ziphozihle D Siwa Mr Peter Morgan HONORARY LIFE TRUSTEES Mr Ted Garner Mr Neil Gerber Dr Graeme Shuker Rev Cyril Wilkins This year a focus has been on social and environmental entrepreneurship which has ignited a new interest in many of our boys. has never in our history been this popular. A quote that encapsulates much of our approach to anything we attempt at Kearsney, which I have used frequently, is one by Daniel Burnam, the father of American architecture, who said: “Make no little plans; they have no magic to stir men's blood and probably themselves will not be realized. Make big plans; aim high in hope and work, remembering that a noble, logical plan once recorded will never die, but long after we are gone be a living thing, asser ting itself with evergrowing insistency. Remember that our sons and our grandsons are going to do things that would stagger us”. To the parents and grandparents here today and those watching the live streaming of this ceremony all over the world, your sons, your grandsons, the Matric class of 2017, have done things this year that have staggered us.We thank you boys and wish you every success in your for thcoming examinations, your fur ther studies and indeed in your lives ahead. Thank you and God bless you.

School News 7 6 Staff ACADEMIC STAFF Mr E van den Aardweg Headmaster Mr P Kirsten Senior Deputy Headmaster / Mathematics Mr R deVilliers Deputy Headmaster / Head of Houses / Life Sciences Mr AWillows Dep Headmaster / Housemaster, Pembroke / Mathematics Mr D Acutt Teacher Intern Mr MAlbers HOD Accounting / Grade Head Grade 9 Mr B Alborough HOD Music (subject) MrWAmos Geography Ms NArndt English Mr M Badenhorst Mathematics / Afrikaans / Grade Head Grade 8 Mr J Beaumont Housemaster, Finningley / English Mr C M Botha Mathematics / Pastoral Care Mr V Carlisle HOD English Mrs S Cairns HOD Afrikaans Mrs K-J Coleman School Counsellor / Life Orientation Mrs J Curtiss English / HOD Mandarin Ms Xu Dai Mandarin (star ted term 1) Mr J Deighton Teacher Intern Mr M Delport Housemaster, Gillingham / EGD Mr J Drew Geography Mrs R du Plessis Mathematics Mrs C Elliot HOD Information Technology Mr T Els Afrikaans Mr K Eysele Teacher Intern Ms A Fripp Business Studies / Director of Clubs and Culture Mrs V Govender HOD Mathematics Mr D Graves Afrikaans Mr S Green Mathematics / Grade Head Grade 12 Mr E Grundling Mathematics Mrs C Hornby English (par t time) Mrs S Hotz Mathematics (par t time) Mrs P Isaac i/c Resource Centre Ms L Langa Ar t (par t time) Mr M Lombard Director of Music Mr D Macdonald HOD Life Sciences Mr S Main Science Mr S Mantle Teacher Intern MrW Marsden HOD Business Studies Mr S Mbhele Teacher Intern Mr B McClure Life Sciences Mrs P Meyer Inclusion Programme / Academic Suppor t Mr G Moerdyk Housemaster, Sheffield / Science Mr S Mofokeng English Mr D Moodley HOD EGD Mr A Morgan English / Grade Head Grade 11 ACADEMIC STAFF Back row: N Peacock, A Prinsloo, E Grundling, D Acutt, S Mantle, A Ryan, D Moodley, A Morgan 5th row: K Eysele, E Stockil-Smith, J Rottcher, T Els, M Albers, S Green, B Steyn, D Macdonald, J Waldburger, M Saville, H van Ellewee 4th row: M Lombard, J Drew, B Alborough, J Robinson, M Botha, J Deighton, B McClure, P Meyer, A van Zyl, W Marsden, S Mbhele, B Ziegelmeier 3rd row: N Arndt, T van den Aardweg, G Owen, M Zungu, S Main, W Amos, C Hornby, M Badenhorst, B Ndaba, J Wang, A Fripp 2nd row: L Langa, C Elliot, V Govender, K Coleman, U Singh, S Cairns, G Pitcher, S Hotz, S Murray, M Simpson, R du Plessis, J Curtiss Front row: V Carlisle, P Isaac, B Thompson, G Moerdyk, R de Villiers, P Kirsten, E van den Aardweg, A Willows, A Rogers, J Beaumont, M Delport, D Graves Absent: Rev. J Headbush Mrs S Murray HOD Science Mr B Ndaba HOD isiZulu Ms G Owen Mathematics (par t time) Mr N Peacock History Mrs N Pearman English (par t time - star ted term 2) Mrs G Pitcher HODVisual Ar ts Mr A Prinsloo Mathematics / i/c Dayboys Mr J Robinson HOD Geography Mr A Rogers HOD History / Director of Academics Mr J Rottcher HOD Life Orientation Mr A Ryan English Mr M Saville English Mrs J Schreiber Mathematics (par t time) Mr M Simpson Teacher Intern Ms U Singh HOD Dramatic Ar ts Mrs S Southam Ar t (Par t time) Mr B Steyn Accounting / Director of Rugby Mrs E Stockil-Smith English / Drama Mr B Thompson Housemaster, Haley / Science Mr GThomson English (star ted term 2) Mrs T van den Aardweg Geography / History Mr H van Ellewee Afrikaans Mr A van Zyl Afrikaans / Grade Head Grade 10 Mr JWaldburger History Ms JWang Mandarin Mrs B Ziegelmeier Piano Studies / Accompanist Mr F Zungu i/c Community Outreach / isiZulu

8 9 ADMINISTRATIVE STAFF Ms Danielle Adams Financial Assistant (Temp) Mr Clinton Brayley ICT Manager Mrs Shannon Burgess Admissions Officer Mr Robert Carpenter Marketing Director Mrs Val Dixon Resource Manager Mrs Athena Fisher Foundation Co-ordinator Mrs Cheryl Gaughran Shop Manager Sister Joanne George San Sister Mrs Taryn Gowdy Accountant Mr Thuthuka Khanyile Photocopy Clerk Mrs Tilly Kistensamy Science Laboratory Assistant Mrs Jess Lankesar Financial Assistant Mrs Vicky Maré KCOB Secretary Mrs Pearl McCluskey Executive Secretary Mrs Joy Mills-Hackmann Foundation Director Ms Europa Ngubane Receptionist Mrs Catherine Mowat Commercial Director Mr Sihle Ntuli Spor ts Administrator Ms Brigette Oakes Music Depar tment Secretary Mrs Heather Pearse Communications Manager Mrs Thaloshney Pelzer Life Sciences Lab. Assistant Mrs Ravitha Pillay Shop Assistant Mrs Cindi Polzi Marketing Assistant Mr Atish Raghubir ITTechnician Mrs Sharon Rogers Shop Assistant Ms Nozuko Sinxoto KCOB Secretary Mrs Karen Southwell Assistant Bursar Mrs Annette Thompson Debtors Control Mr Keith Thompson Director of Spor t Sister Joanne van Musschenbroek San Sister Mr Musa Zwane IT Assistant ESTATES STAFF 2017 Back row: S Ngcobo, S Madondo, A Ngcobo, S Gwala, S Shozi, P Majola, Z Zondi 2nd row: A Sibisi, A Swanepoel, A Magidla, I Bhengu, S Mohan, J Ndlovu, J Mzulweni, M Mbanjwa Front row: R Pillay, S Dunnett, W Ngwane, A Bretherton, A Peter, K Seals, C Bloem, D Zikhali ADMINISTRATIVE STAFF 2017 Back row: S Rogers, T Pelzer, S Burgess, T Gowdy, V Dixon, C Polzi, K Southwell, S Ntuli 2nd row: T Kistensamy, R Pillay, A Thompson, D Adams, N Sinxoto, A Fisher, E Ngubane Front row: B Oakes, H Pearse, C Mowat, R Carpenter, K Thompson, P McCluskey, V Maré, C Gaughran ESTATES STAFF Mr Israel Bhengu Electrician Mr Clinton Bloem Maintenance Manager Mr Andrew Bretherton Facilities Manager Mrs Sandy Dunnett Resources Co-ordinator Mr Sifiso Gwala Sewage Plant Attendant Mr Simon Madondo General Worker Mr Alfred Magidla Carpenter Mr Patrick Majola Carpenter Mr Michael Mbanjwa Plumber Mrs Sharon Mohan Greyhound Manager Mr Joseph Mzulweni Painter Mr Johnson Ndlovu Painter Mr Aaron Ngcobo Carpenter Mr Sydney Ngcobo Driver MrWiseman Ngwane Driver Mr Ayanda Peter Grounds and Gardens Manager Mr Ronnie Pillay Assistant Maintenance Manager Mrs Karen Seals Campus Co-ordinator Mr Sibonela Shozi Painter Mr Albert Sibisi General Worker Mrs André Swanepoel Housekeeper Mr Doctor Zikhali Driver Mr Zeblon Zondi Glazier With grateful thanks to Paul, Ilana, Luke, Layla and Tahlia Cronje With grateful thanks to Dahl Family

School News School News 10 11 FAREWELLS Dave Graves The end of 2017 marks the retirement of one of our long-serving staff members, Mr Dave Graves, who joined the staff in January 1988. Old Boys and staff members who have worked at the College for some time will remember him as ‘Naas’. I first got to know Mr Graves when I was appointed to the Afrikaans Depar tment in 2013. He struck me as a compassionate, humorous, yet serious person who loved teaching Afrikaans and coaching rugby and cricket. Dave has a par ticular passion for reading and, as his classroom neighbour, I will remember with fondness the reading lessons where the boys would be quiet whilst he read a story in his booming voice, mimicking each character. Over the years, Dave was involved in the sailing club and SCA, was a House duty master and Grade Head. Dave accompanied the Grade 10s for their LeadershipWeek at Spirit of Adventure on many occasions and was happy to be involved. To dedicate so many years to one institution is remarkable and we hope that Dave will enjoy his wellearned retirement together with his wife, Lianne, his two sons and his grandchildren.We hope that he will continue to visit Kearsney. Mrs Sonia Cairns HOD Afrikaans Adam Rogers Adam Rogers joined Kearsney College in 2002 and quickly made a name for himself. Initially Adam taught in the English Depar tment, but with the retirement of two Kearsney history stalwar ts in Mr Justin Hall and Mr Robin Lamplough, Adam assumed the responsibility of running the History Depar tment where he made his mark, injected enthusiasm and meticulous academic rigour. A passionate advocate of making the subject ‘come alive’, Adam was instrumental in making the subject accessible, academically challenging and ‘boy-centered’. Adam made the subject fun and transformed the perception of History as lifeless and static into one that was exciting and dynamic. Adam’s professionalism and insistence on high standards made the depar tment the envy of many schools in the IEB and beyond. Adam was appointed an Examiner for History Paper I of the IEB National Senior Cer tificate – a position he held with distinction for a number of years. Adam initiated a host of tours with the overseas History tours being highlights.These tours included Russia, Turkey, Egypt, Poland, the Czech Republic, Italy, Germany, France, Austria and the United Kingdom. Locally, interesting tours were planned for various grades on an annual basis. Through his leadership as Head of Cultural Activities, a great deal of renewed energy was directed to clubs and cultural activities. Adam initiated Music@Kearsney, which diversified into the Upbeat Festival, where notable acts were included, and which has subsequently evolved into the current Culture@Kearsney programme. As par t of the Heritage Committee, Adam spearheaded impor tant initiatives in preserving the history of the College. Adam held the position of Head of Academics at the College for a number of years and was instrumental establishing in the Dale Carnegie Courses for Grade 11 boys and developing of the popular Inner Circle and Speakers’ Circle public speaking clubs.Through his guidance and encouragement, many Kearsney boys developed self-confidence and the ability to express themselves with ease in public forums. Despite the enormous workload Adam took on, he was always willing to listen to others’ opinions and viewpoints and his sense of humour is legendary. We are excited that Adam has been appointed headmaster of Reddam House, Umhlanga.We wish him, Sharon, Hannah and Noah all the best as they embark on this journey. We are richer for having worked with him and Kearsney is poorer for having lost its own “Mr Keating”. “Who has fully realised that history is not contained in thick books, but lives in our very blood.” Carl Gustav Jung Mr Neil Peacock Acting HOD History Paula Isaac It is a difficult task to document almost a quar ter of a century of professional and personal dedication to this fine institution.This highlights compilation of this remarkable lady’s contribution provides a glimpse. Paula Isaac joined the Kearsney staff in 1995. In her time at the College she transformed the library into a vibrant media centre. It is a veritable hub at the College, where social interaction and academic focus marry in an extremely user-friendly environment. Obligatory books on shelves and state of the ar t technology rub shoulders to create an atmosphere where research and reading can take place – free of constraint and often solely for pleasure. It is a haven for the not-sospor t-minded academics to discuss topics of the day. Newsstands and a flat screen television keep students au fait with current affairs world-wide. Displays and constant encouragement to read are in abundance. At her instigation, modern furniture and foliage were introduced to give a homely feel to the resource centre. There are also clocks to tell you the time in NewYork and London! Paula was however more than a librarian. She also operated outside the realm of the expected. Some of her accomplishments include: Legacies: Paula introduced the Drop Everything and Read (DEAR) programme and promoted the E-Library to encourage an everincreasing number of avid readers. Technology: Paula was instrumental in establishing the College intranet and was the school photographer for many years. She also produced quality DVDs of various spor ting events and functions, as well as stills for the intranet on a weekly basis. Paula was responsible for introducing the Haley House video which is much appreciated by Grade 8 families. Organiser :The Matric Leaver’s Dinner illustrated her organisational skills to perfection. Paula could also be relied upon to create the perfect atmosphere for the annual cricket and rugby dinners. Paula was originally in charge of Grade 9 socials, Grade 11 dances, Matric Dances and Parents’ Society Balls. Clubs and Cultural: A number of boys developed skills in the Video Editing Club.The Greyhound Magazine, a satirical annual publication produced by Grade 11 boys, was her brainchild. Paula also star ted the DJ Club and Ballroom Dancing. Paula was the ‘Choir mother’ on a number of international choir tours where her caring nature and efficiency ensured the smooth sailing of day to day demands. LeadershipWeeks: Paula always accompanied a group of boys on LeadershipWeek and for the last decade had been a stalwar t at Baynesfield, dispensing medicine and a dash of motherliness to the Grade 8 boys. As Secretary of the Heritage Committee: Paula played a vital role in ensuring our rich heritage is not forgotten. Paula will mostly be remembered for her loyalty, remarkable EQ and humanity. She gave solace to many who needed a kind word, an attentive ear or motherly suppor t. Most of all, she was always there for the Kearsney boys and her friends. Paula, Librarian Extraordinaire, the Queen of Reading,TechnoWizard and Champion of the Underdog shall be greatly missed.We wish her and her husband, Graham, everything of the best with their retirement in Cape Town. May her sunsets be spectacular, her Chardonnay chilled and time with her family special. Mr André van Zyl Grade Head Grade 10 Victoria Maré Victoria Maré was employed 22 years ago as assistant librarian at the College and played an indispensable role in ensuring the smooth running of the Resources Centre. At times Vicky has basically run the centre while I have been involved in organising functions, club activities and other events. Vicky is an avid reader and gave excellent advice to boys on choosing suitable reading material.Vicky is a wonderful person with a kind hear t and we have often laughed and cried together and passed the days without a cross word between us. She has been a great sounding board and played the role of grammar and spelling checker for my yearly repor ts, for which I am extremely grateful. In all the years I don’t think we ever took the prescribed tea or lunch break as there was never time. From the crush at teatime, to endless tidying up after boys, the years have flown past in harmonious busyness. Thank you,Vicky, for being the perfect working companion.You will be sorely missed by the boys and especially by me as we go our separate ways. God speed! Mrs Paula Isaac Librarian

School News School News 12 13 Glenda Pitcher An Ar t practitioner who pitches from the hear t. Kearsney College welcomed Glenda Pitcher as Head of the Visual Ar ts depar tment in January 2010. She instantly endeared herself to the boys and staff alike with her amiable personality and charming smile. Soon her fierce championing of all things Ar t-related became her trademark. The physical space of the depar tment took on a positive energy and boys could be seen working comfor tably in their space, making and creating. This space has become their haven over the years. Glenda instilled a love for Ar t in the boys as described in the motto ‘Hear t for Ar t’.This is evidenced in the meaningful Ar t exhibitions held for all grades annually.We were treated to thought-provoking, inspirational and innovative work. The work produced for the Matric exhibitions showed each pupil used this oppor tunity to explore, dig deep and unear th a significant piece of themselves through their finished products.This was only possible because of the role Glenda played in encouraging, motivating, guiding and nur turing their potential. Glenda initiated the Visual Ar ts Awards, an oppor tunity for boys offering Visual Ar ts to apply for Colours and Honours.This saw the boys offer their ar tistic talent designing posters, making props, assisting with set construction and design for the school productions and the like.Works generated from these events grace the walls around the school and house crest mosaics take their place with pride in the Houses. Glenda sought every oppor tunity to bring excellence to the depar tment. This manifested in her innovative electives, workshops, international, national and local tours provided a once in a life time chance for boys to engage first hand with their passion. As an esteemed IEB theory and practical moderator Glenda brought a wealth of experience and exper tise to her teaching. She mentored interns and par t-time teachers with patience and understanding, yet at the same time embraced the value they added to the depar tment. These qualities saw her serve as our capable staff representative who diplomatically and sensitively dealt with issues and concerns. Glenda’s suppor t and contribution to the Dramatic Ar ts and Music depar tments will be sorely missed. She has been a sounding board and helping hand over the years and can be described as the third arm of the MAD (Music, Ar t and Drama) triumvirate. Go well, Glenda, may you continue to serve the Ar ts and champion its cause with pride and passion in New Zealand. Ms Ulaetha Singh HOD Dramatic Ar ts Vaughan Carlisle Vaughan Carlisle was the driving force behind Kearsney’s English depar tment for the past seven years. He shaped a modern and dynamic depar tment that challenges the way the boys think about the English language. It is fitting that the 2016 Matric English results are the best on record.They are testimony to Vaughan’s determination, creativity and intellectualism. Vaughan quietly and unassumingly took on the role of shaping the Kearsney testimonial process in addition to compiling the annual school magazine,The Chronicle. Both of these tasks have required a great deal of his time. Most notable, in his inimitable, flamboyant style, he has also magically ‘thrown together’ the Matric Dance for the past two years. He imagined and reproduced magnificent settings while going about the daily business of teaching without missing a beat. Vaughan leaves us to head the sixperson English depar tment at Redhill School in Sandton and to be closer to his family. I have no doubt he will expect great things of both staff and pupils alike and trust he will continue to inculcate the love, passion and drive for English to the pupils he will teach in the future. Mrs Jane Curtiss HOD English Joy Mills-Hackmann Joy Mills-Hackmann was appointed in June 2005, taking over the Foundation from Gavin Bester who had worked hard at establishing the office from scratch in 2001. Joy soon found her feet and under took to widen the scope from a principally Old Boy focussed operation to include the sourcing of funds from corporates, parastatals, parents and commercial sponsors. In this respect, the Foundation made massive strides and the number of boys from disadvantaged backgrounds, orphans and others, as well as sons of Old Boys who were as a result able to attend Kearsney, increased exponentially. During this period, the College was intent on adopting a more inclusive approach to all its operations.This included providing spor ts and cultural festivals and tournaments, mainly during holiday times, to bring the wider community onto the beautiful Kearsney estate.This focus would require outside funding in the form of commercial sponsorships.The Kearsney Easter Rugby Festival was introduced in 2008 and the Foundation office successfully obtained sponsorship for the event at shor t notice. Such was the success of the Festival that Standard Bank, Africa’s largest bank, has come on board with an extended title sponsorship. Many other events were made possible through the effor ts of the Foundation. Much of Joy’s time and effor t as Foundation Director was devoted to building solid relationships between the College and the KCOB. President, Lawrence Polkinghorne writes, “Joy has been the driving force in creating what is one of the most successful alumni networks, and developing Kearsney’s Foundation office that has achieved notable success. Her friendly and thoughtful manner coupled with a consistent professionalism is cer tainly going to be a hard act to follow. Joy’s commitment and dedication to her work stands out over the many years, she has successfully built Kearsney’s Foundation and suppor ted the Old Boys around the globe, not only through her office, but also through the many events and functions both organised and attended by her”. Mr Elwyn van den Aardweg Headmaster Andrew Bretherton Andrew Brether ton arrived at Kearsney in 2011 at a time when the College was intent on completing the renovation of all the boarding houses. Sheffield required minor maintenance having being built in the late 1990s and Pembroke’s total renovation had been completed in 2010.What lay ahead were the challenges of the complete renovation and increasing the capacity of the two oldest houses - Gillingham, Finningley - and Haley House. Added to these challenges were the building of new classrooms (including the first phase of the Centenary Academic Centre), the programme to renovate the ageing staff houses and a host of other projects related to a rapidly increasing pupil enrolment. These smaller projects included the expansion of the Medwor th Stand at the Stott, increasing the capacity of the Chapel and renovation of all the ablutions and the medical room in the Medwor th Stand, upgrades to the Mason hockey facilities, as well as upgrading the amenities for the grounds and maintenance staff at the “Workshop”. For decades to come, Kearsney will be assured of a standby water supply of over a million litres, a project overseen by Andrew. He revelled in these challenges and the work was under taken with enthusiasm and energy, professionalism and attention to detail. Andrew’s passion for the job, commitment to see a project through to conclusion, his tight control and reluctance to delegate, his insistence on the highest of standards and pride in his work set him apar t from many other Facilities Managers. He somehow found time for self-improvement by successfully studying toward his Honours in Facilities Management. He is a family man, a devoted husband to Zanie and father to his two daughters Abby and Morgan. When reviewing Andrew’s sevenyear impact on Kearsney College, one is reminded of one of the most highly acclaimed English architects in history, Sir Christopher Wren who was accorded responsibility for rebuilding 52 churches in the City of London after the Great Fire in 1666, including what is regarded as his masterpiece, St Paul's Cathedral.The inscription on a plaque in memory of him in St Paul’s reads, “… if you seek his monument – look around you”. Mr Elwyn van den Aardweg Headmaster

Class of 2017 Class of 2017 Good morning to the Headmaster, Dr Skweyiya, special guests, staff and gentlemen of the College. At the beginning of the year I made my first speech as your Headboy and I spoke about how with the dawn of a new day came a chain of events that saw a young boy soon to be turned into a Kearsney gentleman donning his oversized blazer for the first time. His hear t teeming with a mixture of emotions - from excitement to worry about the rumours about high school boarding life. A Grade 9 boy woke, ecstatic and gleaming with joy because a couple of Grade 8s were to wait for him at doors. A boy in the four th form woke in the midst of an existential crisis, searching for a sense of belonging as he was neither a junior nor a senior.While a Grade 11 boy keenly awaited being greeted and enjoy something as small, yet so impor tant to a Kearsney boy, as finally having a hand in a pocket. A boy in the class of 2017 wore his crisp new white jersey signifying the acceptance of leadership. It is now dusk. A day, once new, now nears its dénouement.The sun sets swiftly over the horizon only to remerge and illuminate the path for Kearsney’s future leaders.The Grade 8 boy who donned his Kearsney blazer for the first time at the beginning of this year now begins to demonstrate the characteristics of a true Kearsney gentleman. A Grade 9 boy stands now at the cusp of freedom as he is alleviated of his duties. As he braces himself to hear his name echoing through the school grounds, a Grade 10 boy is shopping for his shor t sleeve shir t.While next year’s Matric boy is looking forward to listening to music…but then again, the way things are going, the Grade 8s will be too…much to the despair of the Class of ’17 who, now well equipped with the fundamentals they need to be citizens who’ll contribute to a better community, hang their now-yellow jerseys that have been stained with priceless memories. The change of the guard comes once again and now our watch reaches its imminent cessation.What marks a successful guard is the safekeeping of the most valuable asset. For us, that asset is the Kearsney boy who emanates the regal aura of success and the balance it has demanded from him. Like a trifecta that coexists effor tlessly; our spor t, academics and culture continue to be the backbone of our College.With 8 national selections, 420 provincial selections, 2 gold medals for the Choir in Singapore all the while still being able to produce 14 academic Honours and 6 Honours Cum Laude awards.We have proven once again our prowess to all the critics who await our demise.We continue an illustrious history of excellence, as those who have gone before us have. We become their guard and so over years others will become ours. Much like the moon above us does every night without fail, we experience our phases. But, what makes us great is our ability to transcend and adapt while reflecting positivity. Much like the moon above us does every night without fail, we are an ever-changing constant. Among the many things this teaches us, it demonstrates to us the impor tance of two words.These words are so powerful that they emanate an energy that attracts success.These words are often overlooked but are the basis of any healthy relationship. These words are: “thank you”.To our suppor t system, our ground staff, cleaning staff, kitchen staff, laundry staff, admin and teaching staff as well as the board and trustees, thank you.Thank you to the ever-changing constant that is Kearsney College. For, like the moon, Kearsney has had to change its appearance and adapt to times but has remained a constant breeder of leaders on The Hill.Thank you to those who bought into my style of servant leadership and suppor ted me throughout my term.Thank you to the ever-changing constant that took an impressionable young boy from a farm on the Nor th Coast and showed him the world, made him a gentleman and molded him into a leader.Thank you for allowing him to live with so many different personalities from all walks of life that challenged his views and subsequently allowed him to cement his own unique perspective. Nine months ago, I stood here and told you there is nothing beneath a leader. I was wrong.Through my experiences as Head of School I have grown as a person and matured mentally. As a result, my perception on leadership has been altered. I now realise leadership requires one to be a true role model and ambassador for his people and all he does must reflect the ethos of those people. For every leader, the only thing beneath them is the suppor t system that keeps them going: their ever-changing constant. In life, there are a few constants that we can always count on: the sun will set, the guard will change and the moon will always go through its phases. For us it is how, through GRADE 12 2017 Back row: Dylan Smith (S), Grant Manderson (S), Bradley Robertson (S), Thomas Hart (S), Sean Maarschalk (G), Peter Norton (F), Jason Schroder (G), Torin Tedder (F), Thomas Westermeyer, Ross Taylor (G), Kwenza Gwala (S), Wesley Carlson (S), Rob McConnell (F), David Comrie (P), Paul Saad (G), Bradley D’Eramo (S), Daniel Marshall (F), Oliver Wykerd (S), Philip Kirby (P) 6th row: Brandon Nel (F), Sean Miller (S), Luca Ferri (G), Matthew Pitcher (F), Brynn Cornelissen (P), Jared Williamson (P), Jason Bashford (P), Tyron Wood (G), Nhlakanipho Bengu (S), Hudson Onyebilanma (F), Luvuyo Dayel (P), Nhloso Zulu (P), Grant Kruger (G), Leigh Sandy (S), Conner Ronquest (G), Cade Meaker (S), Scott Stewart (P), Johnathan Christie (S), James Smith (F) 5th row: Luke Petzer (S), Matthew Heard (G), Daniel Wheeler (S), Michael Hurley (G), Daniel Woods (P), Bradley Smart (F), Nic de Beer (F), Connor Burgess (G), Juandré de Beer (G), Jordan Olive (F), James McVeigh (P), Sam Hudson (F), Amahle Dlamini (F), Stuart Campbell (G), Dominic Ferri (G), Todd Barker (F), Sean Scott (G), David Latham (G), Mitchell Garvie (S), Jack Potter (F) 4th row: Hlako Rachidi (P), Luthando Mabika (F), Ross Gaughran (S), Christopher Thomson (S), Andrew Dukes (G), Kuhle Nkosi (P), Sam Stanton (G), Blake Perryman (P), Ethan Howes (F), Nicholas Beningfield (F), Nathan Long (S), Cameron St Clair (P), Liam Hobden (F), Ross Holland (P), Ryan Woodley (G), Angelo Dos Reis (S), Christian Booyens (P), James Aitkenhead (P) 3rd row: Zwakele Mchunu (S), Steven Wang (S), Clint Cele (S), Blaise Carmichael (P), Liam Lundall (S), James Heron (F), Matthew du Toit (P), Callum Pet (P), Bradley Palmer (G), John Charlton (G), Thulisa Shandu (G), Kihoto Muiruri (G), Stephan Joubert (F), Matthew Farquharson (S), Matthew Geyer (S), Lewis Traill (P), Alex Gibb (P), Nikiel Gopichand (P), Simeon Ganas (G) 2nd row: Saki Nyamakazi (P), Alexander Veltman (P), Zamani Dlamini (S), Aston Piché (F), Jayden Proctor (P), James Kenny (P), Ross Parsons (P), Andrew Weyer (G), Rees Stiemens (G), Kuhle Bophela (S), Dylan Richardson (P), Emil Loubser (S), Jeremy Foord (G), Kyle Koenig (F), Nathi Mazwai (F), Daniel Taylor (P), Patrick McGrath (P), Ayron Kayser (S), Mandla Sosibo (F) Front: Matt Blair (F), Brendan Albertse (S), Thandolwethu Skwatsha (G), Reece Daniel (G), Grant Sander (S), Robert Lawrence (F), Mr Elwyn van den Aardweg, Wandile Linda (F), James Sutherland (G), Mr Stafford Green, Keanan Naidoo (P), Luke de Vlieg (G), Calvin Engelen (P), James Young (F), Daniel Cherry (S), Ntinga Tshabalala (P) It is now dusk.A day, once new, now nears its dénouement.The sun sets swiftly over the horizon only to remerge and illuminate the path for Kearsney’s future leaders. THE CLASS OF 2017 Speech Day Valedictory speech from Headboy,Wandile Linda, September 2017 15

16 17 Class of 2017 Class of 2017 SPEECH DAY AWARDS GRADE 12 The McKenzie Trophy for Perseverance: Andrew Dukes The S B Theunissen Memorial Trophy: JaredWilliamson The Headmasters Prize: Keanan Naidoo The Peter Metcalf Trophy for Resourcefulness and Initiative: Liam Hobden The George McLeod English Essay Prize: Johnathan Christie The J Solnick Poetry Prize: Matthew Geyer The Margarette and Richard Best Trophy for Musical Competence: Simeon Ganas The PricewaterhouseCoopers Trophy for Mathematical Literacy: Christian Booyens The Grant Greenberg Trophy for achievement in the Creative Arts: Thandolwethu Skwatsha The Dramatic Art Trophy for exceptional achievement in the practical discipline: Nhloso Zulu TheVisual Arts Prize and the Art Trophy for exceptional achievement in the practical discipline: Leigh Sandy Academic Colours: Aston Piché;Thomas Har t; Christopher Thomson; James Kenny; Daniel Taylor ; Blaise Carmichael; Brendan Alber tse; Sam Stanton; James Sutherland;TyronWood; Jeremy Foord; Stuar t Campbell; Michael Hurley Academic Colours and the Gait Trophy for the Best All-rounder in the 6th Form: Luke de Vlieg Academic Colours and Dramatic Arts Prize: Nkosinathi Mazwai Academic Colours and the PricewaterhouseCoopers Trophy for Business Studies: Rober t Lawrence Academic Honours: Ntinga Tshabalala; Nic de Beer ; Matthew Pitcher ; Nicholas Beningfield; James Young; Grant Sander ; Kyle Koenig; Sam Hudson; Kuhle Bophela Academic Honours, the Geography Prize and the Edwin Henwood Trophy: Ross Parsons Academic Honours, theWilliam and Susan Jones Prize for English and the Hindson Memorial Prize for English Literature: Rob McConnell Academic Honours, the Jan Storm Prize for Afrikaans and the Music Prize: Emil Loubser Academic Honours, the IsiZulu Prize, the Jack Reece Prize for Modern Languages and the Ambassadors Trophy: Wandile Linda Academic Honours Cum Laude: Calvin Engelen Academic Honours Cum Laude and theWilliam Crawford Prize for History (shared): Dominic Ferri Academic Honours Cum Laude, the Patrick Moore Shield and the John Kinloch Prize for Physical Science, theWilliam Crawford Prize for History (shared) and the Max Oram History Essay Prize: Luca Ferri Academic Honours Cum Laude, the Alletson-Smith Shield for Mathematics, the Advanced Programme Mathematics Prize and the Information Technology Prize: Alexander Veltman Academic Honours Cum Laude, the Ben Milner Prize for Biology and the Parry Trophy for Proxime Accessit to Dux: Bradley D’Eramo Academic Honours Cum Laude, the Accounting Prize, the Engineering Graphics and Design Prize, the Life Orientation Prize, the Colin Silcock Prize and the Tim Browne Trophy for Dux of the School: David Comrie thick and thin, Kearsney will always find balance.Without the sun’s rays illuminating it, we would not be able to see the moon. In this way, we coexist. Each and every one of us reflect the values instilled in us on these hallowed grounds. Let us embrace the African truth that you are because I am, I am because you are. Umuntu ungumuntu ngabantu. Speech Day Guest of honour, Dr Skweyiya; Dux of the School: David Comrie; Proxime Accessit to Dux: Bradley D'Eramo and Headmaster, Mr Elwyn van den Aardweg Whole group of prize winners on Speech Day