3 2 Headmaster’s Speech Speech Day September 2022 The Chairman, Guest of Honour Professor Jeremy Nel, members of the Trust and Board, guests on the internet, staff, parents, boys and the departing class of Grade 12s. It is wonderful to see present in this hall today Heads of neighbouring schools, the Executive Director of ISASA, Mr Lebogang Montjane, retired members of staff and many friends who have made the effort to attend today’s ceremony. Professor Nel, it is always an honour to host Old Boys of the College, returning to inspire our boys, and we look forward to your address. Kearsney turned 101 years old this year and it is right for us to acknowledge those whose courage and foresight laid the foundations of this fine school of ours. Our Founder, Sir Liege Hulett, on the 4th August 1921, opened the doors of his home just inland of Stanger, the current KwaDukuza, to thirteen foundation scholars. Kearsney College had been established and the journey of 100 years and more had begun. This annual gathering is an opportunity to pay tribute to all those, who over the course of a Century and one year, have contributed to what we enjoy as Kearsney College today. umuntu ngumuntu ngabantu is a Zulu proverb which, loosely translated, means, “We are who we are through others”. This gathering provides, in effect, an opportunity to acknowledge “these others” through whom we are, and who have made this five-year portion of our Grade 12 leavers’ educational journey not only possible but enriching as well. Headboy Jason Brien and his deputy John Eastes and their prefects have been resolute in re-establishing many of the valuable aspects of Kearsney which had naturally been placed on ice during the two Covid years of 2020/21. This has been no easy task and it appears that boys’ schools around the country have faced and are facing very similar challenges in this respect. Many of the previously, taken-for-granted, yet meaningful practices, events and traditions, which if woven together form the very fabric of what Kearsney is and stands for, required energy and intent to reintroduce and in some cases to reinvent. It is likely that this process will continue for some time in the future. The South African futurist, Graeme Codrington, recently discussed the wisdom of organisations creating a culture of anti-fragility. Through the Covid years many leaders developed qualities such as patience, openmindedness and empathy, learning just how resilient humanity is and how many were able to “bounce back”, emerging stronger, in our case from two years of Covid, the devastating effects of the 2021 civil unrest in our region and in our neighbourhoods and then the catastrophic floods of April this year that destroyed infrastructure, homes and communities, with significant loss of life. The ability to gain from disorder has been called “anti-fragility”, a term coined by Naseem Nicholas Taleb, where through a healing process, the human body can sometimes come back stronger than it was before. Taleb believes that, “We should reward people, not ridicule them, for thinking the impossible.” I thought I should read an extract from an email we received this week from an external adjudicating judge at our inter-house music evening this past Monday, and I quote, “Thank you so much for the invitation to be a part of such a wonderful celebration of Music. Your students were exceptional. They give their all, which is beautiful and so special. Above the outstanding talent I witnessed, I could not ignore the spirit of unity and mutual respect that I saw from the student body. They support each other and place value on something that is so precious to us but often undervalued in a school setting. Kearsney has developed a culture that is truly uncommon. I am certain that it has not been an easy task to cultivate a culture that to me represents the South Africa we all want to see. You have succeeded where so many still struggle to find that space”. Well done to you boys and the staff as well – this is evidence of “anti-fragility” and that Kearsney is coming back stronger. This is testament to the co-operation with staff and positive attitude that this class of young men has adopted, throughout the year and which is appreciated by all at Kearsney. I speak on behalf of the entire Kearsney community in thanking you boys, the prefects, members of the Imbizo and KCC and all captains of sports and cultural activities for your leadership this year and we wish you all well in your future endeavours. Acknowledgements The support and loyalty of five more groups under the ubuntu theme of my address deserve acknowledgement: 1. Kearsney parents, particularly the Grade 12 parents who endured their sons’ Grade 10 and 11 years under Covid restrictions. We thank you for the unseen efforts you went to, to keep your sons motivated and positive through those years. There are guardians and single parents present here today who have shouldered additional responsibilities with the loss of a life partner in recent years. We honour these brave humans this morning and we honour those boys who have suffered the loss of a parent, grandparent, guardian or close friend and who have drawn on their resilience and courage to face life’s challenges. Our thanks go to all our parents for their support of the College and for most, the huge sacrifices you have made to keep your sons at Kearsney. Board Chairman Mr Ian Bamber Guest of Honour Professor Jeremy Nel, Dux of School John Eastes, Runner-up to Dux Javhar Naidoo and Headmaster Mr Elwyn van den Aardweg

5 4 2. Our Kearsney employees, admin and teaching staff who have worked so positively in returning the College to full operational capacity in every respect. Their enthusiasm and can-do attitude is infectious and makes managing the operation so much easier and fulfilling. I thank the Management team, Senior Deputy Headmaster Peter Kirsten, the deputies (Anthony Willows, Manzini Zungu and Vanessa Govender) and line managers for their wisdom and guidance and stimulating robust debate, sometimes taking on humorous proportions, that we were able to have, to ensure the best decisions were made for the boys and for the good of the College. Special mention is made of the teachers who have taught these boys for five years and prepared them not only for the forthcoming examinations, but more importantly for life beyond Kearsney. These teachers are also addressing huge gaps in foundational knowledge, lack of skills and cognitive development deficits found in the junior ranks, where many young boys in their primary school Covid years spent excessive time at home under Covid restrictions, inhibiting their normal socialisation, educational instruction and emotional development that previous cohorts were exposed to, prior to entering high school. Notwithstanding these challenges, our staff have been proactive and determined to redress where necessary. 3. The Kearsney Old Boys under President Wray Radford have been and remain a significantly positive influence in our community. My wife Tracey and I have this year been able to attend KCOB functions in signature cities around the world, in San Francisco, New York, London and Mtunzini, Ramsgate and Cape Town. Wherever we attend these functions, we are struck by three common factors found in most Old Boys who attend: their success on the international stage; the common decency and respect they have for each other and for the women who attend these functions; and then the uncanny ability they have, to put it in the words of Rudyard Kipling, “to walk with kings and keep the common touch”. I pay tribute to the KCOB for their support in the Transformation and Diversity journey which is enriching the College and making it a better place, where every boy, every Old Boy and every Kearsney family can genuinely call, know, experience and believe in their heart-of-hearts that this College is, “MY KEARSNEY”. 4. The Kearsney Trustees under Chairman David Polkinghorne and the Kearsney Board. I cannot speak highly enough of the wise counsel provided, the level of support, the wealth of experience and expertise offered by members of these two governance structures. Ian Bamber has completed his first year as Chairman of Board. His assistance, in particular, the support of our efforts to maintain the highest standards of discipline by appointing an Old Boy lawyer to assist the College in handling legal matters related to disciplinary cases has removed a considerable amount of stress and man-hours from those of us in these trenches. 5. The fifth group is largely unseen – these are our donors whose generosity has made it possible for many boys seated in this hall today, to attend Kearsney. Their benevolence will impact young men, their families and indeed communities and societies for many years to come. Some of these donors are in attendance in the Hall this morning and others are watching online from across the Atlantic and Indian Oceans. Some are watching in the late night or very early hours of the morning. To all of you out there, you will probably never find out fully the impact of your generosity, however, in this moment of this ceremony, we convey to you, wherever you are in South Africa or around the world, our deepest gratitude. Departing staff It is fitting on an occasion such as this to pay tribute to and thank departing members of staff, who will be leaving at the end of this year. Four of our departing staff have served 15 years or more at Kearsney. Last week we honoured these employees at a beautiful farewell function in the Greyhound, which acknowledged a combined length of service of 83 years between them. Mr Simon Madondo served for 37 years in the Kearsney Estates Department and retires in December. Growing up in Estcourt and working for a contractor, his noticeable positive work ethic caught the attention of the Kearsney Estates Manager at the time and he was appointed to the staff in 1986. Mr Madondo, respectful to everyone irrespective of age is a man of few words and whose mantra is, “If there’s work to be done, do it!” Mrs Karen Southwell, Assistant Bursar, served for 21 years in the Finance Department, starting in 2002, and she retires next month. A caring and kind person of strong Christian faith, Karen has provided remarkable service with the utmost integrity. Her quality liaison with the Parents Society and with the parents of boys who embark on overseas tours has endeared her to the wider parent community. Mrs Tracey van den Aardweg, who completes fifteen years’ service at Kearsney, retires at the end of the year. Tracey has taught an array of subjects and became wellknown for her creative methods of teaching and also imaginative decorating of her classrooms. In recent years she taught Geography and History, ran the Photographic Club, organised thirteen Matric Dances and literally took close to 1 million photographs of virtually every activity on campus, providing almost every boy at some time in his Kearsney career, his “moment in the sun” in pictures. We wish Tracey a long and happy retirement with her charming husband. Mr Gareth Moerdyk, teacher of Science, Housemaster of Sheffield, rugby coach, 1st XI cricket coach and general superb, all-round schoolmaster, has felt the call to emigrate to Australia with his wife Robyn and two children. It is always tough to accept the loss of outstanding teaching talent from the school and the country and none more so than is felt on Gareth’s departure. We wish the Moerdyk family the very best as they both take up employment opportunities in Mackay, Australia. Mrs Heidi Breedt helped us out in a temporary capacity in the Afrikaans department on the departure of Mr Els at the end of the first term. She has assisted us like this on a number of occasions in the past and we are grateful that an Afrikaans teacher of her calibre has been there in our hour of need, once again. We thank her most sincerely and wish her well. Ms Lethu Langa (below) took maternity leave for the birth of little Mfudumalo Dlamini and decided it was best to join the family in Mpumalanga Province. Her four years at the College, after serving two years of internship here, were characterised by energetic teaching and total commitment to the College’s extramural programme, particularly in the sporting and cultural spheres. To the departing Grade 12s, take this year’s experience as a foundation for your lives. Through the adversity of the past three years, you young men are sure to be stronger and better human beings. Thank you for the senior pupil role you played this year. Your cooperation with staff and leadership of the College is greatly appreciated. The manager of the victorious World Cup winning 1995 Springbok rugby side, Morne du Plessis, read a quotation by Thomas Paine shortly before that team took to the field in the Final against the All Blacks at Ellis Park which they won: “The harder the conflict the more glorious the triumph. What we obtain too cheap, we esteem too lightly; tis dearness only that gives everything its value. I love the man who can smile in trouble, who can gather strength from distress and grow brave by reflection.” The Sixth Form this year has exhibited tenacity and courage displayed in so many instances and we are proud of their efforts. This is my 22nd and final Kearsney Speech Day before retiring at the end of the year. My final Board meeting in November will be the 88th consecutive Board meeting I have attended with the most wonderful people. Tracey joins me in thanking the entire Kearsney community for their love, support and loyalty over this period. Ms Europa Ngubane and Mr Simon Madondo at the farewell event

7 6 Twenty-two years is a long time to be in any job, but to be a headmaster of one school for that length of time says an enormous amount about the incumbent. Elwyn was appointed as the 7th Headmaster of Kearsney College on 01 January 2001, and retired on 31 December 2022 with the same energy he had when he arrived. He had to adapt to 8 different Board of Governors’ Chairs, which he handled without missing a beat, and as a leader he continuously motivated and inspired all of the College staff to strive for excellence in an environment of teamwork and inclusion. His understanding of, and compassion for, people is a skill that can’t be learnt and has led to enduring bonds with so many Old Boys and parents over the years. Elwyn has the great ability to blend a strong faith, great wisdom, strength of character and a sense of humour with no ego whatsoever. During his tenure the College has seen incredible growth across so many facets that it would be impractical to list these here, and they are in any event clearly apparent to anyone who has witnessed the physical, academic, cultural, sporting and emotional development of Kearsney in the past two decades. Our family has been extremely fortunate to be part of the “Elwyn era” across multiple touch points and I have personally benefited from his wise counsel, broad vision and clarity of thought which has fed through into his interactions with all of Kearsney’s many stakeholders over the years. Elwyn has been blessed to have “team van den Aardweg” at his side, with Tracey and the girls buying into Kearsney and its incredible community. Together they have created a legacy that will long be remembered. Elwyn’s contribution to Kearsney College has been staggering and has made Kearsney the envy of top schools around the globe. We respect him as a true leader and composite gentleman who has retired entirely on his own terms. Farewells Tribute to Mr Elwyn van den Aardweg Mr David Polkinghorne Chairman of Kearsney College Trustees and former Board Chair; Class of 1981 A special assembly was held for the boys of the College to pay tribute to the Headmaster. On leaving the Hall each boy and staff member collected a stone to add to the Kearsney cairn. Thereafter, each boy shook hands with the Headmaster. acknowledging his enormous influence and wishing him well. We have learned so much from “the others” in our Ubuntu theme, whom we have been privileged to share these twoand-a-bit decades. We wouldn’t have stayed so long if our family didn’t enjoy it as much as we did. Sure there have been challenges and difficult times, but that’s life - and, fortunately in our case, the overwhelming majority of experiences have been enriching, enjoyable and rewarding. “Live so as to be missed” has been our constant mantra and whilst we will be leaving Kearsney, we are filled with excitement at the College’s future. We wish all of you only the very best. I conclude with a quotation which has inspired me and one I often use, because it provides such good advice. It was Daniel Burnham, the father of American architecture who said, “Make no little plans. They have no magic to stir men’s blood and probably themselves will not be realised. Make big plans, deep into the future. Aim high in hope and work. Have faith, remembering that a noble plan, once recorded, will never die but long after we are gone will still be a living thing.” Farewell the Sixth Form, good bye Kearsney College and God bless you all. I thank you.

8 Tribute to Mrs Tracey van den Aardweg Mrs Tracey van den Aardweg arrived at Kearsney in 2001, as the new Headmaster’s wife. In the intervening 22 years we have witnessed her exceptional artistic flair and meticulous attention to detail. Tracey did the décor for a variety of events and created different elaborate Matric dance themes which transformed the Henderson Hall into an exquisite banqueting ballroom on each occasion. She has also used her artistic talent to create inspirational teaching spaces, decorating her classroom walls with hand-painted murals accurately depicting historical figures as well as the solar system. Through her passion for photography, Tracey has faithfully and beautifully captured the heartbeat of Kearsney, giving staff, boys, and the broader community visual reminders of treasured memories. Tracey recognises the importance of people connecting and graciously hosted many functions at KeLapeng (the Head’s home) - baby showers, staff children’s Christmas parties, Grade 8 boarder visits, new staff suppers, ladies’ craft classes and more. Although Tracey’s dedicated involvement at Kearsney started in 2001, she was only welcomed as a teacher in 2008. The History and Geography Departments, and junior Drama, Art and LO departments have all benefited. Tracey’s commitment to our world-renowned Choir extended beyond appreciating the music. Tracey accompanied the Choir on 5 tours, internationally and nationally, where she wore multiple hats – from photographer to mother to all the boys, handing out their medicine, ironing clothes and everything in between. Tracey enthusiastically captured special moments with her ever-present lens…on the stage, on the sports fields/ pools for every sporting code and every age group, in all sorts of conditions. Not only did Tracey capture the essence of Kearsney through her images, she also shared her interests with the boys in her Photography Club and Dance Club. Tracey wore many hats…dedicated teacher, devoted wife, loving mother, adoring granny and committed friend. She is humble, selfless, thoughtful, and compassionate, constantly reaching out to bless others. Generations of Kearsney boys, families and staff have been enriched by her legacy. We wish Tracey for a happy retirement. Mrs Sue Murray Gareth Moerdyk Karen Southwell retires Mr Gareth Moerdyk arrived at Kearsney in July 2008. During his early years at the College, Gareth managed to keep his love of being on stage alive and was involved in several productions at the Westville Theatre Club, often juggling his marking of November exam scripts while being on stage in the evening. Sadly, this could not continue as he took on more responsibility in the College. Gareth quickly established himself on the sports field. Initially, he coached the 2nd XI cricket and U14C rugby team. In his time at Kearsney, he coached at the top level in both sports. His knowledge of these sporting codes is quite incredible. Gareth is known for his very direct observations/ comments to the team during the breaks and practices, which allowed the players he coached to grow, both on and off the field. Initially, Gareth did duties in Gillingham House. Together with Myles Delport, as Housemaster, Matt Conradie and Dean Moodley, Gillingham became a dominant force. I do not doubt that Myles’ mentorship in Gillingham played a large role in Gareth’s decision to apply to be the Housemaster of Sheffield. Gareth is one of the youngest Housemasters the College has ever appointed. However, it is the Science department that will miss Gareth most. His vast knowledge of random science facts will never be matched. He is equally talented in stretching the minds of the top academics and aiding those weaker students to pass. The way Gareth interacts with the boys is possibly his greatest attribute. It took a while before Gareth was lured into marking IEB papers and it was not long before he was asked to be a senior marker for Physics. The knowledge gained in this capacity has guided many of our department discussions and in the setting and marking of exams at school. In 2014 Gareth and Robyn tied the knot. We have watched their family grow. Seeing the progression from prams being pushed to the field for rugby games, to Jordan now charging around with the other children on the AH Smith Oval, has been special to witness. Gareth, we have certainly felt privileged to have you at the College for the past 14½ years. St Patrick’s College has no idea they have found one of South Africa’s gems. Mr Bruce Thompson Ms Karen Southwell contributed tremendously in her crucial role as Assistant Bursar in the finance department since January 2002! During this time, Karen forged wonderful friendships and she still keeps in touch with some friends who are no longer at the College. She has always been supportive of her colleagues. Her genuine caring and solid Christian faith have made her place in staff prayer group meaningful. At times of celebration Karen gave thoughtful little gifts to the admin staff and ensured that the office was decorated to add a bit of fun for everyone. She is a wonderful example of how little tokens of acknowledgement can go a long way to making others feel special. Family is paramount in Karen’s life and after she retires, she will be visiting Australia to see her precious children, Teagan and Zane (KCOB 2007), and their partners Byron and Dimity, and to meet her darling little granddaughter, Hazel. Ms Heather Pearse Karen (top) with colleagues from the finance department: (L-R) Val Dixon, Catherine Mowat, Thandeka Ngobese, Kerry Kidwell, Anna Bowden and Jesmica Lankesar

11 10 Tributes Mr Keith Decker Mr Keith Decker passed away on the morning of Saturday 29 October. Mr Decker retired from Kearsney at the end of 2010, after 31 years of dedicated service to the College. During his years at Kearsney, Keith served with distinction in various capacities, including Senior Deputy Headmaster, Master in Charge of Academics, Head of the Mathematics Department, and 1st team rugby and water polo coach. A highly respected schoolmaster, Keith was loved by the boys and his colleagues for his integrity, compassion, kindness, genuine interest in the boys, and concern for their welfare. A true Kearsney legend, Keith will be greatly missed by all. We extend our deepest condolences to his wife Christine and his loved ones. Mrs Gwen Williams Gwen Williams, who served on the Kearsney Board of Governors from 2003 to 2013, passed away on 30 October. Gwen enjoyed a distinguished career in education. She served as Headmistress of Durban Girls College for 14 years and served on the boards of Kearsney and St Mary’s DSG, Kloof, the Independent Schools Association of South Africa (ISASA), the SA Mathematics Olympiad Committee and the Maths Association of South Africa (MASA). After her retirement in 2002, Gwen continued to champion education and to strive to make a difference in people’s lives. She helped launch the ISASA Maths & English programme and drove the project with her trademark passion and determination. Gwen was instrumental in placing hundreds of academically talented but disadvantaged children into ISASA schools and supporting them through the programme during their school, and often university careers. Several incredible individuals attended Kearsney courtesy of this programme, including pupils who became head boy and deputy head boy of Kearsney. Gwen was a devoted wife to the late David Williams, mother to her sons Roland and Bill, sister and grandmother. Mr Rob Becker Mr Rob Becker sadly passed away on 07 November 2022. Rob attended Kearsney from 1962 to 1963 (Gillingham). He served on the Kearsney Board of Governors for 12 years (1992-2004) and was appointed as a Trustee of the Kearsney College Trust in 2003 (serving as Chairman from 2008), and completing his term in 2015. He continued to loyally serve Kearsney as a trustee of the Kearsney Development Fund, where he was appointed as a trustee from 2007 to the present. Rob’s sons Anthony (1998) and Lloyd (2000) were part of the first group of Sheffield boarders. Rob donated generously to Kearsney and was involved in a number of charitable and community-based boards and committees over the years. Rob was much loved and highly respected and will be fondly remembered for his deep voice, ready smile and laughter, and gentle manner. Rob dedicated many years to serving Kearsney and the College and all who had the privilege of working with him were the richer for it. Mr Tony York The Kearsney College community were saddened to receive news that past Chairman of the Board Mr Tony York passed away in the early hours of the morning of 24 November. Although he never attended Kearsney as a boy, he is remembered and honoured as a true Kearsney gentleman, whose energy and passion for the College became legendary. A man of the utmost integrity, Tony served on the Kearsney Board from 1994 to 2005, and was Chairman from 2001 to 2004. Tony was a successful and respected businessman and the College benefited greatly from his wisdom, business acumen, strategic vision, attention to detail and insistence on not settling for second best. After retiring from the Board Tony continued to serve the College as a Trustee. Tony’s three sons, Mike, David and Graham, attended Kearsney and enjoyed much success at the College, as did his grandson, Matthew Hind. Another of Tony’s grandsons, Reece York, son of Mike, will be joining Kearsney in Grade 8 in 2023. Tony was a generous benefactor of the College and a great supporter of the Kearsney Choir. In recognition of their enormous contribution to Kearsney, in so many spheres, Tony and his wife Di were awarded Honorary Life Membership of the KCOB. Tony was greatly admired and loved by so many and was an enormous figure in the Kearsney community. KEARSNEY COLLEGE TRUSTEES Chairman: Mr D A Polkinghorne Nominated Members Mr G N Coppin Rev P Crundwell Mr R H Lloyd Mr P D Morgan Mr A Parsons Mrs K Tocknell-Brown Honorary Life Trustees Mr E S C Garner Mr N Gerber Dr G W Shuker Ex Officio Members The Presiding Bishop: Rev. P Malinga - Representing the Methodist Church of SA Chairman of the Board: Mr I Bamber Trust Secretary - Commercial Director: Ms C Mowat BOARD OF GOVERNORS Chairman: Mr I Bamber Nominated Members Mr M Gouveia Mr M Jackson Mr A Kenny Dr M Marshall Mr N Ramodibedi Prof. C Sutherland Ex Officio Members The Presiding Bishop: Rev. P Malinga - Representing the Methodist Church of SA Bishop Natal Coastal District: Rev. L Mandindi Representative of Natal Coastal District of Methodist Church: Ms I van der Walt Chairman of the Trustees: Mr D A Polkinghorne President of Kearsney College Old Boys: Mr W Radford Kearsney College Old Boys’ Rep: Mr L Polkinghorne Parents’ Society Rep: Chair, Mrs L Calenborne Attendees Headmaster: Mr E D van den Aardweg Commercial Director: Ms C Mowat Minute Secretary: Mrs P McCluskey

13 Long Service Awards – 25 Years Mrs Tilly Kistensamy Laboratory Assistant in the Science Department Mrs Kistensamy joined the Science Department in September 1997 and has proven to be a tremendous asset. She has improved her skills by attending a Laboratory Safety and Technical course, a Basic Fire-fighting course and HSE Rep course for the educational sector. She completed her ICDL (International Computer Driving License) soon after joining the College and put her skills to use in the typing of notes, tests and exams complete with professionally drawn diagrams. Mrs Kistensamy uses her initiative and has devised many efficient systems for the department. She goes the extra mile to ensure that practical lessons run smoothly - a challenging task when setting up four different laboratories and our computer/ data sensor lab. Other schools have sent their laboratory technicians to spend time with her to learn from her. In addition to her work in the Science Department, Mrs Kistensamy keeps meticulous records of all Community Service for all boys at the College. After 25 years of outstanding service Mrs Kistensamy remains an exceptionally loyal, humble and trustworthy employee. We are grateful for her contributions to the College and thank her for her ongoing support, tireless work ethic and dedication. Mrs Thaloshney Pelzer Laboratory Assistant in the Life Sciences Department Mrs Pelzer was employed as the Life Sciences Laboratory Assistant in September 1997. Over her time at the College she has improved her skills through attending a Laboratory Safety and Technical course, Basic Fire-fighting course, Occupational Health and Safety course, HSE Rep course for the educational sector, completing the International Computer Driving Licence as well as a First Aid Level One course. We are fortunate to have excellent resources and we are grateful for Mrs Pelzer’s unflappable demeanour and methodical work in our department. We thank her for her dedicated service over the last 25 years.

15 14 Academic Staff Mr E van den Aardweg BA (Hons) HDE BEd Headmaster Mr P Kirsten BSc HDE FDE Senior Deputy Head / Mathematics Mrs V Govender BEd (Hons) Deputy Head (Academics) / Mathematics Mr A Willows BSc HDE Deputy Head (Discipline) / Head of Houses /Mathematics Mr F Q Zungu B Soc Sci (Hons) Deputy Head (Student Affairs) / isiZulu Mr B Alborough BA (Hons) HOD Music (subject) Mr W Amos BA (Hons) HDE Geography Mr M Ancillotti BSc HDE HOD Mathematics Ms N Arndt BA (Ed) English Mr M Badenhorst BA (Ed) Housemaster, Haley / Mathematics / Afrikaans Mr J Beaumont BA (Hons) HDE MIC Discipline / English / History Rev. K Bishop MTh PGCE Chaplain Mrs S Cairns HDE HOD Afrikaans Ms K-J Coleman M Soc Sci School Counsellor Mrs J Curtiss BA HDE HOD English Mr M Delport HDE FDE EGD Mr K Deponselle BSc (Hons) PGCE Life Sciences Mrs R du Plessis BSc PGCE Grade Head Grade 8 / HOD Mandarin / Mathematics Mr S Edwards BEd (Hons) PGCE HOD Life Orientation Mrs C Elliott MSc PGCE HOD Information Technology / International Exchange Programme Mr T Els BA HED Afrikaans Ms A Fripp BCom HDE FDE ACE Director of Clubs and Culture / Business Studies Mr D Sookdeo BSc (Hons) PGCE Life Sciences Mr S Green BEd (FET) Housemaster, Pembroke / Mathematics Mrs J Hicks M Tech PGCE HOD Visual Arts Mrs S Hotz BSc PGCE Mathematics Mr B Krüger M Mus, LRSM UPLM PG Cert Director of Music Ms L Langa B Tech PGCE Drama / Visual Art / Design and Technology Mr D Langley BPrac Mus (Hons) PGCE Piano Studies / Accompanist Mr P le Roux B Com PGCE Mathematics Ms X Li Mandarin Mr D Macdonald BSc (Hons) HDE HOD Life Sciences Mr N Mahabeer Bed English, Life Orientation Mr S Main HDE Physical Sciences Mr N Makhathini BA PGCE English Mr W Marsden HDE HOD Business Studies Mr G Moerdyk BEd (Hons) Housemaster, Sheffield / Physical Sciences Mr D Moodley HDE HOD EGD Mr A Morgan BA (Hons) PGCE Grade Head Grade 11 / English Mr S Mtshali BEd isiZulu Mrs S Murray BSc (Hons) HDE HOD Physical Sciences Mr B Ndaba B Paed, PGDPI HOD isiZulu Mr N Peacock BA (Hons) HDE HOD History Mr A Prinsloo HDE Housemaster, Gillingham / Mathematics Mr J Robinson BA HMS Geography ACADEMIC STAFF Back row (L-R): M Delport, D Macdonald, R McConnell, D Moodley, A Morgan, N van Heerden, A Ryan, N Peacock, J Beaumont 5th row: J du Preez, H van Ellewee, P Le Roux, B Savage-Reid, D Sookdeo, T Els, B Kruger, M Saville, M Savage, N Makhathini, R Cairns 4th row: J Robinson, A van Zyl, D Langley, C Vermeulen, B Thompson, E Stockil-Smith, S Edwards, C McEwen, B Alborough, N Mahabeer 3rd row: B Ndaba, W Amos, L van As, W Marsden, S Main, M Ancillotti, Y Sotshangane, S Mtshali, S Murray, A Kemp, J Hicks 2nd row: J Curtiss, K Coleman, L Langa, R du Plessis, M Venter, N Arndt, T van den Aardweg, C Elliott, S Cairns, U Singh, X Li, D Fihlela Seated L-R: A Fripp, S Green, M Badenhorst, A Prinsloo, P Kirsten, E van den Aardweg, A Willows, V Govender, J Waldburger, B Steyn, G Moerdyk Mr A Ryan BA (Hons) PGCE English Mr M Savage BEd HOD Geography Mr B Savage-Reid BSc PGCE Mathematics Mr M Saville B Journ (Hons) PGCE Grade Head Grade 10 / English Ms U Singh B Paed, BA (Hons) HOD Dramatic Arts Mr B Steyn BCom HDE Director of Rugby / Accounting Mrs E Stockil-Smith MA PGCE Dramatic Arts / English Mr B Thompson HDE SecEd FDE ACE Grade Head Grade 9 /Physical Sciences Mrs T van den Aardweg BA HDE Geography Mr H van Ellewee BEd (Hons) HDE FDE Afrikaans Mr N van Heerden BEd Dayboy Co-ordinator / Afrikaans Mr A van Zyl BA HDE Grade Head Grade 12 / Afrikaans Mrs M Venter Bed Psych (Hons) Inclusion Programme / Academic Support Mrs C Vermeulen HDE MEd HOD Accounting Mr J Waldburger BA PGCE Housemaster, Finningley / History

17 16 ADMINISTRATIVE STAFF 3rd row: Cindi Polzi, Heather Pearse, Vumo Kunene, Chantal Callaghan, Mfundo Tembe, Ndumiso Cele 2nd row: Kerry Kidwell, Monica Davidson, Karen Southwell, Luckmore Mawuye, Sr Paula Seymour-Brown, Anna Bowden, Val Dixon, Sharon Rogers 1st row: Noluthando Mbata, Jesmica Lankesar, Sr Jo-Ann George , Thaloshney Pelzer, Zinhle Shangase, Ravitha Pillay, Tilly Kistensamy Seated: Jagger Virasamy, Cheryl Gaughran, Europa Ngubane, Robert Carpenter, Catherine Mowat, Waylon Murray, Pearl McCluskey, Brigette Oakes ESTATES STAFF 2nd row: Alfred Magidla, Chris Nzimande, Simon Madondo 1st row: Joseph Mzulwini, Doctor Zikhali, Ntobeko Mxabo, Zeblon Zondi, Sydney Ngcobo, Israel Bhengu Seated: Luke Slatter, Robert Langlois, Karen Seals, Cliff Hunter, Sandile Khumalo, Wiseman Ngwane, Sharon Mahon Administrative Staff Estates Staff Mr Isreal Bhengu Maintenance Team Ms Chantelle Fletcher Estates Office Manager Mr Cliff Hunter Facilities Manager Mr Robert Langlois Facilities: Maintenance Manager Mr Simon Madondo Maintenance Team Mr Alfred Magidla Maintenance Team Mr Emmanuel Mdlalose Driver Mrs Sharon Mohan Facilities: Greyhound Mr Ntobeko Mxabo Maintenance Team Mr Joseph Mzulwini Maintenance Team Mr Johnson Ndlovu Maintenance Team Mr Aaron Ngcobo Maintenance Team Mr Sydney Ngcobo Driver Mr Wiseman Ngwane Transport Manager Mr Christopher Nzimande Maintenance Team Mrs Fiona Prinsloo Campus Co-ordinator Mr Doctor Zikhali Driver Mr Zeblon Zondi Maintenance Team Sister Kathryn Andrews San Sister Mrs Anna Bowden Accountant Mr Robert Carpenter Marketing Director Mr Ndumiso Cele Sports Office Administrator Ms Monica Davidson Foundation Co-ordinator Mrs Val Dixon Resource Manager Mrs Cheryl Gaughran Shop Manager Sister Jo-Anne George San Sister Mrs Chantal Callaghan Alumni Relations Coordinator Miss Kerry Kidwell Debt Controller Mrs Tilly Kistensamy Lab Assistant: Science Mr Vuma Kunene IT Assistant Mrs Jesmica Lankesar Finance Assistant Mr Luckmore Mawuye Software Manager Ms Noluthando Mbata Marketing Assistant Sister Thembeka Mbava San Sister Mrs Pearl McCluskey Executive Secretary Mr Blessing Mngadi IT and Printing Assistant Ms Catherine Mowat Commercial Director Ms Zinhle Msomi Resource Centre Manager Mr Waylon Murray Sports Director Ms Europa Ngubane Receptionist Ms Brigette Oakes Music Dept Secretary Ms Heather Pearse Communications Manager Mrs Thaloshney Pelzer Lab Assistant: Life Sciences Mrs Ravitha Pillay Shop Assistant Mrs Cindi Polzi Admissions Officer Mrs Sharon Rogers Shop Assistant Mrs Karen Southwell Assistant Bursar Mr Mfundo Tembe IT Technician Mrs Sandra Thorpe Resource Centre Mentor Mrs Shantell van Jaarsveld Foundation Director Mr Jagger Virasamy IT Manager

19 Back row: Lehumo Mahlabana (F), Dimitri Diakogiannis (G), Robert Jorgensen (S), Xavier Andrews (S), Joshua Howse (F), Matthew Damons (G), Julian Daws G) 7th row (L-R): Adriaan Smit (S), Callum Shillaw (S), Cameron Roache (F), Jayce van Eeden (F), Callum McKeown (P), Connor McKenzie (G) Benjamin Burton (G), Andrew Roden (P), Ethan Hughes (F), Matthew Campbell (F), Nhlakanipho Ngubane (F), Jacques Minnaar (F), Benjamin van Herzeele (F), Michael Smith (S) 6th row (L-R): Bandile Makhaye (G), Adam Williams (G), Ruben Fourie (F), Owen Payne (F), Nicholas Howard-Browne (S), Kudzai Kamwendo (S), Jamol Langeni (P), Gary Wood (P), Bryce Wiggett (G), Junior Cindi (P), Qhawe Diko (G), Ethan Glenny (G), James Kewley (G), Chad Jones (S), Joshua Maskell (S), Simon Kemp (F) 5th row (L-R): Dylan Olivier (F), Leo Reim (G), Grant Wood (G), Dagan De Witt (S), Zachary Barrett (G), Connor McGill (P), Thomas Le Clézio (G), Tanna Pullock (S), Joshua Alcock (P), Carl Knoblauch (P), Tristan Roos (P), Troy Dyer (S), Tristan Sebire (P), Andrew Sebire (P), Brendon Lock (S) 4th row (L-R): Jaydon White (G), Cole Rencken (F), Javashkaar Naidoo (S), Bongumenzi Zungu (P), Kade Muller (P), Enzo Cocciante (F), Dylan Jewitt (P), Ethan Sumner (F), Javhar Naidoo (S), Toka Kgomo (F), Christopher Thompson (P), Lance de Kock (S), Paul Swanepoel (G), Kyle McGladdery (F) 3rd row (L-R): Sbongakonke Maphumulo (F), Matthew Crookes (F), Heath Rocher (P), Ulizwi Buthelezi (F), Kabo Madi (G), Joshua Tomaz (S), Sphe Mnguni (G), Sifiso Msomi (S), Aryan Sewsunker (P), Njabulo Gumede (F), Ntokozo Majola (P), Marvin Gama (S), Lonwabo Hlophe (S), Connor Walters (G), Joshua Woolven (S) 2nd row (L-R): MJ Mcengwa (P), Lwandle Bhengu (S), Calem Schulz (F), Lwandle Ngema (G), Matthew Bergset (F), Thayne Tiley (P), Lorenzo Stevens (S), Chaz Gooderson (P), Jordan Balkisson (P), William Stainton (P), Ayabonga Mngaza (F), Avuzwa Gazi (P), Neo Ramalitse (S) Front row (L-R): Kayden Robinson (F), Matthew Gray (F), Fynn Pollock (F), Joshua Owen (F), Rhys Calenborne (S), Kai Hielckert (G), Mr André van Zyl (Grade Head), Jason Brien (Head of School) (G), Mr Elwyn van den Aardweg (Headmaster), John Eastes (Deputy Head of School), Matthew Smith (P), Luc Painting (G), Hloni Penane (S), Giovan Linton (P), Wandile Ngwane (G) (House shown in brackets) GRADE 12 - CLASS OF 2022 Class of 2022 Headboy’s speech - Speech Day September 2022 Jason Brien - Head of School 2022 Good morning to the Headmaster, Professor Nel, invited guests, staff and gentlemen of the College Nine months ago we all found ourselves in a very different setting, where the expression on one’s face was hardly noticeable through the shielding of their white mask and the most habitual events prior to the pandemic were few and far between. We were reminded of the value of the events that we held so cheaply. In such a tragic way, those things, which are different for everyone, had to be gone before we realised that they were ever there. Just a year ago, the idea of Speech Day being crowded with all the boys, our guests and staff was completely absurd. However, as we gather here today and celebrate the accomplishments of all the recipients, we find ourselves in a vastly different reality. On the first day of this school year, I stood at this very lectern and said: “We have no control over what shall be, but we can control what we do now. Do not waste time thinking about what could be but rather prosper at the dawn of new opportunities.” The pandemic only served as a reminder to do what you can with what you have and don’t look back. It’s far easier to live with disappointment than regret, and as long as you are using your all opportunities, success will find its way to you. In life, few things are certain. The sun will rise, the guard will change and the sun will set. Amongst this group of rarities is the fact that Kearsney will mould you into a young man of strong principles. As departure draws nearer for the Matrics, we find ourselves well-equipped with the fundamentals of being a good man, which are so desperately needed in the current world. We are held to a standard that is admirable to society without noticing it because it becomes a force of habit. Kearsney provides us with an opportunity to be great. What is great? Well, only you can decide that. Kearsney guides you towards the better path but only you can take the first step onto that path. This school is at the forefront of producing the leaders of the future. Time and time again we are reminded of the excellence that this school produces. National selections, provincial selections, Honours awards and Honours cum laude awards. Not every so often but annually we applaud the recipients of these awards, and by no coincidence. This is the result of the hard work, discipline and dedication that Kearsney so eagerly promotes. The school’s ethos is what pushes the mantra of being more than what you believe you’re capable of. It drives the success within the College. 101 Years is a lengthy period and a school doesn’t see itself that far without the correct management, and a superb job has achieved by appointing the right individuals. The teachers at Kearsney do more than just teach. Their role extends far past the confines of the classroom block. Be it on the sports field, the boarding house or hosting clubs. Each and every staff member immerses themselves into the Kearsney community. They’re committed to the best interest of the boys and teach us lessons far beyond the scope of the syllabus. They play an integral part in developing the men that walk out of this establishment with their Old Boys’ ties. In 2001, Mr van den Aardweg was appointed as Headmaster and since the first day, he’s left an impact on everyone from staff to parents to the boys. He holistically embraced the wellknown phrase: “Leave a place better than you found it”. His impact on this school will see itself long past his tenure and far into the future. Thank you, sir. But over and above all this, the school also relies on everyone’s passion and love for this fine place. Not just the boys but all who are involved here in one way or another. Passion is the energy that keeps Kearsney going, and also keeps us filled with meaning, happiness, excitement, and anticipation. Passion is a powerful force in experiencing life at Kearsney to the fullest extent possible. Ultimately, passion is the driving force behind the success of this school. Five years at Kearsney have allowed me to interact with nine different classes, all of whom have brought something different to the table. I have many takeaways from these interactions, but narrow it down to three lessons. The first is that above all else, relationships are the most precious gem one can have. Cherish them and be open to making as many of them as you can. Secondly, five years at Kearsney is more than enough time to make memories. We’re given the opportunity to do so much here and it would be a pity if these weren’t taken advantage of. Lastly, a leader is above no one. Only their fellow man is supporting them

21 20 and should that man walk away, all that is left is an individual with weak support. In January 2018, 120 boys entered the premises with oversized blazers and egos, which were soon eliminated. But with this came an oversized excitement, because we were finally a part of something special. This excitement was fueled by a very powerful Latin phrase. Carpe Diem. Translated, “seize the day”. Being isolated in Haley House, upholding the junior duties of the senior house, finding ourselves lost in 4th Form, and being hit by a steam train of a pandemic, arising the following year with one hand in the pocket and finally, donning the white jersey. That is what carpe diem means. It’s everything from early morning rising to waiting in prolonged anticipation to get an English cycle test result. Appreciate what might not seem like a blessing at a time. Those are the things we miss most when they’re gone. What a privilege it is, though, to be associated with such heritage. A heritage that we should all be proud of. We are given the chance to learn and to become men of strong values. “Without the sun’s rays illuminating it we would not be able to see the moon”. In this way, we coexist. Each one of us reflects the values instilled in us on these hallowed grounds. So, in our interactions with people, let us be the moon that reflects these values in real-world situations. Thank you. Jason Brien Headboy 2022 Speech Day and Grade 12 Prize-giving The following awards were made: The McKenzie Trophy for Perseverance Clayton Fripp The S B Theunissen Memorial Trophy Christopher Thompson The Peter Metcalf Trophy for resourcefulness and initiative Kudzai Kamwendo The Mandarin Prize Lehumo Mahlabana The Mathematical Literacy Prize Simon Kemp The J Solnick Poetry Prize (shared) Toka Kgomo GRADE 12 PRIZES Academic Colours Michael Kiggen Ruben Fourie James Kewley Jordan Balkisson Adriaan Smit Joshua Maskell Angus Sommerville Adam Williams Benjamin van Herzeele Academic Colours, the Art Trophy for exceptional achievement in the practical discipline and the Visual Arts Prize Troy Dyer Academic Colours, the Dramatic Arts Prize and the Dramatic Arts Trophy for exceptional achievement in the practical discipline Leo Reim Academic Honours Javashkaar Naidoo Kavachin Jogi Matthew Gray Ethan Glenny Joshua Owen Rhys Calenborne Aryan Sewsunker Dylan Olivier Connor McKenzie Matthew Campbell Callum McKeown Gary Wood Kai Hielckert Academic Honours, the Max Oram History Essay Prize (shared) and the Business Studies Prize Robbie Jorgensen Academic Honours and the Geography Prize Kyle McGladdery Academic Honours and the Ambassadors Trophy Jason Brien Academic Honours and the isiZulu Prize Bongumenzi Zungu Academic Honours Cum Laude and the Edwin Henwood Trophy Kayden Robinson Academic Honours Cum Laude and the Life Orientation Prize (shared) Andrew Roden Academic Honours Cum Laude and the Engineering Graphics and Design Prize Matthew Smith Academic Honours Cum Laude, the J Solnick Poetry Prize (shared), the Margarette and Richard Best Trophy for musical competence, the Grant Greenberg Trophy for achievement in the Creative Arts and the Music Prize Benjamin Burton Academic Honours Cum Laude and the Further Studies Mathematics Prize Owen Payne Academic Honours Cum Laude, the Hindson Memorial Prize for English Literature and the Ben Milner Prize for Biology Fynn Pollock Academic Honours Cum Laude, the Life Orientation Prize (shared), the William Crawford Prize for History, the Max Oram History Essay Prize (shared), the George McLeod English Essay Prize, and the Parry Trophy for Proxime Accessit to Dux Javhar Naidoo Academic Honours Cum Laude, the Gait Trophy for the best all-rounder in the 6th Form, the William and Susan Jones Prize for English, the Jan Storm Prize for Afrikaans, the Alletson-Smith Shield for Mathematics, the Patrick Moore Shield and the John Kinloch Prize for Physical Science, the Accounting Prize, the Information Technology Prize, the Colin Silcock Prize and the Tim Browne Trophy for Dux of the School John Eastes Academic Honours Cum Laude Headmaster with Head of School Jason Brien (left) and Deputy Head of School John Eastes Dux of School John Eastes with some of his trophies and Deputy: Head of Academics Mrs Vanessa Govender

23 Good morning to the Headmaster, staff and gentlemen of the College: Life is all about surprises, and so is this adventure at Kearsney. We all arrive here not knowing what the future holds for us and every day we are surprised with something different. Speaking of surprises, there comes a time in every Kearsney boy’s life of absolute uncertainty. For the 5th Formers it’s the time when the title that you’re appointed dictates the year that will follow. Whether that title is 6th Former or Head of House, just enjoy it. Sim and Devahn as well as all the other prefects appointed, you’ve been put in your positions because the school knows you’re capable of leading. With that being said though, everyone contributes to the leadership of the school. Not only the prefects or Matrics, but the entire school, so play your part in this College, because you are only as strong as you are united. Everyone plays a role in the continuity of tradition and success within the College, so set a good example, as the legacy you leave will be the inheritance of that example, because it’s not about leaving something for those to come but rather leaving something in them. Leaving your mark at this school doesn’t just happen though. You don’t just buy into the Kearsney legacy; you have to make your contribution. A legacy cannot be bought, it’s built. I would like to encourage the rest of the school to not simply do what we did because it worked, but to find their own path to success. Use our experiences, good or bad, as your very own blueprint. Life is not always easy over your five years here, but in the bigger picture, everything that happens here happens for a reason. Learn to be comfortable with being out of your comfort zone. A recurring lesson that I have learnt at this place is that “if it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you.” As for the Matrics of 2022, our date with destiny has arrived. It faces us all, with no intent to slow down, and no hesitation to stop. We cannot run from it, nor can we hide. We can only embrace it. I thank you. You’ve made my job far easier because of your support and trust in not only me but the prefect body as a whole. You’ve played an integral part in getting this College back to its days before the pandemic and some very significant traditions have found home on Botha’s Hill once again. I also thank you for all the memories and experiences we’ve made over the last 5 years. I wouldn’t have wanted to share it with anyone else. No matter the situation or day, the one song that boys will always sing with passion and volume in a chapel service or hymn practice is “There’s a Light upon the Mountain”. I believe that everyone arrives at Kearsney in search of this light that sits here. That light may come in the form of wanting to be a part of the choir, or being part of a first team, or it may just come in the form of a fresh cheese zarm. Regardless, we are all in search of something and Kearsney gives us the opportunity to pursue whatever it is we may be in search for. Do not limit your opportunities or be scared of failure. How big would you dare to dream if you knew you couldn’t fail? My advice to you is try everything and never limit your potential. Take in every moment of every day and leave with no regret. The most important thing to do in your brief time here is make memories, because the only thing you’ll take with you once you’re gone is what you leave behind. Thank you. Jason Brien Headboy’s speech - Final Matric Assembly