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PAGE 2 Make a flippingbook in four simple steps 4. Share your publication 3. Upload your publication 2. Select a suitable skin 1. Import your PDF

PAGE 3 Introduction FlippingBook Publisher is a Windows application, designed to create online publications with a realistic page-flipping effect from traditional documents like PDFs. With the help of Publisher, you will be able to create online publications for websites, offline publications as well as online publications for mobile devices (iPad, iPhone, and Android devices). This Quick Start Guide describes the steps to create a publication in FlippingBook Publisher and upload it online. It contains all the necessary steps from start to finish, but no more than that. For more detailed information about all the functionality that FlippingBook Publisher offers, please refer to our User Guide.

PAGE 4 Step 1: Import your PDF To create a publication, we will need to import a PDF file into FlippingBook Publisher. To import your file: Click on the green button called Import Files. This opens the 'Select Import files' window. Browse to the PDF file that you want to convert and select it. Click on Open. This opens the Import PDF window. Click on the Start button. FlippingBook Publisher now imports your document. This may take a few seconds. When the process is completed, you will see a preview of your publication with page flipping effects in the software. 1 2 3 4

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PAGE 6 Step 2: Select a suitable skin The appearance of your publication is determined by what we call the ‘Skin’. A skin is a collection of all the graphical elements (like text, panel settings and background images) that together make up the User Interface for your publications. FlippingBook Publisher comes with 24 professionally designed skins by default. These skins give a coherent look to all the elements in your publication. Steps to change the skin Go to the Settings panel. Open the Appearance section Click on the Publication Skin preview window. Choose a skin that goes well with your publication by clicking on the miniature preview. The new skin will then be applied to your publication. 1 2 3 4

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PAGE 8 Step 3: Upload your publication Your publication is now ready to be uploaded to the FlippingBook Cloud. After you have uploaded your publication, it will be visible to all your readers who can open it using a simple link. How to upload your publication Click on Upload Publication in the menu bar Press the Start button in the pop-up window that is opened Wait until the green bar is filled and the upload is completed. Your publication is now available online. You can find it at the link that appears in the field called Link to share. 1 2 3 4

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PAGE 10 Step 4: Share your publication Your publication is now uploaded to the FlippingBook Cloud. You can open it in your browser and share the result with the rest of the world. Click on the Copy button to copy the link to your publication You can also share the link on social media. Some of the more popular social media are integrated. Simply click on the icon to share it there It is also possible to send the link by email. Click on the Send by Mail tab to unfold the extra fields for email sharing Type the email address of your intended recipients in the 'To'- field and a message for them in the Message field Click on QR code icon to see QR code of the publication Tip Don't like the way your link looks? Learn how to change your cld.bz subdomain in our Help Center article 1 2 3 4 5