82 84 ACADEMIC NEWS SPIRITUALITY CULTURAL ACTIVITIES & CLUBS 180 184 IN MEMORIUM KEARSNEY COLLEGE OLD BOYS 60 Including IEB results, innovations, enrichment courses and subject news. Spirituality, fellowship and support for one another in a year of COVID. Centenary Year The Culture@Kearsney programme, cultural enrichment and clubs and societies. Old Boys’ activities during a curtailed programme of Centenary events. We remember KCOB members who passed away in 2021.

2021 was a remarkable milestone in the history of the College. It was the year in which we celebrated one hundred years of the school’s history. Regrettably, a number of planned Centenary events had to be cancelled or postponed due to COVID-19 restrictions. These decisions are not taken lightly. The year started with a poignant assembly, after which the boys and staff all received our specially crafted Centenary biscuit. All boys also received a sponsored House t-shirt which was proudly worn at the various inter-house events and during free time. All boys, employees, parents, guests and Old Boys were invited to sign the Centenary register over the course of the year as a symbolic representation of being a part of the College in its 100th year. Centenary Year in Review Headboy, Rahul Paul, and Deputy Headboy, Mhleli Khuzwayo, signing the Centenary register

5 4 The Chronicle 2021 Centenary Edition In 2020 a special Centenary Song was released. Titled Answer the Call, with music and lyrics by Seb Goldswain (Class of 2009), the song was officially played for the first time at our special Centenary assembly. Opening to the iconic sounds of ‘clap, clap, stamp’ by the school on the Medworth stand, the lyrics beseeched all who have been a part of the first 100 years of Kearsney to answer the call to come home, to their home on the Hill. Centenary Song Decisions, decisions! How did you choose the Centenary Cookie? Picture this: 12 members of the Centenary committee sitting around the committee room table being presented with 24 bespoke cookie options by our talented caterers. With an ever so tasty range to sample, the ‘official tasting committee’ unanimously voted for choc chip ganache. It was a difficult job, but someone had to do it! The special cookie was on offer at all official functions during the year and even made its way around the country to various Old Boys’ events. We are optimistic that chocolate chip cookies will conjure many memories of this milestone year in future. Who knew it was such a serious business choosing a cookie? Nicholas Kidd Kwazi Moyo Matthew Jocobs Headmaster, Mr Elwyn van den Aardweg and Grade 12 boys signing the Centenary register Centenary review (continued) Over seven years ago we started planning for our Centenary year. Sadly, COVID-19 dictated that several events had to be cancelled even before the year began. While it would have been easy to look back and dwell on what could have been, in true carpe diem style, we chose to look forward and make the best of every opportunity. We came through a challenging year in 2020, and 2021, our Centenary year, was to be the year to rise again. Even as the year progressed and some of the events we had initially held onto were first postponed and then cancelled, the outlook remained positive. Hopefully, 2021 was a year that the Kearsney community will reminisce about and that in 50 years, when the class of 2021 attend their first Survivor’s assembly, in 50 years’ time, they will have many extraordinary memories to share. Centenary Launch The first Centenary function to face the COVID chopping block was the much-anticipated Centenary launch, scheduled for early November 2020. Promising to be a grand affair, the SportZone was to be transformed into a function venue befitting the occasion. Instead we launched the year with a Centenary Assembly in January 2021. The Matrics were in attendance in the Henderson Hall, sporting their commemorative ties and tie pins. A moving tribute to the past 100 years was live streamed to the rest of the Kearsney boys in classrooms, due to COVID restrictions, and to viewers worldwide. A range of memorabilia was produced to commemorate the Centenary. Staff and boys were all presented with commemorative shirts, which were proudly worn throughout the year. The most notable item produced to honour the year was the publication “Kearsney Chronicled, 100 Years of Opportunities Seized- The Story of Kearsney College”. Many years of research and writing went into producing this world-class publication. Beautifully illustrated, this book presents the history of the College through fascinating facts, stories and colourful anecdotes that keep readers enthralled. The book launch was the first event permitted under COVID regulations at which we could host more than a handful of people. The Henderson Hall was abuzz, with many in attendance seeing each other for the first time in over a year. The book launch event was complemented by a wine tasting that profiled the two Centenary wines produced by Muratie, along with four other Muratie wines. Singele Mkhize Scan to watch the video of the Centenary song.

7 6 The Chronicle 2021 Centenary Edition The third wave of the COVID pandemic caused havoc with the planning and preparation of events for Term 2. The muchawaited school production, “A Light Upon the Mountain”, showcasing events in the school’s history, unfortunately had to cancelled, followed shortly afterwards by the cancellation of the live Old Boys concert. Not to be deterred, our music department rose to the challenge, staging a concert amid the restrictions faced, and hosted several Old Boys who have pursued a career in the music industry. The event showcased their work during our first completely virtual concert, “Ikhulunyka”, which was first aired on 01 June 2021. Since the initial screening, the concert has had over 3,600 views, reaching 10,350 people from across the world, profoundly uniting our global Kearsney community. Where possible, the Centenary theme was pursued for all annual events that could take place, albeit in truncated or online forms. These events are all detailed elsewhere. With much deliberation and a heavy heart, the on-campus Founders Week events, the Centenary Ball, Kearsney Epic, 24-hour challenge, and several sporting festivals did happen due to COVID-19. All Old Boys, current boys, employees, parents and guests have been invited to sign the Centenary register as a symbolic representation of being a part of the College in its 100th year. Virtual Musical Concert Scan the QR code to link to the concert video. In 2017 the Kearsney Centenary Charity Fund was launched. The objective was for Kearsney boys to raise R100 000 for the Ethelbert Child and Youth Care Centre, to be donated in 2021 as part of the Centenary celebrations. The pupils of the class of 2021 and 2022 contributed to the fund when they arrived as Grade 8s. The funds donated by the boys, together with a substantial donation by Standard Bank, were handed over to Ethelbert at a special assembly. Kearsney was proud to hand over a cheque to the value of R105 526. Ethelbert has used these funds to equip their new Early Childhood Development Centre. Two additional community service projects were conducted during the year. In Term 3 we held a blood donation drive, where we set a target to collect 100 units of blood on one day. Unfortunately, circumstances conspired to prevent this from happening, with many pupils off school isolating and the Matric pupils starting their examinations the following day. We did, however, far exceed this target with the total number of units of blood collected during the year. The second project, launched in Term 3, aimed to raise funds to donate 100 sets of uniforms to orphaned children. A formal ceremony will be held in January 2022, where the Kearsney donors will meet the recipients and hand over the uniforms. The Centenary Plinth Thousands of people enter the Kearsney campus annually, and many desire to record their visit by taking their photo at a recognisable Kearsney lanmdmark. The construction of a plinth on campus was given Trust and Board approval early in the year, and construction was completed during the third term. The site has proved to be a popular spot for visitors to take that special photo. Headboy, Rahul Paul, and Mrs Vanessa Thoephilus, Director of Ethelbert, and Mrs Kathryn Buchanan, Ethelbert Board Chairperson Centenary Community Service Projects ‘Tolle Lege’ - Take Up and Read Centenary reading of the New Testament ‘Tolle Lege’, the first of the Centenary public events, took place on 09 /10 March, with the continuous reading of the New Testament. Starting at 13h00 on 09 March with a short opening service that included readers from Highbury, St Mary’s and Epworth, over 120 readers took turns to read for at least 10 minutes. The reading concluded on 10 March at 07h30, just in time to start the new school day. Some boys read with their tutors as a tutor group, others with friends, and some as a class. Readers and friends of the College joined the event online, reading from all over the world, across many different time zones. In gratitude to God and in celebration of the way God has been at work at the College over the past 100 years, we met God once more through Scripture. Whether through reading, helping or simply participating through being present and witnessing the event, this was a very special celebration of God’s goodness to the Kearsney community. Centenary Events Head of Chapel, Josh van der Merwe and Headmaster, Mr Elwyn van den Aardweg at the reading

100 years and one day after the founding of Kearsney College, the foundation stone on the South Wing of the Centenary Centre was unveiled. Donors, dignitaries and special guests were treated to the beautiful sounds of the choir and orchestra, a much-needed aidemémoire of the magic these boys create. In another first for the College, the address by guest of honour Dr Rev. Purity Malinga, the Presiding Bishop of the Methodist Church of Southern Africa, was presented virtually. She delivered a moving dedication and gave a brief history of the century-long link between the Methodist Church and Kearsney and the Methodist ethos, which is the cornerstone of the College. Sincere and grateful thanks must be extended the past and present staff, parents and board members who were part of the Centenary Committee and Centenary Publication Committee, some from as far back as the committee’s inception in May 2013. Their dedication and commitment to the College, regardless of the circumstances, is appreciated and applauded. Although the year presented many disappointments, they all made every effort to keep the Centenary alive. Opening of the Centenary Centre South Wing Headmaster, Mr Elwyn van den Aardweg with Mr David Polkinghorne (Trustee of Kearsney College Trust) and Mr Andrew Parsons (Chairman of the Board of Governors) unveiling the Founders Room in the Centenary Centre. Above right: Benjamin Burton playing the violin at the opening Right: Kearsney Chaplain, Rev. Kym Bishop Special guests, staff members and all Kearsney boys were present for the official opening and unveiling of the Centenary classroom block classrooms. 9 Centenary Edition The Headmaster, the board, the staff, parents, Kearsney boys past and present, and all the supporters of Kearsney College. I am delighted to be invited to speak at Kearsney’s 100-year celebrations and particularly at the official opening of the South Wing of the Centenary Centre. All plans were in place for me to be present physically and unveil the foundation plaque at the centre, but like many events during this pandemic we are going through, we have been forced to meet virtually. I have seen pictures and I am looking forward to one day coming to Kearsney and being physically present. It was in 1921 when the doors of Kearsney College were opened in Stanger in the home of Sir Liege Hulett- a faithful Methodist and a business man. Sir Hulett had a vision for establishing a boy’s school for Methodist Ministers, their sons and those families of the free churches. At the time, there was hardly any thought about girl’s education. What set apart Methodist schools then and now was a focus on forming a learner holistically, i.e., physically, mentally, and spiritually. When Sir Hulett moved to Durban, he seized the moment and used his mansion that was left in Stanger to fulfil his vision. He secured a contract with the Wesleyan Church, now the Methodist Church, which meant that the school would have a Methodist ethos and values as its anchor. John Wesley, the founder of the Methodist Church, said: “Scriptural holiness demands education!” and he put emphasis on the importance of educating people holistically so that at the centre of their education they are being formed mentally and spiritually. At the centre of Methodist ethos is the law of love, the law that we share with all other creatures. Loving God and neighbour which leads one to seek to live a life of doing good, doing no harm and staying in love with God. It is this Methodist ethos that founded Kearsney so many years ago. As you know the history, the school moved to its present site in 1939 having begun in 1921 with 14 boys and 4 staff. 100 years on, it has over 640 boys and 130 staff members. What started as a school for a chosen few families has become open to boys of all families, races, and cultures. Kearsney has remained a school of excellence in this century and in this country. Every year we marvel with pride at the excellent matric results, thanks to the hard work of the educators and learners. Indeed, over the years Kearsney has produced men who have contributed to the building of this nation and many other nations the world over! And so, as we celebrate this first century of the school, 100 years, we can only thank God for the achievements of the past century. Address by Bishop Purity Malinga at the opening of the Centenary Centre I came to have a relationship with Kearsney when I was the Bishop of the Natal Coastal District between the years 2000 and 2008. The chaplain of the school at the time was Rev Rodney Ramsay who is the one who invited me to Kearsney and showed me around with pride. One place that was central to him and us as a church was the Chapel and year after year I would come for the confirmation of the boys at the Chapel. This Chapel remains a point of spiritual formation for the boys at Kearsney I am excited and congratulate Kearsney, that before the end of the school’s first century, Kearsney has appointed a woman to be the chaplain at this school. I am glad that things are beginning to change and to see that the formation of boys include both men and women in this, the start of the second century, I congratulate you, dear Kearsney family, on behalf of the Methodist Church of Southern Africa. As I congratulate you for all that has been achieved, I want to encourage you with these words from Isaiah 40:31: “But those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint.” The second century you are entering into as an institution of learning begins at a time of uncertainty, challenges, and change. There is so much anxiety, fear and hopelessness. For some it seems like the future is bleak. Our young children, boys and girls, are facing the challenges that sometimes make them go into depression. For now we are going through a tough period but there remains a need to hope in the Lord. Schools need to form and develop young people who will provide scientific answers to the new diseases we face. Young people who will help to create social cohesion in the hostile and divided nation and world we live in. My pray and my hope and my challenge to Kearsney is that the young men who will come out of Kearsney will provide answers and will create the social cohesion that we need. Having been schooled in a diverse school like Kearsney, out of this school should come young people who should know and teach how to lead across cultures, races and class. In a nation where men disrespect and abuse women, may Kearsney be the school that produces men with self-respect who will respect women. May Kearsney produce boys who will become the transformative men the world needs. To the present learners, seize the moment and the resources God has blessed you with at the school. The future is now. You will be the best that you want to become if you hope in God. The God who is faithful and has been faithful throughout the first century of this school remains the same. From its beginning to now, this school has been held by God’s hand; it has been strengthened by God’s love and there is no doubt that as you go into the second century, the same God will be faithful to you only if you put your hope in Him. The same God who faithfully built this school from its beginning to what it is now does not change. He will strengthen it throughout the second century; be the ones who hope in Him and all will be well. There is a great future ahead because we believe in a great God. A God who loves wholeheartedly and sustains those who have hope in Him. May God bless you as you go into the second century and may you be encouraged and know that you have the support of the Methodist church all the time. We continue to pray for the educators and learners so that God through you can bring about healing and transformation in this nation and other nations represented at Kearsney. May God bless you and be with you. I thank you. Kearsney’s Centenary classroom block

11 10 The Chronicle 2021 Centenary Edition The Chairman, Guest of Honour Mr Ramodibedi, members of the Trust and Board, guests watching online, staff, parents, boys, and the departing class of Grade 12s. We have learned in the past two years that any activity, meeting or function that in prior years was perhaps seen as ordinary, is these days viewed as extraordinary - an opportunity, a not-to-be-missed moment, something to cherish, a time to savour and understand how privileged we are to meet. What a joy it is to see in the Henderson Hall this morning, our leaving group of Matrics and their parents, guardians and loved ones, sharing together as we have not done this year, in an act of reflection, thanksgiving and an opportunity to honour the Class of 2021 as a whole, as well as individuals who have excelled in one or other field. The Class of 2021 in the Chapel Headmaster’s Speech Speech Day September 2021 2021 Has been our Centenary year. With most functions and celebrations cancelled, it has nevertheless been an opportunity to look back in history to the 4th of August 1921, when the doors of Sir Liege Hulett’s Kearsney House, just inland of the current town of KwaDukuza, were opened to thirteen foundation scholars. Kearsney College had been established and the journey of 100 years and more had begun. Today is an opportunity to thank all those who, over the course of a Century, have contributed to what we enjoy as Kearsney College. Today we stand on the shoulders of giants who have toiled and, in many cases, laboured against all odds so that we can reap the benefits of their endeavours. Whatever you see when you look around this campus is a result of benefaction, sacrifice, resilience, and love. We honour our forebears. Headboy Rahul Paul, deputy Mhleli (MK) Khuzwayo and their prefects have been resolute in keeping their year group together under these extraordinary circumstances, leading the school in the most challenging environment. The cooperation with staff and positive attitude of this Class has been evident throughout the year and appreciated by all at Kearsney. I speak on behalf of the entire Kearsney community in thanking you boys, the prefects, members of the Imbizo and KCC and all captains of sports and cultural activities and wishing you all well in your futures. The support and loyalty of four other groups deserve special mention: Kearsney parents, many of whom have faced challenges, are thanked for their understanding, quiet acceptance of decisions that have not gone their way and being generous in their support of the College and of their sons. Kearsney employees, admin and teaching staff who have adapted remarkably well to a fluid environment which has been so foreign to the way Kearsney has operated in times past. I thank the Management team and my deputies for their wisdom and guidance and sometimes robust debate that we were able to have to ensure the best decisions were made for the boys and for the good of the College. The Kearsney Old Boys and their executive for their unstinting support in a year that was expected to be the biggest in their history. And yet they have seized the day with meaningful celebrations and events of their making, both in South Africa and around the world. Old Boys have also played a significantly positive role, assisting us in our Transformation and Diversity journey which is enriching the College and making it a place where every boy and every family can genuinely call, know and experience as, “MY KEARSNEY”. The Kearsney Trustees and Board: I cannot speak highly enough of the level of support and the wealth of experience and expertise provided by members of these two governance structures. Chairman Andrew Parsons, who has led the Board with distinction, retires at the end of this year after ten years as member of the Board, six of which were as Chairman. Andrew is a specialist commercial attorney and Partner at Shepstone & Wylie Attorneys. He regularly advises clients on matters relating to corporate and Companies Act issues, as well as advising a variety of banks on finance-related structures and equity acquisitions. His calm and intelligent approach to the business of the Board was balanced with a clever sense of humour and self-effacing demeanour, resulting in him becoming a well-respected and well-liked Chair. As Chair of the Board Transformation and Diversity committee, he was able to engage with diverse stakeholders with the utmost respect and show genuine interest in sometimes disparate viewpoints. A clear thinker with an uncanny ability to distil the essence of an argument in no time, we shall miss his leadership and presence on the Board. We thank Andrew Parsons, on behalf of the entire Kearsney community of parents and boys, staff, Trustees, Board and Old Boys. We wish to thank him for many years of outstanding leadership as Kearsney Board Chair and we wish him, his wife Birgit and family well in their future endeavours. On a personal note, I wish to thank my wife Tracey for her support in this our 21st year at Kearsney as a couple. Her support of individual employees who may experience difficulties in life is appreciated, as is her support of families generally, whether it be those expecting the birth of a child by hosting stork parties in our home, ke Lapeng, or the annual staff children’s Christmas party, also held in our home. It is opportune on an occasion such as this to pay tribute to and thank departing members of staff, the first two who will be leaving at the end of this year. Mr Etienne Grundling has been promoted to HOD Mathematics at Curro Hillcrest after 11 years of valuable service to the College. He started teaching at Kearsney in 2011 and quickly threw himself into the Mathematics Department, where he added value in introducing tech gadgets and relevant software into teaching and assessments. As the Grade 10 Grade Head, his meticulous attention to detail was appreciated by staff and probably disliked by miscreant boys. Extramurally he was a great help on the squash scene, both at Kearsney and administratively in the province. His irrepressible enthusiasm and passion for the game enabled him to discover new talent regularly. He also assisted when needed with cricket and soccer coaching of the more social lower teams. Mr Greg Thomson was appointed as a teacher of English in April 2017. He has packed into his almost five years, more than many do in ten. As a well-liked and skilled coach of U14A hockey and cricket, he must possess the patience of Job. As MIC of Hockey he had an enthusiasm, energy and understanding of the game with all its nuances that few have. His skills in hockey and cricket have given him the opportunity to coach and manage up to provincial level. A popular member of the staff common room, Greg and his wife Jacci have seized the opportunity that mostly only those without babies and bonds have. That is to tour the world and just see what comes up. Greg has always had the travel bug and it seems like he has chosen his wife carefully. Bon voyage to the two of you.

13 Centenary Edition Mr Keith Thompson took up the post of Director of Sport half-way through 2002. His three main functions on appointment were: • to raise the level of coaching in all sports; • to seek and attract talented sportsmen to the College; and • to utilise all our facilities in the “down time” and in so doing, maximise returns to the College. Keith achieved these goals and scores more in his 19 years of sterling service to the College. He was a widely respected Director of Sport and considered the “Encyclopaedia” of schoolboy sport by fellow boys’ schools in the province. Keith finally retired in July this year and has attended a number of farewells in his honour. This is an opportunity for us to formally thank him and his wife Sabrina, who assisted us from time to time in a temporary capacity, and to wish them both well in their retirement. This year started off with all schools, State and Independent, locked down in online teaching for two weeks until the beginning of February. Just think of it, our new and Grade 8 boys had not set foot on our campus as Kearsney scholars and yet were expected to master the online platform in no time and attend classes mostly with boys they would only meet in person, two weeks later. All the normal introductory functions and welcome socials that countless Kearsney families had experienced as new arrivals in the past were unable to be hosted on campus. Following the return of all our boys to Botha’s Hill on 01 February, contact sport and all inter-school sport was prohibited. Little did we know in January that this seemingly haphazard environment of on-off, sport – no sport, inter-school- no inter-school, in-person teaching – online teaching, it’s on, it’s off, it’s on, it’s postponed, would be the pattern for the entire year. As I speak, this situation continues and looks like it will persist to the end of this academic year in some form or another and probably well into 2022, whichever way you look at it, 2021 was definitely the year of disruptions and deviations. Vedran Smailovic, known as the cellist of Sarajevo, is a conductor, musician and performer who, during the siege of Sarajevo in 1992, played his cello in ruined buildings and, often under the threat of snipers. He also played at countless numbers of funerals during that country’s civil war. The Sarajevo Times of 29 Feb 2020 reported that: According to UN estimates, almost 11,500 people were killed, and 56,000 wounded. Fifteen hundred children were among those dead. Hundreds of shells hit the city every day. On the afternoon of May 27, 1992, mortar shells hit a group of people waiting to buy bread in a market. Twenty-two people were killed and more than 70 were injured. Mr Bernard Kruger (Director of Music) on Cello, Mr Brett Alborough (HOD Music, subject) and Benjamin Burton accompanied the Headmaster’s story with the haunting piece of music of Adagio by Albinoni. 12 The Chronicle 2021 Vedran Smailovic saw the carnage and was deeply disturbed. The next day he came to the spot, by then covered with flowers as a tribute, and began to play his cello. He had not planned this, but he did it instinctively, and as people gathered around him, there was a sense of healing. He continued to play there for 22 days, honouring the 22 killed, playing the same piece, Albinoni’s Adagio in G minor. There were snipers on the hills and the cellist could have been killed at any time, but he played on. For another two years, he played at different places in the city, amid ruined buildings, dressed in a white shirt and black tailcoat, as if he was playing on the stage in an orchestra. Soon he became a symbol of courage for Sarajevo, and for the whole world. People called him mad, but he responded that it was the war that was mad. Inspired by him, classical and other music was composed, books were written, and other artists and musicians came to Sarajevo. His story became known throughout the world, narrated in newspapers and depicted on television. The world was indifferent to the siege, but the publicity he generated, without looking for it, and the numerous artists inspired by him led to an increased focus on the terrible conditions of the city. Vedran was a Muslim like most other Bosnians, but that was not his identity. He said, “I am a Sarajevan. I am a cosmopolitan. I am a pacifist. I am nothing special. I am a musician, I am part of the town.” In an insane situation, his was an act of sanity, of beauty and harmony, that brought hope to many. “I am part of the town.” Over the past 100 years, Kearsney has been part of the town, whether it was at Kearsney Manor, as part of Stanger and the north coast, or here at Botha’s Hill. Many efforts have been made to successfully include Kearsney as part of the town and yet we have failed in some respects too. The recent unrest in our area, which involved looting and destruction of property, has revealed that there is much work still to be done for members of all sectors of our society to genuinely feel and know that “I am part of this town”. Kearsney has made noticeable progress over decades to ensure that every boy, every employee, every parent and every visitor to Kearsney knows that, “I am part of this town” or, “I am part of this school”. We need to be resolute in our efforts to continue along this course. Progress on the Transformation and Diversity front is examining all our operations to ensure that errors and racial practices of the past are not perpetuated and that every single person who enters this campus will know that they are part of this town, part of this, their school, as much as anyone else. Sarajevo today is the capital city of Bosnia and Herzegovina. I am told the city rose from the ashes of war only to be devastated some years later by the effects of a powerful earthquake. Yet it continues its positive recovery. Kearsney looks in gratitude to God for his blessing on the College over the ups and downs of the first 100 years and we look forward to the next Century with confidence. Head’s speech continued:

15 14 The Chronicle 2021 Centenary Edition Kearsney’s beautiful campus with manicured fields, indigenous gardens, Plain tree lined roads and beautiful architecture can hardly be compared to the destruction and devastation of Sarajevo. And yet our beautiful estate is home to 650 boys, 130 employees and around 60 outsourced staff. Amongst these precious people are many who have suffered during this time of the COVID-19 pandemic, including economic hardship, family members who have lost their jobs, and close family and friends who have succumbed to the virus and other ailments. Nineteen of our boys from 13 families have lost a parent in the past 18 months. Boys and staff have struggled with the mental anguish that has accompanied these challenging times. And yet there have been our own “Cellists of Sarajevo” who have encouraged us, brought healing to us and being the literal lighthouse in the storm. There has been a tremendous outpouring of support shown by boys to their fellow classmates and those in other forms going through tough times. The staff have similarly risen to the occasion by supporting each other and the boys in their care. In the civil unrest of July, many of our boys and staff stood up in their communities to safeguard neighbourhoods, clear up suburbs and deliver food and care to township and rural communities in need. These were all “Cellists of Sarajevo” and we salute them today. In the carnage of the year, I believe our community has shown its mettle of looking out for each other and being the soothing music that says, “I am part of this town”. To the departing Grade 12s, take this year’s experience as a foundation for your lives. Through adversity, you boys are sure to be stronger and better human beings. You have seized the day and we honour you for that. Now go out and continue to look out for each other and look out for others too. Be the “Cellist of Sarajevo” of your family, of your community and of your world and always remember that you, whoever you are, “are part of this town which we all know as our Kearsney College”. Thank you and God bless you. FAREWELLS We acknowledge and thank other members of staff who left the College during 2021 and wish them well in their future endeavours. Teaching staff: End term 1: Ms Bronwyn Barnard (Knowledge Centre Manager) Mr Sam Mofokeng (English) End Term 2: Mr Marco Botha (Mathematics), after 18 years & 6 months Mrs Penny Meyer (Academic Inclusion) Ms Xu (Sunny) Dai (Mandarin) End Term 4: Mr Kyle Eysele (Life Sciences / LO) Mr Keagan Deponselle (Life Sciences) Ms Xin (Monica) Li (Mandarin) Admin staff: May: Mrs Giselle Thompson (Foundation Coordinator) December: Mrs Ghislaine Riceman (Foundation Director) Sports staff: July: Mr Keith Thompson (Director of Sport) December: Mr Nico Breedt (Assistant 1st XV Coach) Mr Ryan Horne (Sports coach) Estates staff: February: Mr Ayanda Peter (Grounds and Gardens Supervisor) December: Mr Thabo Jaffe (COVID-19 Co-ordinator) Ms Andrea Fripp: Business Studies Teacher Ms Andrea Fripp was employed as an Accounting and Economic Management Sciences (EMS) teacher at Kearsney in 1997. Over the years, her dedication to the boys and the College have seen her adding to her portfolio and, in true Carpe Diem spirit, in 2009 she started teaching Business Studies, eventually up to Matric level. Ms Fripp’s teaching, however, represents just a fraction of the immense contribution she has made and continues to make to the College. As the Director of Clubs and Culture, a role she has held for the past 13 years, Ms Fripp ran the Upbeat Festival, an extensive festival of the Arts, and was subsequently responsible for launching the Upbeat Festival’s successor, the popular and influential Culture@Kearsney programme, a wonderful year-long celebration of the Arts involving dozens of pupils from schools throughout the province, ranging from independent schools to township and rural schools, providing young people a stage on which to perform, sometimes for the first time in their lives. She has promoted and advanced this vitally important portfolio in the College, ensuring Kearsney boys receive the holistic education for which Kearsney is famed and simultaneously providing opportunities for many schools in our province. Ms Fripp has been actively involved on the sporting front too. While her sporting CV includes four years of coaching U14E/F cricket when she first arrived, she is a dedicated and passionate hockey person. Ms Fripp coached various hockey teams and was the 1st team manager in 2000 and 2001. Since 1998 Ms Fripp Long Service Awards – 25 Years Both recipients started at Kearsney on 01 January 1997. Mr Amos was employed as a Geography teacher at Kearsney in January 1997. Mr Amos has made a significant contribution to the instruction of Geography during his years at the College. Passionate about geomorphology and climatology, he would frequently insist on rock samples from boys who were planning holidays to exotic destinations. He has never shirked the opportunity to provide a struggling boy with extra lessons. This caring attitude has on occasion been recognised by an invitation, years later, to that young man’s wedding or a visit from Old Boys to report back on progress in their chosen careers. His acumen in IEB assessment teams is reflected in the many years that he has been appointed as a marker of essays in the NSC Geography examinations, where his contribution is highly respected and appreciated. In addition to his teaching, his contribution to the extracurricular activities at the College have been outstanding. Mr Amos’ particular passion is football, and he has held the role of MIC of Football since its introduction at the College in the 1990s. His interest in football can be traced back to his early years, when he was an avid club player with the Durban club Finnlands, where he played has been a member of the KZN Boys’ Hockey Association and, together with Mr Wayne Marsden, runs the various hockey tournaments that are hosted at Kearsney. Ms Fripp has also given up many Easter holidays in support of the Kearsney Easter Rugby Festival. Ms Fripp has been responsible for the school’s electronic administration system for the past twenty years, including introducing and managing increasingly complex administrative systems and school database solutions. As a result, she remains a vital member of the College’s IT Committee. Ms Fripp also serves on the Colours Committee and various ad hoc committees, including managing the events of the College’s centenary after her successful management of the College’s 95th anniversary celebrations. Kearsney is well and truly in her blood, as her family has enjoyed a long history with the College. Both her children were born on the Kearsney campus, her son attends Kearsney and her stepbrothers, are all Kearsney Old Boys. with and against many of the fathers whose sons he currently teaches. In addition to his football commitments, Mr Amos is involved in the coaching of hockey and basketball teams. Always dedicated and willing to volunteer his services, Mr Amos has been committed in his role as a duty staff member in various Houses and he is thanked for his time, steadfastness, energy and devotion to the boys. Passionate about the environment, Mr Amos served on the Kearsney eKCo Committee, which is the sub-committee involved with all things environmental at the College. We can reflect on some interesting outings to local nature reserves and beach clean-ups during his time as a committee member. Mr Amos creatively presented the ‘Theory of Survival’ in his Geography elective, which was thoroughly enjoyed by the boys. He is a man of immense compassion, who is willing to make significant personal sacrifices for those less fortunate than himself. This unconditional love and commitment to the underdog is evident in his concern for boys who are going through difficult times and even family members for whom he and his wife Tamsyn have been the literal Angels of Mercy. Wayne is the epitome of the consummate schoolmaster and one who has given Kearsney 25 years of committed service. Mr Wayne Amos: Geography Teacher TRIBUTE Kearsney’s Print Technician Mr Thuthuka Khanyile was tragically killed in a motor vehicle accident in December 2021. He was a much-loved Kearsney employee, working in the College’s IT department for five and a half years. A Kearsney memorial service with family and colleagues was held for him in the Kearsney Chapel. Head’s speech continued:

17 16 The Chronicle 2021 Centenary Edition Th hronicle 021 Back row (L-R): A Morgan, C Vermeulen, M Delport, A Ryan, N van Heerden, E Grundling, E Stockil-Smith, J du Preez 4th row: D Macdonald, M Saville, B Savage-Reid, P Le Roux, M Savage, H van Ellewee, B Thompson, N Makhathini, B Kruger, T Els, D Moodley, N Peacock 3rd row: R Cairns, A van Zyl, K Deponselle, B Alborough, S Main, G Thomson, M Ancillotti, W Amos, S Mtshali, W Marsden, J Robinson, C McEwen, S Edwards, D Langley 2nd row: S Murray, B Ndaba, M Venter, S Cairns, N Arndt, X Li, J Curtiss, D Fihlela, R du Plessis, U Singh, L Langa, C Elliott, T van den Aardweg, K Coleman, S Hotz Seated: A Fripp, M Badenhorst, J Beaumont, S Green, M Zungu, P Kirsten, E van den Aardweg, A Willows, V Govender, A Prinsloo, G Moerdyk, K Bishop, B Steyn ACADEMIC STAFF Academic Staff Mr E van den Aardweg BA (Hons) HDE BEd Headmaster Mr P Kirsten BSc HDE FDE Senior Deputy Headmaster / Mathematics Mrs V Govender BEd (Hons) Deputy Headmaster (Academics) / Mathematics Mr A Willows BSc HDE Deputy Headmaster (Discipline) / Head of Houses / Mathematics Mr F Q Zungu B Soc Sci (Hons) Deputy Headmaster (Student Affairs) / isiZulu Mr B Alborough BA (Hons) HOD Music (subject) Mr W Amos BA (Hons) HDE Geography Mr M Ancillotti BSc HDE HOD Mathematics Ms N Arndt BA (Ed) Dayboy Co-ordinator / English Mr M Badenhorst BA (Ed) Housemaster, Haley / Mathematics / Afrikaans Mr J Beaumont BA (Hons) HDE MIC Discipline / Housemaster, Finningley / English / History Mr C M Botha BEd (Hons) HDE ACE Mathematics / IT Rev K Bishop ThM PGCE Chaplain Mrs S Cairns HDE HOD Afrikaans Ms K-J Coleman M Soc Sci School Counsellor / Life Orientation Mrs J Curtiss BA HDE HOD English Mr M Delport HDE FDE EGD Mr K Deponselle BSc (Hons) PGCE Life Sciences Mrs R du Plessis BSc PGCE Grade Head Grade 8 / HOD Mandarin / Mathematics Mr S Edwards BEd (Hons) PGCE HOD Life Orientation Mrs C Elliott MSc PGCE HOD IT / International Exchange Programme Mr T Els BA HED Afrikaans Mr K Eysele BSc PGCE Life Sciences / Life Orientation / IT Ms A Fripp BCom HDE FDE ACE Director of Clubs and Culture / Business Studies Mr S Green BEd (FET) Housemaster, Pembroke / Mathematics Mr E Grundling BEd Grade Head Grade 10 / Mathematics Mrs J Hicks M Tech PGCE HOD Visual Arts Mrs S Hotz BSc PGCE Mathematics (part time) Mr B Kruger Director of Music Ms L Langa B Tech Drama / Visual Art / Design and Technology Mr D Langley BPrac Mus. Hons Piano studies / Accompanist Mr D Macdonald BSc (Hons) HDE HOD Life Sciences Mr S Main HDE Physical Sciences Mr W Marsden HDE HOD Business Studies Ms P Meyer BEd (Hons) Inclusion Programme/Academic Support Mr G Moerdyk BEd (Hons) Housemaster, Sheffield / Physical Sciences Mr S Mofokeng BEd English Mr D Moodley HDE HOD EGD Mr A Morgan BA (Hons) PGCE Grade Head Grade 11 / English Mrs S Murray BSc (Hons) HDE HOD Physical Sciences Mr B Ndaba B Paed, PGDPI HOD isiZulu Mr N Peacock BA (Hons) HDE HOD History Mrs N Pearman BA PGCE English (part time) Mr A Prinsloo HDE Housemaster, Gillingham / Mathematics Mr J Robinson BA HMS Geography Mr A Ryan BA (Hons) PGCE English Mr M Savage BEd HOD Geography Mr B Savage-Reid BSc PGCE Mathematics Mr M Saville B Journ (Hons) PGCE English Ms U Singh B Paed, BA (Hons) HOD Dramatic Arts Mr B Steyn BCom HDE Director of Rugby / Accounting Mrs E Stockil-Smith MA PGCE Dramatic Arts / English Mr B Thompson HDE SecEd FDE ACE Grade Head Grade 9 /Physical Sciences Mr G Thomson BA (Hons) PGCE English Mrs T van den Aardweg BA HDE Geography Mr H van Ellewee BEd (Hons) HDE FDE Afrikaans Mr N van Heerden BEd Afrikaans Mr A van Zyl BA HDE Grade Head Grade 12 / Afrikaans Mrs C Vermeulen HDE Med HOD Accounting Mr J Waldburger BA PGCE History

19 18 The Chronicle 2021 Centenary Edition Back row (L-R): Jesmica Lankesar, Ndumiso Cele, Sharon Rogers, Chantal Callaghan, Luckmore Mawuye, Mfundo Tembe, Heather Pearse, Cindi Polzi, Sr Paula Seymour-Brown, Sr Kathy Andrews Middle row: Noluthando Mbata, Kerry Kidwell, Zinhle Shangase, Thaloshney Pelzer, Val Dixon, Anna Bowden, Nonkululeko Shezi, Ravitha Pillay Front row: Karen Southwell, Europa Ngubane, Jagger Virasamy, Cheryl Gaughran, Robert Carpenter, Catherine Mowat, Waylon Murray, Pearl McCluskey, Brigette Oakes ADMINISTRATIVE STAFF Back row (L-R): Sydney Ngcobo, Aaron Ngcobo, Chris Nzimande, Simon Madondo, Zeblon Zondi Middle row: Joseph Mzulwini, Alfred Magidla, Doctor Zikhali, Thabo Jaffe, Ntobeko Mxabo, Israel Bhengu Seated: Robert Langlois, Karen Seals, Sandy Dunnett, Cliff Hunter, Sandile Khumalo, Wiseman Ngwane, Luke Slatter ESTATES STAFF Mr Israel Bhengu Maintenance Team Mrs Sandy Dunnett Transport Manager Mr Cliff Hunter Facilities Manager Mr Thabo Jaffe COVID-19 Co-ordinator Mr Sandile Khumalo Assistant Facilities Manager Mr Simon Madondo Maintenance Team Mr Alfred Magidla Maintenance Team Mrs Sharon Mohan Functions Co-ordinator Mr Ntobeko Mxabo Maintenance Team Mr Joseph Mzulwini Maintenance Team Mr Johnson Ndlovu Maintenance Team ADMINISTRATIVE STAFF ESTATES STAFF Mrs Kathryn Andrews San Sister Mrs Anna Bowden Accountant Mr Robert Carpenter Marketing Director Mr Ndumiso Cele Sports Administrator Mrs Chantal Callaghan KCOB Secretary Mrs Val Dixon Resource Manager Mrs Cheryl Gaughran Shop Manager Mrs Jo-Ann George San Sister Mr Thuthuka Khanyile Photocopy Clerk Mrs Tilly Kistensamy Science Lab Assistant Mr Vuma Kunene IT Assistant Mrs Jesmica Lankesar Financial Assistant Mr Luckmore Mawuye Software Manager Miss Noluthando Mbata Marketing Assistant Mrs Pearl McCluskey Executive Secretary Ms Catherine Mowat Commercial Director Mrs Zinhle Msomi Assistant Librarian Ms Europa Ngubane Receptionist Ms Brigette Oakes Music Department Secretary Mrs Heather Pearse Communications Manager Mrs Thaloshney Pelzer Life Sciences Laboratory Assistant Mrs Ravitha Pillay Shop Assistant Mrs Cindi Polzi Admissions Officer Mrs Ghislaine Riceman Foundation Director Mrs Sharon Rogers Shop Assistant Mr Mfundo Tembe IT Technician Mrs Karen Southwell Assistant Bursar Ms Kerry Kidwell Debtors Control Mrs Giselle Thompson/ Ms Nonkululeko Shezi Foundation Co-ordinator Mr Keith Thompson/ Mr Waylon Murray Director of Sport Mrs Paula Seymour-Brown San Sister Mr Jagger Virasamy IT Manager Mr Aaron Ngcobo Maintenance Team Mr Sydney Ngcobo Driver Mr Wiseman Ngwane Driver Mr Christopher Nzimande Maintenance Team Mr Ayanda Peter Grounds and Gardens Supervisor Mr Ronnie Pillay Facilities: Maintenance Manager Mrs Karen Seals Campus Co-ordinator Mr Luke Slatter Facilities: Grounds and Gardens Manager Mr Sibonela Shozi Maintenance Team Mr Doctor Zikhali Driver Mr Zeblon Zondi Maintenance Team

21 20 The Chronicle 2021 Centenary Edition BOARD MEMBERS Chairman: Mr Andrew Parsons Mr Ian Bamber Mr Lucien d’Avice Mr Manuel Gouveia Mr Michael Jackson Mr Andrew Kenny Dr Mike Marshall Mr Napo Ramodibedi Prof. Catherine Sutherland Ex-officio members Bishop Natal Coastal Synod of the Methodist Church: Rev. Linda Mandindi Methodist Church: Rev. Dr Purity Malinga Representative of Natal Coastal Synod of the Methodist Church: Ms Ingrid van der Walt President of Kearsney College Old Boys: Mr Wray Radford KC Old Boys Representative: Mr Lawrence Polkinghorne Chairperson of Kearsney Parents’ Society: Mrs Michele Shiller TRUSTEES Chairman: Mr David Polkinghorne Rev Peter Crundwell Mr David Pearse Mrs Karen Tocknell-Brown Ex-officio members Chairman of the Board: Mr A Parsons Chairman of KDF: Mr Peter Morgan Mr Rob Lloyd Commercial Director: Mrs C Mowat (Trust Secretary) HONORARY LIFE TRUSTEES Mr Ted Garner Mr Neil Gerber Dr Graeme Shuker Transformation and Diversity Kearsney is committed to the efforts of transformation and diversity and continuously strives to build a balanced and inclusive school, where everyone feels welcome, valued, respected and comfortable, and to effectively prepare our boys for the future. Our transformation involves embracing diversity and creating a culture of inclusivity based on equality, justice and mutual respect. Our primary goal is to educate and prepare our boys effectively for life in South Africa and the world. Our commitment is to embrace greater diversity in our school, both in our staff complement and in our pupil body. It is our mission to make Kearsney a welcoming and attractive school by maintaining a zero-tolerance policy towards discrimination and prejudice on the grounds of race, culture, religion, or gender; actively teaching our pupils and staff the values of respect and appreciation of differences; and examining current practices to make our environment more inclusive for all boys and their families. We support transformation and diversity through regular updating of our policies and providing explicit policy guidelines. Employee transformation and diversity training presentations are also ongoing. The Kearsney College Imbizo was established to ensure that greater action was taken to support transformation, diversity and inclusion. The Imbizo comprises 12 boys from different grades and this year was chaired by Nhlangano Zulu. Deputy Headmaster, Mr Manzini Zungu, was responsible for leading and guiding the Imbizo. The Imbizo provides a platform and space where boys can engage in discussions about relevant issues of transformation, diversity, identity and inclusion and address issues of prejudice as they arise. The boys on the Imbizo reflect the wide range of cultural, language, religious and gender-identity groups within the College. The Imbizo has made a significant contribution to transformation in the College, as it has led to a review of regulations and policies through a transformation lens, and it has promoted dialogue and understanding. It also promotes and celebrates the diversity of cultures and identities which are present in the boys in the College. It has worked hard to ensure that boys understand the different histories and contexts which shape the lives of the diverse boys attending Kearsney. Imbizo members raise questions and discuss issues related to transformation. They come to a consensus on these matters, which is then taken by Mr Zungu to decision-making platforms. Members work with boys to help them understand and change attitudes and behaviour that are not aligned with the College values. In his annual address on the occasion of the 2021 Speech Day and Matric awards, the Headmaster stressed the need to ensure that every boy, every employee, every parent and every visitor to Kearsney knows that, “I am part of this town” or, “I am part of this school”. We should all endeavour to be proactive about ensuring Kearsney remains the lighthouse, a safe and accepting home for all. Our transformation involves embracing diversity and creating a culture of inclusivity based on equality, justice and mutual respect. 2021 Prefects

23 22 The Chronicle 2021 Centenary Edition The absence of inter-school sport for much of 2021 presented an opportunity to offer the senior boys exposure to cutting edge technologies and trends in the current global working world. A six-module course covering Drone Technology and another detailing Online Share Trading, designed with assistance from Old Boys and other industry leaders, was offered to interested boys. The first Drone module, presented by Old Boy Tim Wise, currently CEO of PACSys, provided a sensory overload of sound and visual awe to the Grade 11 and 12 boys watching from the Medworth stand on The Stott. Tim discussed agricultural applications, before providing his captive audience with a crop-spraying demonstration. The second module provided boys with insight into the pros and cons of using technology for conservation. Dr Debbie Jewitt, a researcher with KZN Ezemvelo Wildlife, spoke on ‘Is drone tech the silver bullet? Successes and Failures’. Her presentation - from drone usage in law enforcement, incident investigation and species monitoring to eco-tourism marketing, seed planting and mapping was interspersed with fascinating video material. Further presentations covered autonomous robotics, including drones and robots, and how they work; and optronic sensors and their functionality on unmanned aerial vehicles and helicopters. A presentation ‘The Internet of Things’ by Hensoldt, a Tshwane company of global repute in the manufacture of optronic sensors, explored the integration of technologies, including drones. Old Boys Stuart van der Veen and Josh Perry presented two live sessions from tech start-up Aerobotics in Cape Town, together with the company’s personnel in Los Angeles. Their ‘Drones, imagery and computer vision in industry’ presentation included the application of drone technology in relation to the insurance industry and agriculture. Enrichment Courses The absence of inter-school sport for much of 2021 presented an opportunity to offer the senior boys exposure to cutting edge technologies and trends in the current global working world. STRONGER TOGETHER Kearsney has an extensive community service programme which affords each boy the opportunity to serve and contribute to his community in a variety of ways throughout his years at the College. Whilst COVID-19 restricted the College’s formal outreach programme, we are extremely proud of our pupils’ individual community service efforts. The mass looting and civic violence which devastated KwaZulu-Natal during July 2021 saw our current pupils, Old Boys and the College itself become involved in meaningful ways. Many of our boys assisted in protecting their own communities by doing night patrols, helping to fight cane fires caused by arson, assisting with cleaning-up operations and providing food and essential items to those communities which were badly affected by the unrest and the resultant shortages. Boys who undertook voluntary community tasks are commended for their efforts despite facing a full day of online academic schooling each day. Kearsney College facilities were used for regular community meetings during this time, to discuss and plan how best to ensure that businesses and the community could operate. When basic food staples were unavailable on retailers’ shelves and fridges following the looting, food supplies from Kearsney’s kitchen were parceled and delivered in unmarked vehicles to 25 KwaZulu-Natal hospitals. Tensions were raised in the area leading to KwaNyuswa in the Valley of a Thousand Hills, adjacent to the College. Old Boy Nick Nzama brought together people from all walks of life – from neighbourhood watch members and indunas to taxi operators and local businesspeople – to prevent the destruction and anger from spreading into Botha’s Hill, Hillcrest and beyond. Nick has deep ties to both communities, having been raised on a local chicken farm where his mother worked as a labourer, to being given a bursary to attend Kearsney, and now as a successful strategic planner and motivational speaker. His negotiations led to better community understanding and respect, thereby helping to ensure the local supermarket, petrol station and other retailers were able to re-open, allowing residents access to essential goods and services. His efforts led to the establishment of the Outer West Initiative – which encompasses a group of leaders from business and the greater community who are working together to create strategic direction in co-creating the vision for a secure and thriving community in the Outer West of eThekwini. KZN Unrest - July 2021